Top 10 Tobias Sammet Vocal Performances

Tobias Sammet is a German metal singer who formed Edguy at only 14. At 21 he created Avantasia - a rock/metal opera project. He has been working for the both bands simultaneously since 1999 as their lead singer, lyricist, composer, mastermind and leader. In the early 90s he was also a bassist and keyboardist.
The guy is immensely talented.
His gorgeous voice and top notch vocal skills make him one of the best metal singers ever. Not to mention that he sounds like a combination of Bruce Dickinson and Michael Kiske.

The Top Ten

1 Sacrifice - Edguy

He did a great job here! - MontyPython

His vox are awesome throughout the entire song but try espicially 5:05-6:05 - Metal_Treasure

2 The Piper Never Dies - Edguy

It's not my favorite song but I put it at #1 because it's an epic vocal performance. Some really tough stuff to sing. - Metal_Treasure

3 Tears of a Mandrake - Edguy
4 Nailed to the Wheel - Edguy

My fave song from him - vox in the intro and the chorus are just what I need to hear. And his sustain of about 13 seconds is awesome. - Metal_Treasure

5 Flight Of Torek - Aina

Can you believe, Tobi sings jazz in the middle of a metal song and sounds amazing! (3:25-4:25).
By the way I know nothing about this band (Aina). I mean Tobi sang for many lesser known bands and people are not aware of his full vocal potential. - Metal_Treasure

6 New Age Messiah - Edguy

Pleasure start to finish - Metal_Treasure

7 Mysteria - Edguy

The intro sream is one of the best I've ever heard - long, powerful and beautiful. - Metal_Treasure

8 The Scarecrow - Avantasia

A remarkable duet with Jorn Lande. - Metal_Treasure

9 Golden Dawn - Edguy

Sustain: 14-15 seconds - Metal_Treasure

I just listened to a section of this song several times in a row - from 5:30 to the end is pure eargasm. I should have put this song higher. There are several more stellar moments in this song. - Metal_Treasure

10 Defenders of the Crown - Edguy V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Vain Glory Opera - Edguy

A song with additional vocals from Hansi K├╝rsch (Blind Guardian). Tobi and Hansi singing together - can't get any better! - Metal_Treasure

12 No More Foolin - Edguy V 1 Comment
13 The Eternal Wayfarer - Edguy
14 Save Me - Edguy

Thanks for adding this, wolphert.
Tobias Sammet just doesn't have bad vocal performances and it was difficult to select only 10 songs. - Metal_Treasure

15 Lay All Your Love On Me - Avantasia

This is an ABBA cover - it takes guts to do a song originally by the blonde songbird but Tobi sounds really really good. I like the cover in general - it's one of the best metal covers of pop songs - Metal_Treasure

16 Jerusalem - Edguy
17 The Pharaoh - Edguy
18 All the Clowns - Edguy

I think the Mandrake album has his best vocal showing and none of the songs are weak vocally, this is the weakest vocal performance off the entire album - germshep24

Yes, germshep24, probably Mandrake is the best Edguy album. - Metal_Treasure

19 Pandora's Box - Edguy

I love how he sings the chorus to this songs especially the end - germshep24

20 The Asylum

I was relistening to to my Edguy mp3 collection and I was amazed by this forgotten song, Sammet screams his heart out on this song - germshep24

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