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121 Fantasy
122 Days of a Criminal
123 Starin' Through My Rear View

This song is f$$$ing awesome

It's not an easy choice, but since I have these words "I'm seeing nothing' but my dreams comin' true, while I'm starin' at the world through my rearview" tattooed in my neck, I will vote 4 this one!

If you have a heart vote for thiis


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124 Toss It Up

Toss it up at #70 is complete bull. There's a reason why it's included in his greatest hits--- top ten at the very least.

125 Heavy in the Game
126 If I Die 2Nite

A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once... Come on how this song is not even in this list I can't believe it!

Yes it's a very beautiful song and it should definitely be in the top 10 list.


127 Smile

Underrated should be number one

No 41? You bullting me?

How come this song is not in the just makes u smile

128 When Thugz Cry

Should be WAY higher!

129 Troublesome '96

So underrated! Top 10 at least please.

Real Gangsta Rap...

The most underrated song on this list... Should be in the top 3 if not 1

Defining song of 2Pac

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130 One Day at a Time
131 Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)

Hahaaahahaahahaaha. Why is this song so low. This is one of the greatest songs of 2pac. It should be in the top 20s. I can't believe this. I don't know what's wrong with you guys. This song is a materpiece.2pac is the greatest rapper of all time. No one can replace him. Rip 2pac

Hahaaahahaahahaahaha why is this song so low. This is one of the best 2pac song ever. What is wrong with people

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132 Nothing to Lose

You should listen dis song

133 Str8 Ballin'

This song is way too low on the list

134 Skandalouz

My first favorite pac son. Nate dogg on the hook... Amazing beat.

The funk on this track is untrue

135 I Don't Give a F**k

Man this is a great song. This song is simply perfect, perhaps not as great as 'Changes' but it deserves to be in TOP 5. First time I heard this song on Radio Los Santos of
GTA San Andreas.

This song is really cool!

Walk in the store, what everybody staring at they act like they never seen a guy wearing black

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas best game of all times! 2pac 4 life!

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136 All Eyez On Me

This is probably my favourate 2pac song, considering he only recorded for 4 years he left behind hundreds of timeless classics

Rap/hip hop died on sept 7th 1996. 2pac will live forever though

Disgrace this is so high one of the best lyrics on point

This is a classic, how come it is not higher? Move it up!

Are you kidding me! You got to be joking! This song is at least, I'm saying at the very least top 10. This song speaks the truth, big Sky was just flowing everywhere and pac showed in this song that he is a contender to being the G.O.A.T

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