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101 Physical Attraction Physical Attraction
102 Wash All Over Me Wash All Over Me

This song is so inspirational. It literally gives me chills every time. It's one of the deepest Madonna songs!

103 Veni Vidi Vici Veni Vidi Vici

This shows her life

104 I Want You I Want You
105 Why's It So Hard? Why's It So Hard?
106 Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye Baby
107 Pretender Pretender V 1 Comment
108 I Deserve It I Deserve It
109 Celebration Celebration

Should be number one in my opinion, I can listen to this nonstop and never get bored. Excellent song!

No one can ever get bored of listening to this song I bet people will listen to even in 2050

Its simply her best song.
Don't understand why its down here.
It simply shows voters have no idea what is music!

V 1 Comment
110 Sooner or Later Sooner or Later
111 Promise to Try Promise to Try

No way is this so low. Has anyone else lost their mother as such a young age. And felt the emptiness for years. Madonna let us feel her pain in the vocals she delivered. Loved her for letting us know we were not alone

112 Thief of Hearts Thief of Hearts

The best song on the erotica album I love this song still want to hear the beat and vocals on the radio or at a party

My favorite non single song by Madonna love its fun lyrics plus best beat ever the Jewel of the erotica album

Thief of hearts some one please arrest her she's a theif of hearts no ever takes what's mine favorite unrealesed Madonna song

113 How High How High
114 Me Against the Music Me Against the Music

I like this cause Britney's in it

115 Something to Remember Something to Remember

One of my favorite ballads. A slow and haunting melody with beautiful orchestration.

116 Where's the Party Where's the Party
117 Everybody Everybody
118 Falling Free Falling Free
119 Keep It Together Keep It Together
120 I Know It I Know It
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