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21 Brenda's Got a Baby Brenda's Got a Baby

The lyrics of this song are just awesome... Amazing story-teller. This song has to be in the top 10. If not, at least top 15. #35? Seriously?

Indeed, not his best one...but needs to get more votes; at least top ten!

Incredible story telling skills. 2pac wasn't just a rapper, he was a rythmic author and lyrical genius!

So low in the list

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22 Pain

Not too many people know about this song it was on Above the rim. The beat is 90s the lyrics are deep just like the pain he had. FAVE ALL TIME

This song is my absolute favourite song! Way too underrated. I remember there was a point where I couldn't stop listening to it. Even till this day it gives me so much chills

Couldn't stop listening to this song at one point.

On of My Favourite - Isyani_Escobar

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23 Hold Ya Head Hold Ya Head

This song is to me his best from the Makaveli album and that album is my favorite album of his, just real chill music and 2pac going in as usual.

24 Krazy Krazy

This retrospective of his life is very deep and emotional

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25 Do for Love Do for Love

This should be at the top, so chilled with great beat

Come on, this has great rhymes and a sweet bass part

This song and dear mama has the nicest touch to it

Yes this should be near the top easily.

26 Starin' Through My Rear View Starin' Through My Rear View

It's not an easy choice, but since I have these words "I'm seeing nothing' but my dreams comin' true, while I'm starin' at the world through my rearview" tattooed in my neck, I will vote 4 this one!

My personal favorite is like many other's Changes but this song is absolutely number two and the only reason that I voted for this one is that it's so crazily underrated, I mean come on, how the hell is it even possible that this only got 0.7%?!

This is the best, no doubt. It got chilling effect on me, lyrics and the beat come together to create this unbelievable mood of inevitability.

My favorite 2pac song, I fell in love with it watching the Tupac resurrection documentary in 2003, give it a try...

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27 Never Call U Bitch Again Never Call U Bitch Again

This is one of my all time favorite tracks from pac and very underrated.

28 How Long Will They Mourn Me? How Long Will They Mourn Me?

This son deserves to be on this list. This track completely swags out.

How could this song not be higher on the list, it should be top 15 without a doubt. YOU PEOPLE MUST BE CRAZY - musicfiend

This song is ultra incredible! Why is it at 75?

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29 Old School Old School

Musical component is best in this song. Most beautiful and musical beat. Really great, a little bit soft, but sometimes we need some "soft" atmosphere^_^

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30 Can't C Me Can't C Me

A amazing beat of Dr. Dre and maybe the greatest diss-track against biggie. Even if you don't like classic rap this song is awesome

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31 Lord Knows Lord Knows

"I hope the lord forgives me because I have the spirit of a thug in me. " One of the better tupac songs. "

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32 Holla at Me Holla at Me

Holla at me was by far his best song it hypes you up but is so deep.

This song is really really good and smooth

Top 5 in my opinion
touches on the 3 sides of Pac and his flow is mesmerizing. But I guess that's pretty much proved in all his songs.

This song is so great man

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33 How Do U Want It How Do U Want It

How Do you Want It at #63?! Lolol. What's wrong with you people? This is his best song by far! Best damn rap song ever made! Makes California Love sound like a boring opera song.

Words cannot describe how awesome this song this is.

How is this 35# this is one of his greatest hits! Should be in the top ten

In my opinion his best beat and such a great flow - Themusicman

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34 Soldier Like Me (Return of the Soulja) Soldier Like Me (Return of the Soulja)
35 Lost Souls Lost Souls
36 Let Em Have It Let Em Have It
37 U Can Be Touched U Can Be Touched
38 My Block My Block

Amazing flow, I suggest you listen to the DJ Billy remix; 'Forever High. '

Life is but a dream - this is one of his greatest and most touching songs out. Rest In Peace Pac, you may be gone, but not forgotten

Absolutely one of the greatest song ever written by 2pac

This is one of my favorite tupac songs.

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39 Black Cotton Black Cotton
40 Picture Me Rollin' Picture Me Rollin'

Should be way higher.. Big Sky kills it on this song.

Don't worry, most of the voters just learned about pac and have only heard his top hits, they'll come around.

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