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1 The Anthem

Oh man I love this song.. Just so aggressive.. Really speaks my heart out!

Any person out there would be an immediate GC fan once they hear this

I promised to myself that I would hear this song every single day years ago, and so I'm doing, this is the greatest GC song and I think It's gonna be my favourite song till the day I die

It's how they say... This is THE ANTHEM of everybody that want to be just the way that they wanna do! It's Amazing. But I think that then should be Hold On, Predictable, and The Chronicles of Life and Death.

2 The River

When I first heard this song I automatically loved it. A few years later I found the best band ever Avenged Sevenfold. I heard this song again and realized who was in the song. I kept listening to it and started to relate to the lyrics. The next day I got it on my ipod and it has become one of my favorite songs ever. Long live THE RIVER!

very very very good song.
on my oown...

Amazing song. Both Synyster Gates and M Shadows were Awesome. This is a song you'll never get over.

At first, I was only listening to this song for M. Shadows and Synyster Gates' features. But now, this is my favorite Good Charlotte song and one of my favorite songs period. The lyrics are very catchy and well-written and it's just a remarkable piece, really!

3 Girls & Boys

This was the first song I ever heard from them - Car29

This song is SO catchy! The lyrics are fun and pretty true, and this is just a really awesome catchy song! I could just sing it all day

I love this song so much because its really awesome, a lot better than what they are doing these days - decorulez97

When I first heard this song, I was like 'Hey, this is so sexist, not all girls are after money' etc etc. But then, I kept listening to it over and over because it's just so catchy! Now it's at the top of my playlist! Great instrumentals and vocals.. Amazing job done :D

4 Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

The top 3 should include the anthem, this one and the story of my old man. All three of them have good lyrics and good music.

Best song, that beaat! : )
You really can't go past it! Plus it really says something with meaning, which is always a plus to awesome songs (;

This song gets annoying after a while

5 I Just Wanna Live

nice catchy guitar tunes.. - Shynash21

According to me the best song ever by them. Really a cool song with some great tunes and lyrics which makes this song really one to make into the top of the list.

This song is AWESOME its just so unusual according to their other songs. Its genius.
The lyrics are so fast sung that its sometimes even hard to understand them. But when you get the song piece by piece it's the best feeling in the world!

I love good charlotte and I find this song the best.

6 The Story of My Old Man

Best song Good Charlotte has ever written. An awesome beat, as well as great vocals! Excellent song ever! Exex ef

These guys rock and if you don't vote for this you people don't tock not one bit

7 The Motivation Proclamation

Best sing along chorus ever!

This was my alarm song in the morning lol

8 Little Things

I've been listening to this band before they became popular and the older songs are much better -

EVERY normal person can relate to at least ONE part of this song

This is one of my absolute favourite! It deserves to be number one... It's one of their better songs and is heaps better than The Anthem and The River... Little Things can never be overplayed :D

This song reminds me of my years in the school yard. I bought Good Charlotte's first album and instantly fell in love with this song! I love the intro at the start and I love Benji's back in vocals and the video clip is awesome... I don't think I'll ever stop being a GC fan and it's all because of this song.

9 I Don't Wanna Stop

A song that tells a lot about feelings, simply perfect

10 Wondering

Its just the complete song... Easily one of my favorites

Such a catchy tune

Such an incredible chorus

The Contenders

11 Like It's Her Birthday

My personal favourite! A Happy song! Feel like dancing to it! Love like whoa-The ready set is of the same type!

This is song makes me happy whenever I'm sad, I dance to it a lot, and I love the guitar solo, near the end of the song!

Very catchy I have to recommend it!

I think this is my second favorite after lifestyles of the rich and famous

This song can make us feel Happy! And you can dance a lot! And this song is the best song ever to me.. I like it so much

12 I Don't Wanna Be in Love

Very Good, this is definitely the best.
I'm not really a fan but its an awesome song This is my List:
1. Dance Floor Anthem (I Don't Wanna be in Love)
2. The Anthem
3. Keep Your Hands Off my Girl
4. Girls & Boys
5. I Just Wanna Live
6. Lifestyles of the Rich & the Famous
7. Predictable
8. Misery
9. My Bloody Valentine
10. The River

This song is so damned catchy, I love it so much, and I don't know how in the hell it's not number one. The majority of their can't measure up to this one. Broken hearts parade is pretty good as well. They really show their brilliance on this. His voice is amazing and the harmony is great too.

I love good charlotte and this song is so awesome! Its one of the absolute best. It should have been first though I like pretty much al good charlotte songs so darn much

this is such a good song, its so catchy and just makes you wanna dance in my opinion its the best well it's tie between this and hold on

13 Predictable

The guitar is amazing in this song. Everything about it is just incredible. The pauses, the tempo, everything is great sdfg

My personal favourite from The Chronicles Of Life And Death, very good song with good lyrics.

Just as The Chronicles of Life and Death sucks as an album, this song is the best thing they have ever done. - GreenDayFAN008

WHAT THE HECK!? This is how the top 5 should look like:

1. Girls And Boys
2. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous
3. The Anthem
4. Predictable
5. Like It's Her Birthday

This song deserves way more than 2 percent!

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14 Makeshift Love

Great song, GC is back! Some great pop punk rhythms that aren't just recycled from other songs, this one has been stuck in my head since the day it came out and it doesn't get old or stale.

15 Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

It is really such a great song which consists of great instrumentation, great use of guitar and really makes this song one of the best one

Its a great song because of the guitar, its amazing

I'm very love this song... and I love Joel Madden voice, so cool man!


16 Movin' On
17 Leech
18 Hold On

This is the best song and most Christian message ever.

