Top 10 Best Planets in the Universe

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1 Earth

It's not only because we live on it -- But it's the only planet that we currently know to be suitable to host life. So much of Earth is exact and precise and in such a good condition to host and continue successfully hosting life. No other planet that we know of is as perfect as Earth is, and even if we do find one, it probably still won't top our origin planet.

Sure, the other planets are neat to look at from a distance, but you'll be crushed the second you step on Jupiter or Saturn, burned to a crisp if you try to hang around Venus for more than a millisecond, and frozen like an ice cube if you linger around Neptune just a moment too long. They're neat, but not perfect. Earth is the closest thing we've yet found to planetary perfection.

You are pretty ignorent if you think we are the only planet out their with life and that we are all alone. Imagine the billions of galaxies out their and billions of planets in different solar systems. But we are the only ones in the solar system. Earth is only planet with life in the solar system and only planet not named after a god or godess.

We take Earth for granted. It's the only place (that we currently know of) in the universe that can support us and we're on the road to ruining it. Before we think about colonizing other planets, we should focus on taking care of the one we already have.

I think looking for another Earth is pointless. If only astronomers could see that we have the most beautiful and amazing planet in the entire universe. What could possibly sustain us better than earth?

2 Saturn

Most ellegant and eye catching of the planets. Earth and Mars have their own distinctive beauty but Saturn, Saturn looks as though an artist were tasked with it's creation. I suppose it's all comes down to those rings.

Saturn floats on water, has the most interesting ring (s) & is beautiful!
My favorite planet since young although I live on Earth & please continue to vote for Saturn!

Saturn is probably the most interesting planet after our lovely Earth. I would like to visit this beautiful/charming planet but I realize it's impossible

Debris, Rings, everything! Saturn is actually by far the best planet. About %68 people like saturn, but %42 total out of any other planet

3 Mars

Mars is one of the most bizarre planets out there. Unlike any other planet (Besides Earth), life can spring on Mars because of the frozen hydrogen/nitrogen. Scientists even said that in 30 years, trees will be successfully planted on Mars which will provide oxygen, and in 50 years, humans will be able to live on Mars. Let's just wish that the end of the world doesn't come in the next 50 years.

Saving Earth should be our top priority, but I completely support the idea of colonizing and terraforming Mars. We might even find life there. Two Earths are better than one, right?

Scientists found water on mars if you heard in the news there might have been life.

Mars is the red planet and mars is after earth and its one of the smallest planets.

4 Neptune

Yeah I know it looks cool but it just a ball of gas so there is nothing to do but look at it if u go on it u die it is just a gas storm with no solid surface

I honestly don't know what it is about this planet that makes it so good - it just is. Just a little happy fun fact - out of Neptune's 14 moons, only one goes unnamed (though it is called S2004 N 1). The rest have real names, such as Triton & Naiad. I just kinda found that interesting.

Coolest color, fastest wings, its moon triton is coldest in the solar system, trition will get too close to Neptune and blow up and make rings bigger than Saturn's. if that isn't cool, I don't know what is!

I love Uranus more than this but this and Uranus need to be higher! Why are scientists bored of these two planets? They are the best! Neptune and Uranus rock!

5 Jupiter

If I could live on Jupiter, I WOULD.
Think of all the moons you would see at night and how beautiful it will be, also kinda /creepy? / because youll just see a giant moon infront of you, BUT BEAUTIFUL

I don't think you will ever live on Jupiter, the planet is made of gas. Lol gas.

I like Saturn but Jupiter is better. There was a post on some website saying that Saturn is the best planet. I completely disagree. Saturn may have better rings but Jupiter has better moons and more interesting stuff.

Tell me
did you fall from a shooting star
One without a permanent scar
And did you miss me while you were
looking for yourself out there?

Jupiter is awesome with its name and color! I love it also I love earth

6 Uranus

Uranus was the best planet! The first planet that was discovered, and then ridiculed for it's name during it's whole existence. First, George and finally named Uranus. Many people are afraid to prounce Uranus' name the real way, because people will laugh. The poor planet has been through so much, tipped on it's side made peoplethink it was a silly planet. Uranus is the calmest planet in the solar system, not a cloud in the sky! And, it's brilliant and unique rings glow red when taken a photo of. Uranus gads around 27 moons, all named after Shakespearian characters, including Miranda, Oberon and Ariel. Uranus is such an underrated planet, more of a target for jokes and boringness. I call some books planet-racist because they give Uranus like, one page about it's name or lopsidedness, and the other planets get 5-10 or so. One reason I naturally love this planet is because my birth sign is Aquarius, with it's planet symbol as Uranus! AND, 7 is my favourite number, and Uranus is the ...more

I so agree. Everyone makes fun of it because it's name, but its awesome. It is on it's side, and that makes it really a mysterious and cool planet. Oh ya, its also very beautiful with almost invisible but shiny rings. I like Pluto and Uranus the best, but they seem to be the "Outcast's of the group".

