Top Ten Tips to Write a Great Story


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1 No mary sues in your story

Mary sues or for boys Gary stu can be annoying. So watch out for making your charachter! You need to make them uniqe and with flaws. A Mary sue charachter has no flaws. - Music101

2 Plan it first

You need to plan what's going to happen in the story so it will be awesome at the end - Music101

3 Add conflict

A story without a contflict is like a spagethi without a sauce and a toast without any jams or butter - Music101

4 Decide a gender

Do you want your story to be a romance or an action? - Music101

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5 Don't forget the laughs

Well, I guess I need to learn to make a couple of funny jokes in order to be an author - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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6 Few butt jokes

A comedy is good but if it's out of control it can be very annoying - Music101

7 Add some morals
8 Not only focus on the main character
9 Focus on the plot
10 Send it to your friend first so she or he could give you feedback about it

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11 Make it a really long book V 1 Comment
12 Have a few twists

My story only has one major twist which doesn't affect the plotline as much as it does the character. - AnonymousChick

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