This is the best gc song, lyrics great, can't stop listening to it...
Listen to it! You'll get lots from it.

Best one, still helping me through depression.

The words to this song helped me through very tough times. Love it

19 We Believe

I think this is their best

The best song of good charlotte. Listen to this song and then vote.. Don't vote unless.

Awesome song!
What is it doing here.. ( vote guys )

This song got me into them

20 Life Can't Get Much Better

Just love this song. It's so different to all their others songs

It should be number 1

Their best songs

21 Festival Song
22 The Chronicles of Life and Death

Why isn't it at least in the top 5!?


What the...? The best.

This is one of the best songs they ever made. <3
#32? You people do not have a great taste in music. - psycho-

23 The Click

Should definitely be in the top 3! Old school GC. Songs like Misery, I don't wanna be in love and other emo songs shouldn't be anywhere near this. VOTE! - 8gerrard8

24 The Young and the Hopeless

Amazing song. Any real GC fan would have voted for this. I think people forget what they are really about.

1 of the many songs which tells us what GC is all about. Their struggles and the way they overcome them... I've learned a lot from this particular song if theirs!

Oh men.. its should be number one
This song scream what teenage issue, lyric of entire pop punk songs

25 Last Night

Very good catchy lyrics. Unfortunately, I can't relate to it. This should at least be in the top five

Feel-good and catchy. It's a Good Charlotte song in and out, while still being new and fun.

Awesome song should be in top5

Very good... top 10!

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26 There She Goes

! This song is the best Good Charlotte song ever! It deserves number 1! Come on guys! Just listen to it and you'll understand!

27 Seasons
28 Life Changes
29 The Day that I Die

The chorus is just unbelieably catchy, and the lyrics are decently meaningful. Easily in my top 3, along with "The Chronicles of Life and Death" and "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. "

30 My Bloody Valentine

Great instrumentation, creepy sound, and gotta love those lyrics. Tearing his throat out, epic.

I absolutley love this song!

Stand out song. Shocked its no where near the top itsgone everything a genius rock song should have. If you haven't heard it play it please n get lost it ub

31 Misery

Easily one of their catchiest songs! What in heaven's name is it doing here in 30th? The chorus is probably their most memorable after I just wanna live. Please listen to this song before voting!

I'm sure everybody's had there quality time with misery. I'm also sure everybody's felt stalked by misery as well.

Why is this song not higher like it used to be?!
This is an amazing song with an awesome solo!
Come on Guys!
Good Charlotte's Fantastic though...

Not really a fan of this song, I think the top 3 should be the anthem then the river then keep your hands off my girl. Misery shouldn't even be in the top 10

32 Victims of Love

Come on people, this song definitely deserve a place higher than this. It's such an awesome songs with very nice beats. And the vocals is as amazing as The River. I really liked this song, and I personally think that it's even better than most of their songs in the top 10.

How come this song has no votes. Shame on good charlotte fans out there. If you don't like this song stop listening to his music. I thought this song would be in the top 5.

This is ' awesome song man I don't know how this came so down... I love this song

33 40 oz. Dream
34 Better Demons
35 Emotionless

Great great song - Car29

Come On... 25! You must be kidding me. This is perfect.. "The scars run deep inside my tattooed body there there are things I'd take to my grave" This is the best one... Should be number 1

Lyrics Are PuhhRfeCt!.. Love This Band..!.. Also Hold On Say Anything And World iS Black should Be further up..

Hits the feels every time

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36 Broken Hearts Parade

How is this not in the top three? I mean, come on! The tune, tone and lyrics just cry out! Definitely one of the best of GC.

GC's most under-rated song.

One of the best! THIS WAS MY FAVORITE SONG OFF THE ALBUM! IT SHOULD AT LEAST BE IN THE TOP TEN! LISTEN TO IT PEOPLE! ITS f****ng awesome! The brass band adds a nice touch to the song!

37 The World is Black

This song is really good. It's a lot better than most of their songs.

Best good Charlotte song ever.

The best after The river..

Give it a tryyy. Better than Girls & Boys - psycho-

38 1979

One of the best song ever, why is it all the way down here, it should be 2nd with Emotionless (which happens to be quite emotional) in first place!

Should be way Up there! ^
1979 is one of the greatest songs from GC. It's just a nice song with catchy lyrics and opens up on more of a back story for the Madden Brothers Parents who are occasionally mentioned in other Good Charlotte song

39 Counting the Days

A very good song by GC

40 Sex on the Radio

Why is this not in top 10 this song deserves way more than last night (my opinion)

41 All Black

This is one of charlotte's best songs... Really disappointed to see it sow low on ratings..

Captures the days when you feel like everythings against you perfectly

Really good song, easy top 10. Intense peice.

42 Harlow's Song (Can't Dream Without You)

This and emotionless are my two favorite songs by them - Car29

LOVE THIS SOng. Love how it also shows a mature side of them

43 Break Apart Her Heart

This is really cool, all Good Morning Revival is very personal from Joel from his breakup and this song is no exception, in all the album, he's sad, but they make it awesome, Why? BECAUSE IT IS GOOD CHARLOTTE!

44 Right Where I Belong


1. Right where I belong
2. Boys and girls
3. We believe
4. Elevator
5. I don't wanna be in love

45 S.O.S.

Should be in the top 5

One of their best songs ever

46 I Heard You
47 Ghost of You
48 Say Anything
49 The Truth

This is a really emotional and relatable song to anyone who's ever been hurt, and really does deserve to be higher on the list.

50 In This World (Murder)

I'm a big fan of Good Charlotte during Chronicles and before. And man, this certain song is deep and man is it beautiful. It's a perfect song to end a perfect album, the message saying that humans are born to be killers and will always be.

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