Best Tommy Sands Songs

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1 There Were Roses

I was meaning diametrically different in my sentence below. Now I noticed the error. Anyway...what I was trying to say is that it would be better if you deleted this list and kept the Best Tommy Sands American Songs list and the the Best Tommy Sands Irish Songs list. No offense, but wouldn't it be more logical? Why you keep on deleting the Best Tommy Sands Irish songs list and you keep this one and just the American one and not the Irish one as well? Really I don't understand the logic behind this. I mean well by the way, I'm not just trying to be a headache. Thanks...

Please don't delete again this list. You kept the Tommy Sands (American) Songs list, while you deleted the Tommy Sands (Irish) Songs list. It's not fair for the Irish and it is also not fair to me, because I was bothered to make this list. It also goes without saying that I also enjoyed doing that. I don't understand why some lists are getting removed...what's the concept behind this? It's rather cold and cruel.

I just realized that there are two singers with this name. So that's why, these voices seemed so different to me and I was wondering! Well, the one is Irish and the other is American. Sorry for this mess. I was under the illusion that it was one man that sang these diametrical different songs.

2 Let Me Be Your Island
3 Short Cut Through the Fields
4 Dream with Me
5 Let Me Be Loved
6 People In Love
7 Lazy Afternoon
8 Rock of Ages
9 Goin' Steady
10 Walking My Baby Back Home

The Contenders

11 A Bundle of Dreams
12 Just a Little Bit More
13 Love In a Goldfish Bowl
14 Lying In the Hay
15 The Worryin' Kind
16 Carlingford Bay
17 The Age of Uncertainty
18 A Little Bit More
19 Time for Asking Why

I just listened to some beautiful songs from this Irish man that were new to me so I decided to add them.

20 You Will Never Grow Old
21 Make Those Dreams Come True
22 Welcome Here Kind Stranger
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