Best Titanic Characters

The Top Ten

1 Jack Dawson

Leonardo looked HOT

He's always been there for her he died so she could be a bit warmer than him

Yes Leo really portrays his character

Leonardo DiCaprio Deserved An Oscar For This Role - JPK

2 Rose DeWitt Bukater

Probably the most complex and interesting character in the whole film. Also her character development is insane, she went from being a damsel in distress to a strong independent woman. Who promised the love of her life that she will live her life the way she wanted to. - Ang2001

So awesome

Great character - PeeledBanana

Young rose is very beautiful.she is my favorite character.she is very brave.

3 Caledon 'Cal' Hockley
4 Molly Brown
5 Ruth DeWitt Bukater
6 Brock Lovett
7 Captain Edward James Smith
8 Thomas Andrews
9 Fabrizio

Amazing lad now he should be in top 3 he got sent down to a flooding area by Jack and Rose with Tommy saw Tommy get shot by the first officer nearly damage his face by going through the window of grand staircase freeing a collapsible lifeboat with tons of people in and didn't by a falling funnel now that is a hero!

10 Spicer Lovejoy

The Contenders

11 Bruce Ismay
12 Frederick Barrett
13 Helga
14 Thomas "Tommy" Ryan
15 Will Murdoch
16 Charles Lightoller
17 Elizabeth Calvert
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