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Tom Thomas "Tom" Cat is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films.

Tom actually is conflicted between his natural instinct and his good soul. His natural instinct shows him as a predator which often ends up with him trying to devour Jerry. However we have seen his good heart in various episodes like one instance being him sparing a ducklings life and actually ending up parenting him due to his good heart, another being him sparing Jerry's life twice in order to save his owners baby.

I like tom, I hate Jerry. Why does every character always side with Jerry but never ever sides with tom? Jerry is the one who makes tom chase him because of that, tom just wants some piece and quiet until this dirty ugly gay mouse comes

He is the star of this show. I personally dislike Jerry. Tom is a cat who just wants to live a good and normal life, but it's Jerry who most of the times disturbs him, thus starting the chase.

Tom and Jerry are best friends in the tom and Jerry movie they help each other when tom thought Jerry drowned he miss you what would I do without you and many other parts.

Jerry Jerry Mouse is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films. He is a mouse that gets chased by Tom, but tries to trick him so he won't catch him .

Best character in the whole show, to those who think that he's selfish, have you seen the episodes such as the cat and the mermouse where he saved Tom from drowning, or in old rocking chair Tom where he teamed up with Tom to help get rid of the other cat. (by the way I like Tom as well

Well to be fair, person below me Roadrunner and Tweety are parodies of Jerry, just like how Wile E. and Sylvester are parodies of Tom. But I see your point, Jerry is way less of an *** than Tweety or the Roadrunner.

Jerry is Awesome he owns anyone who gets on his way. He sometimes helps Tom to take down a greater enemy. Unlike Roadrunner and Tweety whom are nothing near his character. That's why he's a BOSS!

Jerry is the star of the show. Almost every episode are about him trying to defend himself from Tom. Jerry succeeds almost every time. I love him! He's brave, smart and cute!


Added a little extra trouble for Jerry when trying to get away from Tom.
Not only did he have to make sure he got out alive, but he had to make sure the still learning kid came out okay.

This guy is so funny. But in the 2014 show he sucks like a retarded monkey. Why is he so darn annoying in the show but so good in the cartoon?

The gray baby mouse. He has some guest appearances. He considers Jerry as his mentor.

It was so cute when tom whipped nibbles and jerry beat him up


I love Butch's street cat attitude and somewhat Jersey accent?
He's sometimes the rival and sometimes the sidekick.
Anyway he's a great add to the series

The street black cat and Tom's rival. He has some guest appearances.

Tom Jerry Butch and Spike are funny

I Hate Butch Cat She is Worst Character of Tom And Jerry, One Of My Favorite Cartoon Show Better Than Butch. He Tries To Eat Jerry Before Tom


A dog. He's Tom's bully. Jerry takes advantage of the fact that spike hates tom (cat & dog relationship) and creates situations where tom almost always gets beaten by him

I like this character, but my favorite is Tom. He is mean to Tom, but he's a dog and Tom's a cat. So, that doesn't bother me much.

He the best and funniest.

Ridiculously funny! 😂

Quacker the Duck

A cheerful duck. He trusts almost everyone and bears no hard feelings for anyone (even Tom). He's good friends with Jerry.

Your little voice has me crazy

He the cutest!

Will you eat me Mister Pussy Cat?


A awesome character!

Robyn Starling
Muscle Mouse

Jerry's twin cousin. He's extremely powerful and can beat Tom black and blue. Featured in an episode.

I hate this mouse. He tortures any cat in his way when cats are just trying to be cats.

Dr. Applecheek

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Cuckoo the Canary

One of Jerry's best friends. She dislikes Tom more than even Jerry does. She lives in a cage and is owned by the same owner as Tom's (whenever she appears).

Reminds me of my own bird!


The cat who could never have Tom

Captain Kiddie
Mammy Two Shoes

She is Tom's owner. Her trademark dialogue is,"Oh! Thomas!."

Her name is Mammy Two Shoes

The Goldfish
The White Girl Cat

Her name is Toodles Galore. Gosh people are stupid.

Her name is Toodles Galore.

Robyn Starling's dad
The Shark

In the beach and in cruise ship episodes, the shark does the job of Spike, chasing after Tom whenever he is in the ocean.

Topsy Cat
Uncle Pecos

Love this guy!

The Baby
Tom Cat Jr
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