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1 Calgary

Outlaws of the west. Year after year, the Stamps are a threat in the west, and always seem to be atop the league standings. They may not have had a whole lot of cup success, but Bo Levi Mitchell will surely change that.

I'm not a huge football fan but I have to say the stamps are the best GO STAMPS GO

I am also not huge on football but I've seen bits of stamp games and they whooped ass!

They are way better

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2 Saskatchewan

How can you vote for Toronto, they never fill their stadium and at least half the people that go to their games are from the opposing team, We sell out almost every game and the only two colors you notice in Mosaic are green and white, we sell 70% of the league's merchandise which says a lot.

The Riders are doing great. They have 5 decent quarterbacks, and even with Sheets in the NFL there still dominating the running game. The Riders have great fans and receivers. Overall, I think the Riders will win the grey cup just like last year.

Out of any Canadian sports team, in any sport the riders hav the 3rd biggest fan base. infront of them are the Toronto maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadians.

Best fan base and best team even when they are 0-9 they still sellout more money then every cfl team combined. the only reason why the stamps are 2nd is because they are good So suck it every other cfl team

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3 Toronto

I think toronto is the best beacuse they have the least loses in the cfl they have some great defense and runner back there quarter back I think is one of the best in cfl I think they will win the cup!

How could you not love this team, the CFL is the best league in the world, and lead by the oldest professional sports team in North America the Toronto Argonauts.

Toronto can't even fill there stadium


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4 British Columbia

British Columbia's team has potential and wants to win! I agree many teams do! but I just can only see the B.C Lions winning!

they have a great team strong defense I think BC can win one more or many more grey cups

Because is the best I know they don't win thoose many cups but in games that are won the win badly

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5 Hamilton

I voted because hamiltons offense is awesome and when they played the alouetts they won 40 to 5

In the 2014 science hamilton was 1-6 now we are in the Easter fiddlesticks

The only team to win a championship in every decade of the 1900s. With greats like Zambiasi, Henley, Mosca, and McManus, the Ticats always Eat 'em Raw!

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6 Winnipeg

Reid lights up the field running the ball. They have a top 5 quarterback to go with it too.

7 Edmonton

The Eskimos are the greatest team of the modern era as from 1952-2005 they went to the Grey Cup 24 times, winning in 1954, 1955, 1956, 1975, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981(where they were just seconds away from being defeated by a 5-11 Ottawa Roughriders team), 1982, 1987, 1993, 2003, 2005. They have had some very thin years statically speaking but I am die hard fan of the green and gold.

The best team in the cfl every other team really sucks

The Eskimos should clearly be number 1 we have got one of the top 3 fan bases in the leagues best stadium. We are only 2 cups away from having the most in the CFL, and currently we have got the best player in the league for QB the 2 best receivers in the league a good offensive line three other good receivers that can make clutch plays and a great running back.
We have also got a top 3 field goal kicker and a pretty good defense.
Also remember we don't sell out our games because our area has twice as many seat as the others

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8 Ottawa

Competing in the Grey Cup only in their second year, and also having the loudest fanbase in the league, a team full of culture, pride and a great family spirit. It doesn't get any better... I have high expectations for 2016. Are the Redblacks going to make the 104th Grey Cup?...

Hell yeah.

Also, plaid was a great idea.

Also also, who would go for Toronto?! They have without a doubt, the weakest fanbase. An NFL franchise would straight up kill the Argonauts franchise.

The capital I have a high expectation for them this year a lot of new guys from the states

Loudest fans, 2015 east champs, future 2016 grey cup champions, 2015 MOP, MOC, MOL, Coach of the year.

And... Plaid

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9 Montreal

LOL anyone not saying Montreal is just plain retarded. How can people say Toronto they're by far one of the worst of all time.

ummmmmmm there record speaks for itself... and for those who voted toronto... come on they suck

They've won the Grey Cup the last 2 years. How can anyone vote for Toronto?

Toronto is bad but Montreal is worse

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10 Birmingham

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11 Baltimore
12 Panthers V 1 Comment
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