Best Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Maps

The Top Ten Best Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Maps

1 House

Yall ready know sldge will sneak on you through the window ith his tower it is best map

It’s bright, not too big nor small, it’s overall enjoyable. - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 Presidential Plane

As a glaz main,well you already know.

3 Bank

Best ranked map

Big. Good.

4 Hereford Base
5 Club House
6 Consulate

consulate is the least bias map out of all the maps in siege

7 Yacht
8 Chalet
9 Oregon
10 Villa

With the assassins creed Easter egg, it is by far one of the best maps

The Contenders

11 Favela
12 Border
13 Kanal
14 Theme Park
15 Outback
16 Kafe Dostoyevsky
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