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321 Biff Yeager

He did Black Samurai with Jim Kelly

322 Ammara Siripong

She did two martial arts films.

323 Joe Lewis

He did martial arts films.

324 Rashid Phoenix

Rashid Phoenix began his martial arts training at the age of 15, an avid fan of martial arts cinema, he aspired to one day become as good as the characters in the kung Fu movies he grew up watching.

325 Erik Markus Schuetz V 1 Comment
326 Eoin O'Brien

Actor and martial artist

327 Roongtawan Jindasing

Also known as Proongtawan Jindasing.

She is a martial artist, actor, Has served on the Royal Thai Police Force and is still an active member teaching judo.

328 Ice Chongko

He does martial arts movies.

329 Graciela Casillas
330 Fran├žoise Yip V 1 Comment
331 Kristanna Loken Kristanna Loken

Actress, known in the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Krav Maga

332 Aaron Norris
333 Ernie Reyes Sr.

Has a son named Ernie Reyes Jr.

Actor and martial artist

Tae Kwon Do (7th Dan; Black Belt & Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame entry)

334 Ernie Reyes Jr.

Father is Ernie Reyes Sr.

Actor and martial artist

Tae Kwon Do (4th Dan), Muay Thai

335 Richard Dorton

He did mortal kombat

336 Christian Slater Christian Slater

He did action movies

He's a green belt in karate.

337 Donny Alamsyah

Indonesian martial artists and Indonesian actor

The movie the Raid: Redemption

338 Mads Koudal

He did Muay Thai training to do some martial arts films.

339 Lynn "Red" Williams

He did mortal kombat

340 Deron McBee

American actor, McBee has trained in karate at the Billy Blanks World Karate Studio, and hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship with Anthony De Longis.

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