Best Tokyo Mew Mew Characters

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1 Kisshu

Undoubtedly, the best character

Annoying and ugly. - MilkTae

i hate him - lilia


2 Ichigo

Zoey x Mark forever! I like how she transforms and her powers! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

She's is okay. Clumsy Zoey just looking for love

Why is Ichigo screaming and crying?

I love her she's my Favourite - lilia

3 Lettuce

She could be a love struck otaku

4 Taruto

*who is this in Japanese?!

He's so cuteee xx

5 Pudding

Pudding was adorable in the Japanese series. I loved her attack which was super adorable, 10/10, transformation which was also really adorable, 8/10, and I love how she's SO ENERGETIC!

Kikki, like most of the Mews, wasn't as good. She still at least tried to be cute, and she was energetic. But, she didn't sound as cute, her transformation was a 5/10, attack was a 5/10 as well. Oh, and the transformation could might as well have been entirely cut. It's REALLY a short transformation.

6 Ryou

Who is this(I watched the English version so if taruto and ryou are tarn and sardon then okay>

Hooray for sardon, the best cynoclon!

7 Zakuro

*renee right*

8 Mint

Corina is awesome

9 Keiichero
10 Deep Blue
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