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61 Barry Purves
62 Michael Dante DiMartino Michael Dante DiMartino Michael Dante DiMartino is an American animation director best known as the co-creator, executive producer, and story editor of the animated TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, both on Nickelodeon.

He is the co-creator of Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra with Bryan Konietzko please vote him because that he does it's art not only animation and deserves to be first.

63 Bryan Konietzko Bryan Konietzko Bryan Konietzko is an American animation director, writer, producer and musician. He is best known, together with Michael Dante DiMartino, as the co-creator and executive producer of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

He is the co-creator of the best cartoon ever Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra with Michael Date DiMartino please vote for him because that he does it's art not only animation and deserves to be first.

He is the co-creator of Avatar The last Airbender and The Legend of Korra Michael Dante DiMartino please vote him because that's who he it's art not only animation and deserves to be first

64 Aaron Blaise
65 Dean DeBlois
66 Alan Becker

Hey Alan becker is it real? I love your video: the animator vs animation because its amazing please create another one because I love animations only the stickman

This guy is crazy. He created animation vs animator, and all kinds of stuff. His stories and his animations are very well done.

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67 Ray Harryhausen
68 Koji Morimoto
69 James Baxter

One of the top present Disney animators, he animated that scene of beauty and the beast not only dancing, but they are moving in 3D world perspective! And he was the supervisor & animator of the movie Spirit.

The adventure time horse that he came in for displays a perfect pendulum action. And the swooping on the camera in beauty and the beast, please, there's no competition.

That was why the horse was shown animating in the title card! - 445956

70 FrediSaalAnimations

His a really good youtube animator I love him I think he deserves this spot

71 Walter Lanz

Woody, Andy, and those lovable bears.

72 Paul Terry V 1 Comment
73 Bruce Timm

One of the best animators
Did a lot of great shows such as the justice league, batman and green lantern the animated series,

74 Pendleton Ward Pendleton Ward Pendleton "Pen" Ward is an American animator, screenwriter, producer, and voice actor who works for Cartoon Network Studios and Frederator Studios. He created the Emmy Award-winning series Adventure Time and the internet series Bravest Warriors.

Adventure time and Braves warriors

Why isn't this genius higher? - 445956

75 SuperMarioGlitchy4
76 Arin Hanson

My all time favorite! Amazing guy, hilarious voice actor, and most of all an outstanding animator.

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77 Dave Pressler
78 Marc Davis
79 Will Vinton

AniMat (referring to the animation of The Boxtrolls): It's hard to make stop-motion look this good.



I will admit, that because this is stop-motion and we nowadays have more than a truckload of skills in the universe and because LAIKA made this, The Boxtrolls actually does have animators that make The Boxtrolls a stronger film. But stop-motion commonly looks awesome. AniMat said that LAIKA mastered the art of stop-motion. WHAT?! LAIKA was always a master at stop-motion since it became the permanent successor of Will Vinton Studios.

80 Doug TenNapel

It's the creator of Earthworm Jim! - DA25

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