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1 Don't Make Gary Sues/Mary Sues

These are annoying. - 906389

Grest tips! This helps a lot (I wanna be an author) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Same here, user (Not assuming genders). I came to see what could help elongate my stories, and maybe add some tips myself. - Cyri

2 Have Character Development

Different characters can be pretty good too.

Don't make them stay the same. - 906389

3 Have an Original Story
4 Have Interesting Scenes
5 Make Every Character Unique

Good, believable and unique characterisation is more important than the narrative. The narrative is life equivalent and what is life without unique individuals to fill the pages of life? - Britgirl

6 Have an Interesting Storyline
7 Have an Interesting Villain

It's really hard in some cases, especially god-like entities. However, put emotion into them, and your audience will feel that. - Cyri

Good point! Villains are human too. They have to have a soft side too. They have to have reasoning for what makes them tick.
The villain is the most complex character to write; a believable one must have all sides of their personality shown through writing. As with all characters "show, not tell" is a great rule. It's the most fun to write the villain but if the character isn't believable, the reader won't relate, get bored and shut the book forever. - Britgirl

8 Understand Quality Over Quantity
9 Don't Have a Cliché

I mean like having the hero show up in the nick of time, the main character getting the girl, making the bad guy somehow miss the hero(s), the main character getting his a** kicked then have some speech on friendship, love or something else cheesy then wins in a few hits. - 906389

Cliches are evil...-Vestalis

The worst clichés in stories are the ones with twist endings. Usually: the story has all been a dream or the main character turns out to be a ghost. These endings have been written to death! It's time to give them a suitable burial and come up with creative new ideas.
Also a big cliché is making a working class character as unintelligent or a well-spoken character intelligent. It's predictable and boring. - Britgirl

10 Don't Rush It

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11 Don't Give Major Characters All the Attention

Yeah like in the Loud House they focus on other Characters sometimes not just Lincoln. - PatrickStar3

Especially when writing red-herrings. The reader will pick up on it straightaway.
Sub plots with minor characters take the reader from the main action. But sub plots shouldn't be used too often. It confuses and distracts the reader and dilutes the story. - Britgirl

12 Make the Characters Relatable
13 Make the Characters Likable
14 Be a Sadist to Your Characters, but Know When to Give Them a Break

Me in a nutshell. - Cyri

15 Don't Have It Be a Huge Style Over Substance
16 Know that It Doesn't Have to Be Super Long in Order to Be Epic
17 Have It Be Less Cheesy
18 Don't Use It to Pander to People
19 Have It Age Well
20 Don't Add Scenes that are So Disturbing that They're Actually Hard to Watch
21 Don't Have It Be Too Predictable
22 Structure It Well

It makes for good plot twists, tension, and just story in general.

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1. Have an Original Story
2. Don't Make Gary Sues/Mary Sues
3. Have Character Development
1. Don't Rush It
2. Don't Make Gary Sues/Mary Sues
3. Have an Original Story
1. Don't Make Gary Sues/Mary Sues
2. Have Character Development
3. Make Every Character Unique



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