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1 Tom Thomas "Tom" Cat is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films.

Tom is the main hero and main protagonist in t&j,he may be not cunning as cunning as jerry but he is very funny and has a lot of skills. In my childhood I always liked tom instead of jerry because of his sense of humour and funny personality and I always thought we in my childhood that tom is cat so he is clean than jerry who is a mouse and he can also take part in different activities for example sports etc,that jerry is unable to do. I never admired Jerry's smartness because he has an evil mind to annoy and irritate tom. Tom has never killed jerry and has always tried to befriending him but jerry has always thought we that tom was trying to eat him and never tried to befriend tom, so now who is the good guy? Tom or Jerry I think tom is good guy what do you think I am very happy that I liked heroic tom instead of villainous jerry in my childhood and still now. I always admired toms intelligence of weapons expertation his greatness of saving jerry a lot of times and his funny ...more

Tom is my most favourite character in tj show he was also my favourite in my childhood and I can tell it surely that he will will be still my favourite he is the main hero as well as the main protagonist of the show.

Tom is the best character in tom and jerry and he was my favourite from my childhood and he is still my favourite character in tom and jerry he may be not cunning or swift as jerry but he is very funny when it comes of being charistamatic and possessing a lot of skills tom is the best. I always liked tom. I like tom but I don't like jerry.

Tom actually is conflicted between his natural instinct and his good soul. His natural instinct shows him as a predator which often ends up with him trying to devour Jerry. However we have seen his good heart in various episodes like one instance being him sparing a ducklings life and actually ending up parenting him due to his good heart, another being him sparing Jerry's life twice in order to save his owners baby.

2 Jerry Jerry Mouse is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films. He is a mouse that gets chased by Tom, but tries to trick him so he won't catch him .

Jerry mouse is my most favourite cartoon character and he was also my favourite in my childhood,nowadays peoples mostly say that jerry is the villain in tom and jerry but its not true he is the real main hero and the main protagonist of the show. He is shown
by irritating tom when he was sleeping but he irritates him because he loves tom very much but he fails to express it and if tom is a entrepreneur so if he sleep alone it causes nightmare for him so if jerry irritates tom it is good for tom because of these reasons jerry is shown irritating tom,but it doesn't mean that jerry is a villain he is a hero. He also saved tom in buddies thicker than water and blue cat blues these episodes shown Jerry's heroic acts but jerry doesn't need to prove that he is the hero, he is already the main hero of the show and the leading character(protagonist).I love jerry mouse

Jerry mouse is my most favourite character in Tom and Jerry and also as a cartoon character he might be small but he is very clever, he defeats his rival tom usually which directly indicates that he is main hero and main protagonist of tj.

Jerry is the no.1 and the best character in t&j he may be not funny as tom but his tricks can compete toms funny personality in my childhood his tricks has entertained me every time. Jerry was my favourite character from my childhood and he is still my favourite he is sweet and smart. I think in t&j Jerry is the main hero and he is best than tom I am not saying that tom is a villain but is not the main hero in t&j our main hero is jerry not tom

Best character in the whole show, to those who think that he's selfish, have you seen the episodes such as the cat and the mermouse where he saved Tom from drowning, or in old rocking chair Tom where he teamed up with Tom to help get rid of the other cat. (by the way I like Tom as well

3 Nibbles

Added a little extra trouble for Jerry when trying to get away from Tom.
Not only did he have to make sure he got out alive, but he had to make sure the still learning kid came out okay.

This guy is so funny. But in the 2014 show he sucks like a retarded monkey. Why is he so darn annoying in the show but so good in the cartoon?

The gray baby mouse. He has some guest appearances. He considers Jerry as his mentor.

It was so cute when tom whipped nibbles and jerry beat him up

4 Spike

A dog. He's Tom's bully. Jerry takes advantage of the fact that spike hates tom (cat & dog relationship) and creates situations where tom almost always gets beaten by him

I like this character, but my favorite is Tom. He is mean to Tom, but he's a dog and Tom's a cat. So, that doesn't bother me much.

Ridiculously funny! 😂

5 Butch

I love Butch's street cat attitude and somewhat Jersey accent?
He's sometimes the rival and sometimes the sidekick.
Anyway he's a great add to the series

The street black cat and Tom's rival. He has some guest appearances.

Tom Jerry Butch and Spike are funny

I Hate Butch Cat She is Worst Character of Tom And Jerry, One Of My Favorite Cartoon Show Better Than Butch. He Tries To Eat Jerry Before Tom

6 Robyn Starling

The movie was way overhated. She adds a welcome touch of heart and song to the franchise

7 Quacker the Duck

A cheerful duck. He trusts almost everyone and bears no hard feelings for anyone (even Tom). He's good friends with Jerry.

Your little voice has me crazy

Will you eat me Mister Pussy Cat?

8 Lickboot

A awesome character!

"We've got to"

Hilarious Tony Jay performance

9 Muscle Mouse

Jerry's twin cousin. He's extremely powerful and can beat Tom black and blue. Featured in an episode.

I hate this mouse. He tortures any cat in his way when cats are just trying to be cats.

10 Robyn Starling's dad

Indiana Jones in Tibet!

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11 Toodles Galore

Her name is Toodles Galore. Gosh people are stupid.

The cat who could never have Tom

Her name is Toodles Galore.

12 Dr. Applecheek

That ice cream face is creepy

13 Cuckoo the Canary

One of Jerry's best friends. She dislikes Tom more than even Jerry does. She lives in a cage and is owned by the same owner as Tom's (whenever she appears).

Reminds me of my own bird!

14 Captain Kiddie

Don't forget Squawk

15 Droopy
16 Puggsy

He teaches Tom and Jerry to be friends

17 Tyke
18 Frankie DaFlea

We are friends to the end!

19 Mammy Two Shoes

She is Tom's owner. Her trademark dialogue is,"Oh! Thomas!."

Her name is Mammy Two Shoes

20 Pristine Figg

The main antagonist of the film

21 The Goldfish
22 Lightning
23 Topsy Cat
24 Porpoise

In the beach and in cruise ship episodes, the shark does the job of Spike, chasing after Tom whenever he is in the ocean.

25 Uncle Pecos

Love this guy!

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