Earth is best because it's the most beautiful ever, so many amazing things, Earth rocks!

You are pretty ignorent if you think we are the only planet out their with life and that we are all alone. Imagine the billions of galaxies out their and billions of planets in different solar systems. But we are the only ones in the solar system. Earth is only planet with life in the solar system and only planet not named after a god or godess.

Earth is the best! I mean come on that's where we live! Other planets that I love is Jupiter

Hah only because we live here. I bet if we all lived on Mars than Mars would be #1

The land is incomparable, the only thing wrong on earth are we human... - R3C

I love earth, it looks so pretty out of space

I love earth because it is the only planet have life

Best planet but humans try to destroy it.

I knew this was going to be number 1. - cosmo

Earth has the true beauty to the eye. Without it, we wouldn't exist.

I live in earth like always and travel around the 3rd planet it has clouds, plants, caves, homes and other earth stuff I kind of like earth that way

It's not only because we live on it -- But it's the only planet that we currently know to be suitable to host life. So much of Earth is exact and precise and in such a good condition to host and continue successfully hosting life. No other planet that we know of is as perfect as Earth is, and even if we do find one, it probably still won't top our origin planet.

Sure, the other planets are neat to look at from a distance, but you'll be crushed the second you step on Jupiter or Saturn, burned to a crisp if you try to hang around Venus for more than a millisecond, and frozen like an ice cube if you linger around Neptune just a moment too long. They're neat, but not perfect. Earth is the closest thing we've yet found to planetary perfection. - Hayes2232

We love you Earth! Your so pretty and nice and filled with so many wonders! Not only that, but you're the only planet that we know of that humans can accually LIVE on!
P.S. Keep the best planet ever clean!
P.P.S. I ❤ Earth!

Everybody know Earth is the best, you should no more without earth. T
In my opinion,
1) Earth
2) Pluto, looks good and it looks like magical planet on picture.
3) Mars, Maybe it was similar to our Earth before billion years ago.