Hayao Miyazaki

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Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese film director, producer, screenwriter, animator, author, and manga artist.


Lets be honest here, Walt Disney's so called animes (in fact, is more of a cartoon than anything else so it should even be on this list in the first place -_-) are nothing but fun little story for kids to enjoy. But on the other hand, Hayao Miyazaki's anime is not only extremely interesting to watch, if you can actually FULLY understand the story, in every single one of he's anime there is an allegory buried deep inside the story to helps us to understand a set of principle or concept which actually helped me to build my own foundation of principles as a kid. So therefore, in my opinion Hayao Miyazaki is the best animator as he's anime is for EVERYONE and that it can also make a huge impact on your mind while Walt Disney's 'animes' are just a story with nothing deeper to it, that is, for kids who just want to burn their time.

Hayao Miyazaki's movie's are for all ages- you can't not enjoy them. They each have a story- most of them- and are all beautifully animated. Miyazaki puts a lot of time into his movies, drawing out each scene. Walt Disney's movies are aimed towards children. Miyazaki's movies can be enjoyed by all ages. Totoro was a story about two girls who lived in the 50s with their dad while their mother was away in the hospital, and meet the forest spirit Totoro. Princess Mononoke is a movie that takes place in medival times, with forest gods. Spirited Away is a movie about a girl who is moving, and her parents go into a cave, and on the other side is a theme park. She has to save her parents, and tries to get a job. She makes new friends on her journey. These are just three of his amazing masterpieces. The Wind Rises, he latest, yet last movie was beautifully animated, and the storyline was beautiful. I honestly though it would be about fairies, but It was about a boy with glasses who wanted to ...more

Walt Disney was a pioneer but Miyazaki has an awesome depth to his stories and flow to his animation that I haven't seen in many other films. I also know people who have studied animation and some of the study samples they have shown me are derived from Miyazaki's work (ie. How to draw facial expressions, etc). I have heard that when professional animators need inspiration, they watch a Miyazaki movie.

I'm not sure about all of his movies but I know that almost all of the big name one's were drawn and colored by hand. Yes, Miyazaki had a team help him, a team that he taught to draw exactly like he does. I'm not sure what is more impressive making two hour and forty minute flip books or teaching other people to draw like yourself so that when you make one; no one can tell it is a flip book, drawn by more than one person. What I do know is that anyone of Miyazaki's works is worlds more impressive than Steamboat Micky. If you ask why, my answer is the man made flip books that tell stories, stories filled with complex characters and plot with depth, both things Walt Disney lacked.

Hayao MIyazaki does wonderful meaningful pieces. He sometimes puts major amount of detail into his scenes but also understands the beauty of simplicity creating watercolor-like landscapes too. He also understands to use subtlety and to leave the viewer some interpretation of his movies. His movies also have much better messages and morals than Disney. I also intend to become an animator, but not to imitate people like Walt Disney. I want to make my own path, Miyazaki's works teach us that.

I think Walt Disney was more of a Producer/Director than an actual animator.
In the other hand we have Miyazaki who started out as an animator and made it up the ranks to become one of the greatest animation filmmaker. He does everything from Directing, Story-boarding, Animating when necessary... He basically oversees the whole project. He is worthy to be on the first place. To tell you the truth, this list should be called the Greatest Animation filmmakers of all time because there are way better ANIMATORS than Disney and the two that follow.

HAYAO MIYAZAKI IS NUMBER 1! His animations had an amazing impact on my life. I'm so happy that I could be alive to watch them. by far, his animations are as good as it can get in my opinion. his animations made me want to go to something good for the world and make myself a better person. I love his movies!

It disappoints me to see Seth MacFarlane listed as the best animator. It just shows that most people haven't watched enough animation. Seth is a poor animator, a poor storyteller, whereas Miyazaki has very detailed and beautiful animation. I urge those that ranked Seth as the best to watch a MacFarlane show side by side with a Miyazaki film. There is really no comparison.

Given the choices I am going to have to go with Miyazaki. Had some of Disney's 9 old men or Glen Keane been included I might have gone with a different choice. But since this list is mostly all people who direct animation and Miyazaki is in a league of his own when it comes to writing and directing an animated film I can't choose otherwise.

There is no way in hell Walt Disney compares to Hayao Miyazaki. Their levels of creativity are just worlds apart. Miyazaki creates unique masterpieces which draw the viewer in and bring them to a whole new world. Disney just makes the same rehashed princess bull over and over again. What a joke. Miyazaki will always be #1

Hayao Miyazaki is one of the animators who rely on the story of the animation than the real drawings used in the animation itself. The moving stories and pictures and the feelings that are put into it, I personally ENJOY Miyazaki-Sama's works. Thank you Miyazaki-Sama, for inspiring others with your brilliance

Are you serious! Miyazaki-san is number four, he's number one hands down. I really can't explain it in words (I'm bad when it comes to words), but just watch a movie and you'll understand. He has complexity, realism, and mysticism that can't be topped by anyone in the world and definitely in the states

Miyazaki is better because he wasn't an anti-semitic douchebag like Walt Disney. He also didn't put any racism into his work unlike Walt Disney whose dialogue in several films are highly controversial. For example, in his old animated film Peter Pan, he had several of the characters encounter Native Americans and one of the lost boys asked Peter Pan how the "Red man" became red, with Peter Pan exclaiming "He was left in the Sun too long" giving the impression that everyone WAS white and that whites or Caucasians are the superior race as they are the only ones to have retained their "whiteness"...

The first movie I saw of him was Spirited away and I felt something different from other movies then I watched all of his movies, I don't know why but I feel very good and sometimes I lost in myself watching his movies. In every movie he explains the basics of life.

Like someone here said, Walt Disney may have been a pioneer, but I think Miyazaki's the main reason behind every Studio Ghibli film to get the highest rankings/ratings.. I mean, man, their average are 8 point movies out of 10's..! Hardly, they've movies below 7.5's.. ;-p
I m just in awe of him.
Every single one of his movies touched my heart, the characters' seem so realistic at time their expressions are just remarkable and adorable (for instance, Mei in My Neighbor Totoro and Setsuki in The Grave of The Fireflies.. ) and I have to admit, my mood changes with their facial expresses, and at crying scenes, I feel like crying too!
You can see how much of an influence their and his movies have had on me!

There is simply no contest. What makes Miyazaki the best animator who ever lived is more than the craft of animation, it is a unique and insistent intelligence focused on the fragility and beauty of a life that is all too fleeting.

The stories that Miyazaki brings to life on screen are like dreams painted on a screen. His movies move me in a way that combine music, art, storytelling, screenplay, and animation in a fantastical way.

Just... amazing really, his works are so moving and visually appealing that I can't think of many better. Some strange but wonderful concepts are explored and it takes my imagination to a new level.

Imagination to the highest level. You can learn a lot from his stories. He is simply the best!

He is just awesome... His every characters are so full of life that no one can not imagine without watching them... He is just just incredible...

I think that Miyazaki surpasses Disney as an artist, but Disney was more a business man and hence, more popular

Each character is drawn beautifully with distinct personality. Each scene is drawn artistically to the last detail.

Story is the strongest thing in his animation. I love new worlds which he creates in every his movie. He is the best!

I'd add Don Bluth to this list, but whatever. I consider Miyazaki the best animator out there. His work is fantastic.

He should be number one. Who will draw such beauty when he's gone? So much more artful than Disney.