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41 Thomas Ian Griffith
42 Chen Kuan-Tai

he was an asian martial arts tournament champion

43 Sonny Chiba

Is everybody a moron or am I a genius? Sonny chiba is a martial arts god! He he has more black belts than possible

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44 Ray Park

He can beat up the Time Force Power Rangers and the SPD Power Rangers

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45 Mark Dacascos
46 Johnny Yong Bosch

He did power rangers

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47 Richard Norton

Australian martial artist, action film star, and stuntman. Norton worked as a bodyguard in the entertainment business before pursuing an acting career. He has attained an eighth-dan in Zen Do Kai, Australia.

48 Yuen Biao

Part of the Seven Little Fortunes

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49 Lorenzo Lamas
50 Stephen Chow
51 Oleg Taktarov
52 Ron Van Clief V 1 Comment
53 Gene LeBell
54 Amy Jo Johnson

Gymnast, first starring as the Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Aside from Power Rangers

American/Canadian Actress
Song Writer
Script Writer

55 Michael Calvin Bacon
56 Brandon Jay McLaren
57 Firass Dirani
58 Rhoda Montemayor
59 Adelaide Kane
60 Johnny Messner
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