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1 Earth

I love the earth I love the nature the earth how the leaves turn into different color I have a thing for tree how they grow it's all about nature - SmoothCriminal

We take Earth for granted. It's the only place (that we currently know of) in the universe that can support us and we're on the road to ruining it. Before we think about colonizing other planets, we should focus on taking care of the one we already have. - ColdTurkey

It should go...

I love Earth but we’re killing it.

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2 Saturn

Most ellegant and eye catching of the planets. Earth and Mars have their own distinctive beauty but Saturn, Saturn looks as though an artist were tasked with it's creation. I suppose it's all comes down to those rings.

Beautiful Saturn But in the future of 2200 or 2100 You could see cool beautiful saturn near earth at blue sky night time the air is fresh - SpencerJC

In science, everyone had to do a project on a star or a planet and I chose Saturn. I like Saturn. - Catlover2004

Chicken cow moo planet

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3 Jupiter

Jupiter is awesome with its name and color! I love it also I love earth


it's my zodiac planet so its my favorite and so is earth

I saw it it was cool its stripes

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4 Mars

Saving Earth should be our top priority, but I completely support the idea of colonizing and terraforming Mars. We might even find life there. Two Earths are better than one, right? - ColdTurkey

Scientists found water on mars if you heard in the news there might have been life.

I heard that there will be life on Mars. Woo-hoo! - Jackthetoptenguy5


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5 Neptune

Neptune is the farthest planet from the Sun in our galaxy, and it has rings. It's also blue the bee dee the bee the. But still, It's an interesting planet. - CoolCat999

It's the most beautiful of Planets! It is a deep blue, and has a white spot similar to Jupiter's red spot.

Coolest color, fastest wings, its moon triton is coldest in the solar system, trition will get too close to Neptune and blow up and make rings bigger than Saturn's. if that isn't cool, I don't know what is! - cartjohn3

I don't know why, but I like Neptune best of all of the planets. - Gynidz

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6 Uranus

Now I'm voting for Uranus because it's the most underrated planet. Even scientists say that Uranus is the least interesting planet. I don't agree. I've seen many shows (scientific and just amateur) and saw that Uranus is very cool, green planet. By the way, it rings are as cool as Saturn's - Irina2932

I've always hated how people make dirty jokes about Uranus! I like the planet because it's kind of interesting. for instance, it's tipped on it's side. TIPPED ON IT'S SIDE! AMAZING!

In 1781 German-born British astronomer, William Herschel, discovered Uranus through a telescope. It was a huge discovery. However much he tried he could never get over it... - Britgirl

It's just that word that make me laugh. - Getovait

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7 Venus

Come on its amazing

Zodiac planet!

8 Pluto

Pluto will always be a planet to me

Poor Pluto, I hope you will get bigger and take revenge on the planets who kicked you out of the gang.

Planet or not, Pluto is super awesome. I'm sure that the planet is a planet because I'm the only one who likes it.

The only one named after a dog well it is still a planet now so your welcome

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9 Mercury

Believe it or not, Mercury has a realistic chance of being our solar system's largest dwarf planet because it's smaller than Saturn's moon Titan and wider than Pluto or Earth's moon.

Just like the name and because it was named after a my favorite god

10 Eris

It's so Cool it's a nice baby blue planet it's tropical too but it's Awesome - SmoothCriminal

I don't know what planet it is but it sounds cool.

Eris is the biggest dwarf planet in the solar system

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11 Planet X

Not sure if it really exists... if we can see planets thousands of light years away, why can't we see one that's supposedly right in our own solar system? - ColdTurkey

Huh who posted this

That planet will kill us all why would you

Awesome,this planet was named after pluto just so you no this means unknown

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12 Haumea

Beyond Neptune's orbit, this dwarf planet is shaped like an egg, and it's temperatures reach below 400 degrees Fahrenheit! - ethanmeinster

13 51 Pegasi

The first planet discovered outside our solar system, 51 Pegasi has it's place in our understanding of the universe and deserves to be thought of in the top ten - Abc123vote

14 Ceres

This rocky planet is epic its half asteroid I love it, ceres rocks totally

Ceres is cool it's the nearest dwarf planet, and it's also a big asteroid

15 Sedna
16 Kepler 22b

Guys who wants a dip in one of 22b mega ocean

Cause it's our Future-Home!

17 55 Cancri e

It's made out of diamonds wich is pretty cool

It's made of ' DIAMONDS!

18 Makemake

This is very cold and its color its very shiny

I like this makemake

So cool have moons

Its orbit it's moon S/2015(1364720)1

19 Kepler 12b

I herd of this dwarf planet

20 Proxima B

I have no clue what or where this planet is, but I'm still voting for it

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