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1 Earth

Earth is the safest planet in the Solar System, it's because Earth is the only planet that has life. We want to make sure we're safe and it's precisely the best planet ever. - SpinelliFan

Earth is definitely the best planet ever. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Earth is best in soloar system

Who votes from Earth? - Sobeskyy

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2 Saturn

Saturn is a cool dude

Lovely stuff. I would love to live on Saturn if I had a choice to as it is the second biggest planet in the solar system


Beautiful yet violent - DoroExploro13

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3 Jupiter

The biggest of all.

Because Europa is one of it's moons, and Europa is AWESOME

its cool

Tell me
did you fall from a shooting star
One without a permanent scar
And did you miss me while you were
looking for yourself out there?

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4 Neptune

Neptune is a gas giant with a beautiful atmosphere. - illusion

She is my favourite planet shes beautiful and cool and have ring I love it

My all time favorite but earth is still pretty cool.

Neptune is the farthest planet from the Sun in our galaxy, and it has rings. It's also blue the bee dee the bee the. But still, It's an interesting planet. - CoolCat999

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5 Mars

Over Space Territory


Vote mars if earth dies out

Saving Earth should be our top priority, but I completely support the idea of colonizing and terraforming Mars. We might even find life there. Two Earths are better than one, right? - ColdTurkey

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6 Uranus

As my friend tweeted once: "Uranus is the butt of all astronomy jokes." - galaxyfox

*Insert joke about its name here* - Randomator

Now I'm voting for Uranus because it's the most underrated planet. Even scientists say that Uranus is the least interesting planet. I don't agree. I've seen many shows (scientific and just amateur) and saw that Uranus is very cool, green planet. By the way, it rings are as cool as Saturn's - Irina2932

I've always hated how people make dirty jokes about Uranus! I like the planet because it's kind of interesting. for instance, it's tipped on it's side. TIPPED ON IT'S SIDE! AMAZING!

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7 Venus

Venus is my zodiac planet and also happens to be the planet for one of my favorite anime characters.

Come on its amazing

Zodiac planet!

8 Pluto

Pluto is the best - King_Niteli

Pluto will always be a planet in my heart lmao

Why is a dog named after a dwarf planet and Tea :p K that was weird

Such a cute little planet

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9 Mercury

The only interesting thing about it is that it’s either hot as hell or cold as hell - Randomator

But Mercury is still considered a planet...

Believe it or not, Mercury has a realistic chance of being our solar system's largest dwarf planet because it's smaller than Saturn's moon Titan and wider than Pluto or Earth's moon.

Just like the name and because it was named after a my favorite god

10 Eris

One of the largest dwarf planets in existence in the solar system. - illusion

Never heard of it - Randomator

Really cool how it is tropical this one gets my vote

It's so Cool it's a nice baby blue planet it's tropical too but it's Awesome - SmoothCriminal

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? GQ Lupi b

The largest exoplanet we've ever discovered, 3 to 6 times larger than the diameter of Jupiter.
It may be a brown dwarf as well, as the mass is anywhere from 1 to 36x the mass of Jupiter.


A recently discovered planet that has a very high potential of supporting life; It's only less than a hundred light years away and it shares many properties, characteristics similar to earth. - illusion

It's the most Earth-like exoplanet we've known so far, with the highest probability of life for any planet outside our Solar System we've ever discovered.
The most Earth-like planet in the middle of the habitable zone of the star TRAPPIST-1.

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11 Makemake

What’s up with that name? - Randomator

Interesting planet names. - LapisBob

This is very cold and its color its very shiny

I like this makemake

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12 Planet X

This was believed to kill us all in 2012, but good thing it doesn't exist after all.

Doesn't exist - Randomator

Not sure if it really exists... if we can see planets thousands of light years away, why can't we see one that's supposedly right in our own solar system? - ColdTurkey

Huh who posted this

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13 Haumea

Beyond Neptune's orbit, this dwarf planet is shaped like an egg, and it's temperatures reach below 400 degrees Fahrenheit! - ethanmeinster

14 51 Pegasi

The first planet discovered outside our solar system, 51 Pegasi has it's place in our understanding of the universe and deserves to be thought of in the top ten - Abc123vote

15 Sedna

Its orbital period is very interesting. Most distant planet from our solar system - illusion

This is the planet farthest from our solar system.

16 Kepler 22b

An ocean planet that may have the capability to support life. Approximately twice larger than earth; however, it's a few hundred light years away from our planet. - illusion

Yeah, I would love to be on a planet named by smashing your head into a keyboard. - pupcatdog

Guys who wants a dip in one of 22b mega ocean

Cause it's our Future-Home!

17 Ceres

This rocky planet is epic its half asteroid I love it, ceres rocks totally

Ceres is cool it's the nearest dwarf planet, and it's also a big asteroid

18 Proxima B

It's the nearest exoplanet to us, but we wouldn't want to live in it because it's bathed in violent stellar radiation from its star Proxima Centauri, making it uninhabitable.

I have no clue what or where this planet is, but I'm still voting for it

19 55 Cancri e

It's made out of diamonds wich is pretty cool

It's made of ' DIAMONDS!

20 Kepler 452b

Similar to earth, and potentially may support habitable life. - illusion

Looks like Earth. Amazing! - Slipperyjack40

21 Kepler 12b

I herd of this dwarf planet

22 HD 80606 b

It has the most eccentric orbit of any known planet and when it gets extremely close to its star, a giant stowm races around the planet.

23 OGLE-2003-BLG-235b

Believe it or not because it is in the middle of our galaxy!


One of the most earthlike extrasolar planets we've ever discovered.

25 Gliese 581g

It's actually not known to exist.

26 Tres 2-b

Known as the darkest exoplanet, reflecting not even a slight ray of light. - illusion


This ominous planet is the darkest planet (as of now)

27 PSR B1620-26 b

It may be one of the oldest exoplanets in existence of the universe. - illusion

This planet is 12,700,000,000 years old. - Omnipotence

28 Kepler-10c

It is like the biggest rocky planet in the Universe

29 Kepler-39b

This is like the smallest exoplanet

30 HD 209458b

You can not believe that this planet looks like a star!

31 J1407B

Mostly known for having an unusually large ring system. - illusion

32 Wasp-12b

Exoplanet that's extremely close to its star. To fully orbit this star is a single day or over. - illusion

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