Top Ten TNA Wrestlers of 2011

The Top Ten

1 Jeff Hardy Jeffrey Nero "Jeff" Hardy is an American professional wrestler, singer-songwriter, painter and musician.

Ok who ever spelled aj syles wrong is a dumass but ag styles does deserve

If Jeff Hardy (which by the way is my favorite wrestler since he first appeared in 1900s wwf) does return to the wwe later in the years, tna must be preparing him for CM Punk. Because ever since he went to tna, he has been dominating matches and winning titles. If he does return, I'd say we would be looking at our future world heavyweight champion. Long live Jeff Hardy.

He is a daredevil he can defeat sting aj stiles bobby moore even The Undertaker in WWE he is awesome if you seen what he did to umaga and randy ortan and you will never want to fight him

Is the best wrestler ever. He is a real champion. Jeff Hardy fan for eveer. Aj Styles and RVD are nothing. But I think Sting can beat him but I'm not sure... - WWENARUTO

2 AJ Styles Allen Neal Jones, better known by the ring name AJ Styles, is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE.

Personally I think jeff hardy is the best right now. But aj style is the heart of tna. A bright superstar that emerge from tna.

The man who should've been the true face of the business when he won the TNA Championship

The huge high-flyer of TNA is one of the most charismatic person in the wrestling activity. The Faithbreaker is his finisher. - brunothemusicmaster

Best wrestler because he is a high flyer who is also quite strong

3 Sting Steve Borden, better known by the ring name Sting, is an American retired professional wrestler, actor, author and former bodybuilder.

Sting is an icon. The one and only sting. Sting is a role model for and other who were trying to make into pro wrestling. - trentbaretta25

Sting is the best superstar in WWE as well as in TNA. He was the last man standing in WCW. The best of WCW, the franchise, the icon, STING is here!

He is the legendary TNA wrestler just amazing! The reverse DDT is his finisher. - brunothemusicmaster

He is epic the only thing I don't like is his finishers

4 Rob Van Dam (RVD)

RVD is just a huge high-flyer and very athletic wrestler like John Morrison in the WWE. The Five Star Frog Splash is his finisher move - brunothemusicmaster

An amazing highflyer not my favourite john cena is my favourite but he is in 2nd place and in tna john cena is not there that's why I'm voting for rob van dam ONE OF A KIND


5 Mr. Anderson
6 Matt Hardy

The former Version 1 (V1) member has impacted TNA since his arrival. The Twist Of Hate (in the WWE was the twist of Fate) is his finisher. - brunothemusicmaster

7 Christopher Daniels

Really a good wrestler, actually he is in ROH Wrestling (RING OF HONOR) and his finisher move is The Modified Brain Buster - brunothemusicmaster

8 Jeff Jarrett Jeffrey Leonard "Jeff" Jarrett is an American professional wrestler, wrestling promoter, and co-founder of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, which he founded along with his father, Jerry, and more recently, Global Force Wrestling.

His the one who create TNA. His finisher is the Guitar Punch - brunothemusicmaster

9 Kurt Angle Kurt Steven Angle is an American professional wrestler, actor and former amateur wrestler currently signed to professional wrestling promotion WWE, where he was the on-screen general manager of the Raw brand and an occasional wrestler.

The former Gold Medalist is very dangerous. The Angle Slam and the Angle lock (ankle lock) are his finishers - brunothemusicmaster

Greatest professional wrestler of all time.

10 Crimson

The Contenders

11 Abyss

An absolute beast. He may not be perfect, but he is skilled and tougher than a tank. Furthermore, he is a complete war machine in monsters ball matches.

The "monster" Abyss has a very good record defeating great wrestlers like Aj styles, Kurt Angle, etc. His finisher is the Chokeslam - brunothemusicmaster

12 Austin Aries Daniel Healy "Dan" Solwold Jr. is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Austin Aries. He left WWE in July 2017. He's currently signed to Impact Wrestling.

Austin Aries is really the Greatest man that ever lived. He was the one who ended the long reign of Bobby Roode's World Heavyweight Championship. He is very fast, quick and also very smart. He can defeat anybody because he is


He is too damn good. He is very fast and quick.

13 Matt Morgan
14 Shannon Moore

He is cool and is exciting a bit like rey mysterio, his moves are really good and when he steps I the ring you know it's gonna be exciting. He wins

15 Suicide
16 Alex Shelley
17 Sabu Terry Michael Brunk is an American professional wrestler, known by his ring name Sabu, who portrays an Arab American in the ring.
18 Kid Kash
19 James Storm James Allen Cox better known by the ring name James Storm, is an American professional wrestler who is best known for his time with Impact Wrestling, and a brief run with WWE's developmental territory NXT.
20 Petey Williams Peter Williams III is a Canadian professional wrestler currently signed to Impact Wrestling where he is a two-time impact X Division Champion and a former captain of Team Canada.
21 Ric Flair Richard Morgan "Ric" Fliehr, better known by his ring name Ric Flair, is a professional wrestling manager and American retired professional wrestler currently signed to the WWE under a legends appearance contract.

He has not fight a lot, but he has do some fights, his nickname is the Nature Boy. The Four Figure Leg Lock is his finisher. - brunothemusicmaster

22 Chris Sabin
23 Eric Young Jeremy Fritz is a Canadian professional wrestler and television personality. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Eric Young; he was also the leader of the stable Sanity.
24 Amazing Red
25 Jesse Sorensen
26 Low Ki Brandon Silvestry is an American professional wrestler of Italian and Puerto Rican descent, better known by the ring name Low Ki.

Low Ki is a great wrestler. Only that he is arrogant.

27 Montel Vontavious Porter
28 Davey Richards
29 Sonjay Dutt Retesh Bhalla, better known by his ring name Sonjay Dutt, is an American professional wrestler signed to Impact Wrestling.
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