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1 TheTopTens: Britgirl, Britgirl, Britgirl, Just Britgirl.

Hey now. One of the most intelligent and creatively entertaining users on this site. Overall, number one. Also a special friend of mine.

Aw, thenk yew sew much for the lo.V.ely compliment, V, dearest :). - Britgirl

2 TheTopTens: Where nobody cares about new users
3 TheTopTens: When your opinion doesn't matter

This is true on lists that have the words greatest or worst in their titles-TheCoolGuy1

4 TheTopTens: Where the visitors are the most cancerous people on the site

I know an anonymous troll. Not really troll. He/she argues with a lot of users. Annoying. But the things is that he/she is cunning. It's hard to beat that guy/gal. - zxm

Hey hey! One of those visitors happens to be a Very intelligent, Very funny and a Very loVely friend of mine. - Britgirl

What you really mean is, you want to be free to say really dumb stuff without anyone being able to say, "Hey, that's really dumb stuff."

5 TheTopTens: The most boring website ever, why am I even on here?
6 TheTopTens: Where everything is negative
7 TheTopTens: Where the admins sit on their butts and do nothing but mess up lists
8 TheTopTens: Wow, I am glad this website isn't that well known
9 TheTopTens: Liv and Maddie apparently is the best show in the universe

This is my opinion and my opinion alone. Everyone else on here HATES this show!

10 TheTopTens: When people can't take a joke

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11 TheTopTens: Where everyone complains how bad everything is in their life

Everyone or just me? Because this is really just like #9, something that is ONLY my opinion and my opinion alone. Everyone else seems to think it's actually a GOOD thing that life sucks, that nobody agrees on anything, and that people hate everything you like or like everything you hate. COME ON! And by the way, it's 3:00 AM right now. That's right, I CANNOT SLEEP! I went to bed at about 10:30 PM last night and was already up again by 2:30 AM. Just another reason why I have THE WORST life EVER!

12 TheTopTens: Where 99% of everyone is a redneck metalhead

Don't be insultin' rednecks by callin'em metalheads.

13 TheTopTens: Just laugh at the pathetic users on here
14 TheTopTens: "OMG U INSULTED MY WEBSITE I'M CRYINGG" -Some random preteen user
15 TheTopTens: I love you all!
16 TheTopTens: Where everyone only cares about their own opinions
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