Top Ten Best Titles for Psychological Thrillers

Titles tell you a lot about the story. It has to capture the potential readers' attention. Some are already existing titles, others are what came to mind and one of them is the title of my own first penned novel.

if you think other titles might work better, feel free to add.
The Top Ten
Killing Time
The Final Hour
The Watcher
Right Behind You

Good title!

Wait Until Dark
Cry Wolf
The Contenders
Angel Face
Publish or Die!
While You Sleep
The Mind Game

Thank you for adding zxm. Excellent title. - Britgirl

Swans in the Bathroom
Locking Out the Visitor

This is a cleverly crafted tale, full of twists. SPOILER: the visitor is actually the good guy that everyone tries to keep away, when all the time, evil has crept in and is starting to cause untold mayhem... - Britgirl

The title tells the story of corrupt gatekeepers.

Mouth Sewn Shut

A tale of speaking truth to tyranny in a bizarre world ruled by evil, rabid children. Village Of The Damned meets Lord Of The Flies.

And in this story, the heroine is tricked into thinking she's the villain, when she's really the second victim. Pure evil.

In the middle of reading such a thriller now. Just wonder how it'll all turn out... - Britgirl

The Chav
Born To Die
Will You Marry Me?

What? This sounds like more of a rom-com than a psychological thriller. - Croy987

The Darkness Within
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