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41 Alan Evans
42 Ronny Huybrechts

Great, steady thrower. He may well be the reason that younger brother Kim who may have looked up to him is an upcoming force and talent. Him along with his brother had a great run at the 2012 WC of darts with Belgium. Beaten the likes of Taylor, Whitlock and Lewis in majors.

Very patient, accurate thrower. Similar to Dennis Priestley.

43 Chris Mason
44 Dimitri van den Bergh
45 Brendan Dolan
46 Mensur Suljovic
47 Bob Anderson

the limestone cowboy. two time wold champ. only player to win the world masters three times in a row

I've met Bob and he is a class act! His credentials easily place him in the top 10 or 15 this list is a joke. Larry butler better than Bob Anderson? Not in this life time

How in the holy is he down at 53rd laugh out loud! Was world No1 for three years (1986-1989) I think. 1988 WC. Legend!

48 Martin Adams

Should be in top 20 this list is nonsense.

Can't believe he is ranked so low?

Way too low now. Should be in top 10

Should be way higher like Waynemardle

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49 Stephen Bunting

he really good the newcomer

I am sorry what?

Bester und sypatischster Newcomer 2015!

50 Steve West
51 Stuart Kellett
52 Wayne Jones

he doesn't look like a toy

53 Simon Whitlock

Got the most hair and the most intensity

Your the best beat white

Again anotherone that could be a lot higher

Simon Whitlock is a world championship runner up a European champion a premier league runner up a world matchplay semi finalist. What's this crap being below Kim heybrechts and Vincent van der vort!

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54 Justin Pipe
55 Rod Harrington

Great amount of legends or good players that really should be higher like roddy

Twice World Matchplay champion

Two time World Matchplay winner

1991 World Master and 1998 + 1999 World Matchplay champion, great player back in the day. Legend.

56 Shayne Burgess
57 Peter Evison

Great player I had some good battles with him in our youth

58 Ian White

I think he is the best in the world I don't care what anybody says but that's my opeineyen

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59 Jamie Harvey

Scotland's greatest player in the 1990s had a few good battles with Priestley, Deller and Lowe.

60 Dave Whitcombe

Lovely player to watch, he had a smooth throw and I read his book on how to play darts.

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