Too Ten Best Things About Zayn Malik


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1 His Voice

My bae has the most amazing voice. Not only is it strong, it also is soft and husky. At the same time it can be quite rough. He also has such effortless dynamics that occur naturally and he hits the high notes flawlessly. I don't want to offend anyone, but he has such a subtle way of changing notes, unlike Harry Styles, who increases his pitch with full force of his volume, making it difficult for him to his the higher notes. In live performances, he usually sounds like he's screaming. I'd say Zayn is the best male singer with the most capable vocal range. His voice is also so heavenly and unique. Even when he talks, you can easily hear a singing voice peaking out and his accent is adorable! My bae was the 'one thing' of one direction. Without him, 1D is just some mediocre boy band with average music.

His voice is magic.

God yea


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2 His Cheekbones


3 He's Funny

Funny in a cute and timid way! My bae is so adorable

4 His Hair

I'm jealous of his spike man! - Ark-M

A cute yn hair

5 He's Both Shy And Outgoing

His personality is the most adorable thing I have ever experienced

6 His Style

Love You Zayn

7 He's Caring

His Smile

8 His Tattoos
9 His Eyes

His eyes I am just in love with them

They are my everything.

I fell in love with him slowly and then all at once... I resisted at first... I slowly submitted... And later I found myself in love.😍 His eyes πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™are the only thing that makes me want to feel contented about my existence battling through this depression... πŸ˜"
I just want to thank him for existing and making my existence easier. He has always been my favourite and will always be...😊😊 matter what the haters say (honestly, how can anyone dislike him?!?! 😑)

10 His Smile

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11 His Music
12 He's Strong

My bae is so brave... For leaving 1D because of his dreams and dealing with all the unrequited hate for it!

13 He Knows How To Pose

The camera loves him! He's so photogenic with a cute-as smile

14 His Friendship
15 His High Notes
16 He’s Hot
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