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121 How High
122 Me Against the Music

I like this cause Britney's in it

123 Something to Remember

One of my favorite ballads. A slow and haunting melody with beautiful orchestration.

124 Secret Garden
125 True Blue
126 Where's the Party
127 Everybody
128 Falling Free

Come on this song is awesome. - Brxtney

129 Keep It Together
130 I Know It
131 Ghosttown

One of best Madonna's song's.

This song is powerful

Best song in the album!

What! It should be #1

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132 Living for Love

Who doesn't get obsessed with this song! It should definitely be in top 3. Let's vote everyone, she deserves it. "Not gonna stop, because love's gonna lift me up" It's strong & uplifting lyrics make you feel like you can be strong enough & carry on from anything you face.

Her best from rebel heart! It's definitely a legendary song, but so underrated. Its strong lyrics & the catchy beat makes this song stand out

Oh gosh this song is breathtaking! Best to move on from a break up & the best to dance on. Let's get it to top ten, this is so underrated!

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133 Bitch I'm Madonna V 3 Comments
134 In This Life
135 Love Don't Live Here Anymore
136 Joan of Arc
137 Broken
138 Survival
139 Has to Be
140 Messiah
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