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41 Matt Bellamy Matt Bellamy Matthew James "Matt" Bellamy is an English musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and compose most famous for being the main vocalist in alternative rock band Muse.

What's not to love?! He was voted sexiest/hottest male like 7 times by the NME.

42 James Hetfield James Hetfield James Alan Hetfield was born on August 3, 1963. He is an American musician, singer and songwriter known for being the co-founder, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the American heavy metal band Metallica.

He looks hotter then ever and his energetic ^^ powerful voice gets us every time!

43 Robert Plant Robert Plant Robert Anthony Plant is an English musician, singer, and songwriter best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the rock band Led Zeppelin.

Are you all mad Robert Plant in no. 40. I mean come on he is the sex god of his time. Nothing more sexy than his sexy bell bottoms and bare chest on stage. And me either can't recognise the top ten holders. No one more sexy than thus sex god.

I don't even recognize the names of the top 10 so-called hottest rockers on this list. They must all be babies. Shows my age, I guess. HOWEVER, if you take a peek at Robert Plant way back in his Led Zep days and watch him move on stage... He was magnetic. He was graceful and gorgeous and so incredibly hot. Y'all today really missed out.

HOOOOOOTTTT!!! I LOVE HIM....!!!! and he is very smart...and sooooo funny!!! on stage he was just....*drools*

The temperature rises when he's on stage singing and moving his body.. OUCH!

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44 Miyavi Miyavi

Hot hot hot hot! and How amazing on scene, he is one with his guitar, one with the crowd, one with the world!

He's very very hot... I love miyavi!!!

45 Chester Bennington Chester Bennington Chester Charles Bennington (March 20th, 1976 - July 20th, 2017) was an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor, best known for being the lead singer of Linkin Park. He also has a few side projects like Julien K and Dead By Sunrise. He committed suicide in 2017 due to depression.

Chester and Amy rocks...

Chester should be #1

Chester really should be #1, he has an amazing voice and he's extremely sexy hehe... And he's an extreme sweetheart!

Chester is incredible vocalist... superb screams and sings.

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46 Izzy Stradlin Izzy Stradlin Jeffrey Dean Isbell, better known by his stage name Izzy Stradlin, is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Just look up a picture of this guy he his hot in a really adorable badass way!

Izzy has that quiet and dark but adorable kind of hotness...just look at this bad boy play guitar. he's an amazing songwriter as well. I can't get enough of 80's izzy stradlin

47 Vince Neil Vince Neil Vincent Neil Wharton is an American vocalist and musician, best known as the lead vocalist of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.
48 Amy Lee Amy Lee Amy Lynn Hartzler, known professionally as Amy Lee, is an American singer-songwriter, classically trained pianist and composer. She is also the lead singer to the Arkansas band Evanescence.

A bright star on Rock Sky... A sensible beauty, a goddess of love 's curse, of anger and melancholy. Everything is hidden under a sweet face with beautiful eyes. Ladies and gentlemans, AMY LEE! Jon Bon Jovi

Idiots! She is number 1. She is the hottest thing ever I've ever seen.

Sorry other rockers, she is the best.

Amy is the best.
She is so beautiful and cute.
Best female singer.

49 Adam Grotier

Lead Singer of Three Days Grace.

Black hair, grey eyes, cute smile and body... MHM! YUMMY! Sexy with big, S"! Let s say he'could be the dream of every emo girl! Whatever you do, DON'T STOP, Adam!

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50 Brian Molko

Brian is simply very, very, very gorgeous, amazing, sweet, hot, sexy, handsome, lovely, beautiful, wonderful! And even this isn't enough to describe how good looking he really is! Brian I LOVE you and your voice, please vote 4 him and if you don't want to, than vote 4 ville, cause he is deserves it, too. Thank you sweethearts...

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51 Mike Shinoda Mike Shinoda Michael Kenji "Mike" Shinoda is an American musician, rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, graphic designer, manager and film composer.

Mike Shinoda is hot, case closed.

52 Jacoby Shaddix

Lead Singer of Papa Roach!

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53 Zacky Vengeance Zacky Vengeance Zachary James Baker, better known by his stage name Zacky Vengeance, is an American musician, best known as the rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist, and founding member for the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold. Zacky V. also owns a small clothing company, Vengeance University.

Why do I have to say ZV's hot? Just look at him and you'll know the definition of hot just in one photo!

He's chubby in a hot way. I love the squish

54 Isono Hiroshi

his japanese fangirls call him kyo-chan - ronluna

55 Julian Casablancas

I don't know why he isn't higher. He brought his kind of music to a whole new level. Him and The Strokes are amazing. He is gorgeous and I love him. His voice... Just wow. And he is the epitome of coolness.

56 Andy Biersack Andy Biersack

Andy has GOT to be at least number two! From his hair down past the arrow on his thigh he is 6 feet of pure gorgeous-ness. Happy almost birthday!

Andy is definitely in the top 5. He is gorgeous and he plays in an amazing band, can't get better than him.

Andy is very very very hot. blue eyes, cheekbones, his height, and that eyebrow thing he does... ugh. looks good in any hairstyle. he's gorgeous.

57 Brandon Boyd
58 Tetsuya Ogawa Tetsuya Ogawa

prettier than most japanese women in japan and more handsome than most japanese men in japan - ronluna

59 Jerry Cantrell Jerry Cantrell Jerry Fulton Cantrell Jr. is an American musician who is best known as the lead guitarist, co-lead vocalist and main songwriter for the rock band Alice in Chains.


60 Nick Hexum

He's just awesome. 311 is the greatest band ever, and he pretty much makes them what they are today. An amazing singer and guitarist, and even a good rapper. He also delivered his own baby from his wife's vagina

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