Top 10 Best NBA Teams of all Time


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1 95-96 Bulls

mj and the rest, lol. but w8 till miami with the trio happens! - 23K1NG

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2 86-87 Lakers V 1 Comment
3 59-60 Celtics
4 66-67 76ers

Prime Wilt Chamberlain would intimidate MJ, and would eat Rodman for breakfast.
The Bulls center Bill Cartwright is the kind of player Wilt routinely scored 60 points on.

5 85-86 Celtics

This was a team with enormous basketball IQ. Larry Legend was in his prime and ran the team with a quality rarely seen in players of the game today. The 85-86 Celts had McHale and Parish killing it in the post, Bill Walton would grab rebounds and start fast breaks. The 85-86 Celts also had Bird, Danny Ainge and Scott Wedman as go-to options for guaranteed three-point shooters. They also had the most awesome team chemistry of all time and were immensely competitive. The only reason why they're not higher is because people don't know what a team is supposed to be. In the game today, people watch ballhogs like Kobe score a whole bunch of points and they call that greatness. It makes me sick to my stomach. And I would vote the 95-96 Bulls second place. - bishop.moore07

Larry bird Parish McHale so beast

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6 71-72 Lakers V 1 Comment
7 07-08 Celtics V 1 Comment
8 70-71 Bucks
9 80-81 Celtics V 1 Comment
10 04-05 Spurs

The Contenders

11 11-12 Heat V 1 Comment
12 72-73 Celtics


13 10-11 Mavs
14 14-15 Warriors V 1 Comment
15 00-01 Lakers V 1 Comment
16 13-14 Spurs

The teamwork of these players made them the best in the past decade

17 11-12 Thunder
18 93-94 Rockets
19 01-02 Kings
20 92-93 Suns
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1. 95-96 Bulls
2. 86-87 Lakers
3. 66-67 76ers
1. 95-96 Bulls
2. 85-86 Celtics
3. 66-67 76ers



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