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361 Chuck Jeffreys
362 Tim Man

Actor and martial art expert, with a background as a stunt performer. Origin Chinese/Swedish.

November 22, 1979 in Sweden

363 Casanova Wong

A Korean martial arts actor born in 1945 as Yong-ho Kim in Gimje, South Korea.

He made many appearances in martial arts movies.

364 Dean Shek

A veteran Hong Kong feature film actor, martial artists, and film producer with over 92 films.

365 Lau Kar Wing

He is a Hong Kong martial arts film director, action choreographer and actor.

366 Lam Ching Ying

He was a Hong Kong stuntman, actor, film producer, action director and director. A physically talented and graceful martial artist.

367 Eric Tsang

Hong Kong actor, film director, producer, and television host

368 Mars (Actor)

He is also known as Cheung Wing Fat. He is a Hong Kong actor, action director, stuntman, producer and martial artist. He is one of Jackie Chan's best friends.

369 Jeri Ryan

American actress and she did Mortal Kombat.

370 Matt Mullins

He is a five-time martial arts world champion and actor.

371 Reuben Langdon

Actor, motion caption artist and martial artist

372 Troy Baker

American actor, martial artist, and voice actor

373 Michelle Lee
374 Katherine Randolph
375 Sara Fletcher V 1 Comment
376 Brandon Rhea
377 Paulo Tocha
378 Mark Russo
379 Nicholas Tse
380 Chris Yen


Wushu (Chinese International Bronze Medalist), Tai Chi

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