Destroyer - KISS: Random Album Review

To get it straight, so far I was never a fan of KISS! I heard of them, listened to three or four songs, THAT'S IT! So yesterday I decided to listen to one of their Albums and after looking up on the List of Best KISS Albums, I heard Destroyer! Then I proceeded to hear their other albums and now I f@*$ing love this band!

That's why today's Random Album Review is all about:
Destroyer by KISS

Detroit Rock City
Without any overestamation, THIS IS! MY! FAVORITE! KISS SONG! It was actually the first song of them I ever knowingly heard due to watchmojo! The song is unbelievably catchy and was stuck un my head the entire day! Of course you can't forget it being based on a real life accident of a KISS fan, driving to one of their concerts!
Well, you gotta lose your mind in Detroit!
Rock City!
And this is just the first track!

King of The Night Time World
As I expected it from KISS, the Riff kicks @$$ from the beginning! It's extremly catchy to say the least and shows good work of the entire band!

God of Thunder
Well, another KISS favorite of mine! It actually reminds me much of Iron Man by Black Sabbath, havimg this tune ob the bands voice to make it sound edgier and ... greek godlier! The Riff kicks @$$ and just screams pure badassery!

Great Expectations
This is an actual light hearted and soft track. It uses piano and guitar to make it sound somewhat special! The lyrics are pretty well made and fit the song very well.

Flamming Youth
WHOW YEAH! Were the first lyrics of this song! This is an song that like Smells Like Teen Spirit actually really speaks to me. It is about the yeah, Flamming Youth. As you might expect it, guitar and voice work are actually good and the song is really catchy!

Sweet Pain
Well, you know how it works! It's catchy and has great work on all fronts, the drums, guitars, voice! It actually has pretty much more than one part with the second part in the middle speeding up. Still I found it rather repetitive, making it for me weakest track on the Album.

Shout It Out Loud
You know this song is awesome! It is insanely catchy to sing along and an instant headbanger! It is just an big party track by KISS, but then again Shout It Out Loud, is this a bad thing!

The only real ballade! Great Expectations was still rather Rock! Yeah, it might not be something to enjoy for some, but you can't deny it's special! Now I would say it's an actual great track of the band, being as a ballade itself well made and having great lyrics.
But then again it's KISS, so you know what's next!

Do You Love Me
They really can't get away from Party and Women, can't they? They are like Guns'n'Roses! Of course the catchiness is present again! Of course, while not being the most complex song the band again produced an Rock Hit you will surely love!

Rock And Roll Party
While just being One and a half minute of concert sounds, this song still manages to be a good end this album! It is somewhat surreal, like Pink Floyd and manages to get this Album to a good, but rather special close.

Well, Party Hits, Love Songs and Pink Floyd, just look at my Ratings:
Detroit Rock City: 10/10
King of The Night Time World: 9/10
God of Thunder: 9,5/10
Great Expectations: 8/10
Flamming Youth: 8,5/10
Sweet Pain: 7,5/10
Shout It Out Loud: 8,5/10
Beth: 9/10
Do You Love Me: 8/10
Rock And Roll Party: 6/10

So the Gods of the Demonic Rock Party, as I like to call them, got an great album, which deserves in my opinion a:
9,5/10 with the adjective "awesome"
Not only just Party Rock, but something you like to hear over and over again! It's an amazing Album for an awesome band!

Note: I'm listening to Detroit Rock City right now!


Great review. This is my favorite Kiss album. I'd easily give it a 9/10. - Alpha101