Top 10 Most Psychotic Songs

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1 Freak on a Leash - Korn

Falling Away From Me is a lil crazier I would say. Idk, maybe not 'crazier' but deff. angrier.

If You Have Heard This Song You can Probobly See That Jonothan Has Some Emotional Issues

2 The Bird and the Worm - The Used

Crawling from death like a worm trying to run from a bird. But the bird is gonna catch de worm. It's fate. So, why should I crawl? Can't I go to meet death now if I'm gonna do it some day, no matter what?

The healing cut... The dripping mirror... The double-sided jacket... The man eating couch... The anti-gravity... That one creepy hooded breakdancer... The MAN EATING COUCH... Bert's face... The lamb head... THE MAN EATING COUCH... BERT SURFING ON THE COUCH!

Just watch the video. No explaining needed.

I'm scared of sofas the disturbing...I love it - MyChemicalKilljoys

3 Waking the Demon - Bullet for My Valentine

Craziest Heavy Metal Song Ever

its a demons ride down hell... - metaniac

4 Bodies - Drowning Pool

Luckly They Were not Taken Seriously

"let the bodies hit the floor let the bodys hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor let the bodys hit the... FFFLORRR - JonasStartsARiot

5 Voices - Disturbed

That Was One Crazy Song Truly Some Of disturbeds Greatest work

6 Hollywood Whore - Papa Roach
7 Kim - Eminem

Sit down b*t ch, you move again I'll beat you.

8 Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict - Pink Floyd
9 Sugar - System of a Down

His voice just sounds so crazy!

10 Getting Away with Murder - Papa Roach

He's getting away with murder... Really need an explanation?

Come on it's about murder

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11 Liar Liar (Burn in Hell) - The Used
12 Ride the Wings of Pestilence - From First to Last

"I'll hide you in my walls
Your body will never be found
I'll wear your skin as a suit"

"I've been dreaming about you
In a pool of your own blood.
With your eyes gouged out
By the work of my thumbs
The scent of your insides
From under the floorboards
The perfect perfume for settling a score"

how this is not number one.. I just don't know.

"Dear Diary, my teenage angst bulls*** has a body count. " How on Earth could it get more psychotic than? Oh I know: "I'll wear your skin as a suit", that's a direct reference to the serial killer Ed Gein. This should definitely be number 1.

13 Take It Away - The Used

"take My Life" Guess Bert's Suicidal Too

14 A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold

It's about killing your girlfriend, fornicating with her dead body, burying her, she comes back a zombie and kills him, and they get married and go on a gigantic killing rampage. Pretty psychotic

Couldn't put any other song first. It sounds like having sex with Marilyn Manson. Scary thought!

This song is sick! It's a story actually. The man proposes, she says no, he gets mad, grabs a knife, stabs her FIFTY F*CKING TIMES, rips her heart out and eats it, then has sex with her dead body for hours. But then she comes back to life and kills him the same way he killed her and he goes to hell and meets her there and asks for forgiveness ans she agrees to give him one last chance. So they basically kill everyone and get married and live happily ever after in hell.
Now that's a psychotic story.

15 Eyeless - Slipknot

"You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes" is a quote lead singer Corey Taylor took from a homeless guy on the street while he was in California. The guy was just saying it over and over again.

"It's all in your head! "


16 Sweating Bullets - Megadeth

REALLY?! How was this NOT already on here? As far as Most Psychotic Songs goes, this one is up there. It is all about being psychotic and dealing with multiple personalities...

17 Wrong - Depeche Mode
18 1970 - The Stooges
19 Drag You Down - Finger Eleven

I'd say Insane For this song I think It's about Addiction

20 Spokes For the Wheel of Torment - Buckethead

Oh, my! Seriously mad, it was almost like Buckethead was on something. - imnotdead

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