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81 It Ain't Easy

Man these lyrics are so deep. And not just here throughout the whole song

Has 2 be top10

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82 The Uppercut

Sick song guess it's underrated for some reason. Must listen to it, it bumps.

83 Dopefiend's Diner

Probably the deepest song 2pac ever wrote, incredibly underrated

84 Trapped

A real classic!

85 Hellrazor V 4 Comments
86 Blasphemy

"Do what you gotta do, but know you gotta change, just to find a way to make it out the game"

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87 Holler If Ya Hear Me V 4 Comments
88 Can U Get Away

I listen to 2pac all the time whether I'm listening to hardcore gangsta rap like hit em up or layed back and meaningful like dear mama and I like all his music really. I haven't heard is before today though because it's not a very popular song and it's very underrated. I like the lyrics and the flow but the beat is also very beautiful and relaxing. It's my favorite because it is nice to listen to and I love the rhymes. Just a great song honestly I love it.

Great song of MATW

89 Check Out Time
90 Outlaw

Why's this so low

91 Part Time Mutha

This song is criminally underrated, I rarely ever see this come up on discussions of Pac's best songs but I can't help but feel this is top ten worthy for sure

Such a sad song, the volume at which this song was recorded was very low however, but still a great song, very underrated and unknown.

It's a deep and sad song. One of my favorite from 2pac. Amazing but underrated.

92 When We Ride On Our Enemies V 1 Comment
93 Definition of a Thug N****

This song goes hard, awesome instrumental which I find overall lacking in Pac's music because he recorded at such a fast rate and didn't mind settling for mediocre back beats.

94 Happy Home
95 Got My Mind Made Up

"Play a game of Russian roulette and have a blast" best line.
2pac enters at the perfect moment and every verse is memorable. Just a great underrated song

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96 The Good Die Young
97 As the World Turns
98 Fame
99 Words 2 My First Born


100 F***in Wit the Wrong Ni***

Smoth Beat

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