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1 Don't Make Gary Sues/Mary Sues

These are annoying. - 906389

Grest tips! This helps a lot (I wanna be an author) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

2 Have Character Development

Don't make them stay the same. - 906389

3 Make Every Character Unique

Good, believable and unique characterisation is more important than the narrative. The narrative is life equivalent and what is life without unique individuals to fill the pages of life? - Britgirl

4 Have Interesting Scenes

You have to keep readers interested, somehow. - 906389

5 Have an Interesting Villain

Make him or her likable. Have him or her have a reason that he/she is evil and does the thing he/she does. - 906389

Good point! Villains are human too. They have to have a soft side too. They have to have reasoning for what makes them tick.
The villain is the most complex character to write; a believable one must have all sides of their personality shown through writing. As with all characters "show, not tell" is a great rule. It's the most fun to write the villain but if the character isn't believable, the reader won't relate, get bored and shut the book forever. - Britgirl

6 Don't Have a Cliché

I mean like having the hero show up in the nick of time, the main character getting the girl, making the bad guy somehow miss the hero(s), the main character getting his a** kicked then have some speech on friendship, love or something else cheesy then wins in a few hits. - 906389

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7 Don't Give Major Characters All the Attention

Yeah like in the Loud House they focus on other Characters sometimes not just Lincoln. - PatrickStar3

Especially when writing red-herrings. The reader will pick up on it straightaway.
Sub plots with minor characters take the reader from the main action. But sub plots shouldn't be used too often. It confuses and distracts the reader and dilutes the story. - Britgirl

8 Have an Interesting Storyline
9 Have an Original Story
10 Make the Characters Relatable

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11 Don't Rush It
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