Best Tokyo Ghoul:re Characters

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Ken Kaneki

The man has my heart. There are no words to describe such a heavenly child.

Character development at its finest.

Just call him Haise. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Yay tokyo is first :D

Juuzou Suzuya

He is better than real boys. Do not even try to argue with me

He can step on me

I agree this guy rocks, I'd say he's half ghoul hunter, half crazy blade weilder
and 100% badass

My favourite male character and I have a crash on him because he is amazing ''notice me senpai"

Kuki Urie

This guy's getting more and more awesome day by day. Probably, might reach the top sometime. - Undistinguished

Yess go team Urie

Touka Kirishima Touka Kirishima is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul created by Sui Ishida.

She deserves WAY better than this. She's beautiful, totally badass, and very unique. She's my favorite character in Tokyo Ghoul.

She should be higher

Haise Sasaki

He's cute and I like him except for the crazy memo he has 😘


Yoshimura's kid

Akira Mado
Ginshi Shirazu

He's halarious


Uta is fab, end of story

He's a very cool and unique character. He and Touka are my favorites. He should be way higher than this.

Tooru Mutsuki

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Saiko Yonebaya

Love her personality

Seidou Takizawa
Ayato Kirishima

He’s just awesome.

Kanae von Rosewald
Renji Yomo
Kishou Arima Kishou Arima is a major antagonist turned protagonist of the manga/anime, Tokyo Ghoul, and its successor, Tokyo Ghoul:re.
Chie Hori

She's my best girl. She's adorable!

Koori Ui
Kazuichi Banjou
Koutarou Amon
Takeomi Kuroiwa
Shuu Tsukiyama
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