Now I'm voting for Uranus because it's the most underrated planet. Even scientists say that Uranus is the least interesting planet. I don't agree. I've seen many shows (scientific and just amateur) and saw that Uranus is very cool, green planet. By the way, it rings are as cool as Saturn's

What an underrated planet! Year I really think so. Many scientists call this planet boring. I wonder because its rings are very unique, its color is great. Not to mention it's mysterious moons
Uranus is great planet

7 Venus

Venus: come for the scenery and promises of a floating city, stay for the acid rain and intense heat. What's not to like?

Venus is my zodiac planet and also happens to be the planet for one of my favorite anime characters.

So beautiful from space, so hostile on the surfuce

Ugly and boring And common

8 Mercury

Believe it or not, Mercury has a realistic chance of being our solar system's largest dwarf planet because it's smaller than Saturn's moon Titan and wider than Pluto or Earth's moon.

Cool little speed demon. It orbits faster than it rotates and has a liquid iron core that takes up three quarters of the planet! How interesting is that!

Just like the name and because it was named after a my favorite god

But Mercury is still considered a planet...

9 Eris

Fun fact: If you lived on Eris then you would be dead before it could even orbit the Sun! What a snail planet.

It's so Cool it's a nice baby blue planet it's tropical too but it's Awesome

I just did a research project on this dwarf planet, it is my favourite!

Eris is the biggest dwarf planet in the solar system

10 51 Pegasi

This planet is not in our solar system, and was the first plaet discovered not orbiting our sun.

Pegasi is not a planet it is described as a Star that is like the sun

I don't know what this is

The first planet discovered outside our solar system, 51 Pegasi has it's place in our understanding of the universe and deserves to be thought of in the top ten

The Newcomers

? HD 100546 b



This is the largest planet ever

It’s size is just 950,000 km

? Kepler-10c

It is like the biggest rocky planet in the Universe

The Contenders

11 Planet X

There is a "Planet X" altrough its about 800 lightyears away from our stellar system
Its called TrES-2b and It's the darkest planet we know of. It glows red since its surface is full of lava

Not sure if it really exists... if we can see planets thousands of light years away, why can't we see one that's supposedly right in our own solar system?

Planet X looks like a sci-fi planet name but it's much better than any dwarf planets like Pluto.

This was believed to kill us all in 2012, but good thing it doesn't exist after all.

12 Pluto

One of the world's most known rock in space. While some may believe it is not a planet, we all know deep inside that Pluto is the best.

Cutest planet. I know it's a dwarf planet, but don't judge by size people.

Might not be accepted as a planet but still the best

Planet or not, this is probaly the biggest topic of debate in science

13 Sedna

This is the planet farthest from our solar system.

Very far orbit like 2 Light years

Sedna is so lonely! It is known for it’s very elliptical orbit and to be one of the coldest objects in our solar system.

It IS A DWARF PLANET (if it is a dwarf planet then it is the 6th)

14 Haumea

Beyond Neptune's orbit, this dwarf planet is shaped like an egg, and it's temperatures reach below 400 degrees Fahrenheit!

Its shape is like a egg

Plus it's an dwarf planet in the kuiper belt

15 Makemake

This is very cold and its color its very shiny

Interesting planet names.

You are a dwarf planet

I like this makemake

16 Ceres

Ceres is the smallest planet (actually dwarf planet) in the Solar System and the only one in the asteroid belt.

This rocky planet is epic its half asteroid I love it, ceres rocks totally

Ceres is cool it's the nearest dwarf planet, and it's also a big asteroid

Suffered worse than Pluto. Got no sympathy.

17 Kepler 12b

I herd of this dwarf planet

18 OGLE-2003-BLG-235b

Believe it or not because it is in the middle of our galaxy!


One of the most earthlike extrasolar planets we've ever discovered.

20 HD 80606 b

It has the most eccentric orbit of any known planet and when it gets extremely close to its star, a giant stowm races around the planet.

21 J1407B
22 GQ Lupi b

The largest exoplanet we've ever discovered, 3 to 6 times larger than the diameter of Jupiter.
It may be a brown dwarf as well, as the mass is anywhere from 1 to 36x the mass of Jupiter.

23 Kepler-22b

How the hell is it all the way down here?! The most likely source of extraterrestrial life gets 0.6% of the vote?! What the hell?!

Yeah, I would love to be on a planet named by smashing your head into a keyboard.

Guys who wants a dip in one of 22b mega ocean

This makes the sun look like a grain of rice on a moutain of rice!

24 TrES-4b

You're wrong this planet is considered a dwarf star ok so how is this planet first?

TReS-4 is the largest planet in the universe!
That's gotta be number 1

Largest know planet

25 CoRoT-7b

A planet so close to its Sun that its terrestrial surface is becoming its atmosphere! Wow!
Come on, that's obviously number one!

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