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21 Seattle Supersonics Seattle Supersonics

Idiot, westbrook was drafted when they were the thunder. Idiot.

Okc and Seattle are the same team, they just moved to okay and changed their name

Seattle supersonics and lucia frani!

The Supersonics were the ORIGNAL okc
Durant, Westbrook, PIppen and a lot of other legends were orignally drafted for the Supersonics,Now they'll just fade into history

22 Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets

I love the Nuggets so much!


23 Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn Nets

In my description earlier, I made fun of Boston cause KG, Terry, and Pierce were gone. They were going to Brooklyn. With already Deron, Joe, Brook, a new coach in Kidd but Billy King is that man who can make a move at any time. He could even waive Deron if he wants to which he won't. They have KG, Pierce, and veterans that can help in Jason's up and downs.

One of the best all time starting lineup in the nba PG Jason Kidd SG Richard Jefferson SF Julius 'Dr.J' Erving PF Kenyon Martin C Brook Lopez a very underrated team!

Very underestimated. Even though they aren't very good, they somehow destroy very strong teams, such as the Warriors.

Mine would be Jason Kidd PG Vince Carter SG Julius Erving SF Derrick Coleman PF Brook Lopez C

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24 Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies

Just having Conley, Z-Bo, Marc, Bayless, Quincy and all the others have a great future, the sweep last year was only Spurs luck and Grizzlies frustration.

Gasol and Conley are a great team

Zach plays the best having good players are perfect

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25 Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks The Milwaukee Bucks are an American professional basketball franchise based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Bucks compete in the National Basketball Association as a member team of the Eastern Conference Central Division.

They beat 2 undefeated teams and Oscar Robertson is a great nba player!

They gave the 24-0 Warriors there first loss of 2015

Should be first doing really well now

Have had very good players over the years like Oscar Robertson karrem Abdul jubbar and giannis Antetokounmpo

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26 Portland Trailblazers Portland Trailblazers

We get forgotten about we have the best rookies this year

One of my favorite teams

Damian Lillard baby!

Looks like people forgot about Cylde Drexler, Bill Walton, Terry Porter, and now Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum. come on, they should be top 10. - Zakattack2

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27 Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves The Minnesota Timberwolves are an American professional basketball team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

They don't do horrible, but they shouldn't be in the top 10. I think they deserve current spot.

At least they're ahead of the New Jersey Nets!

There logo is awesome

The Timberwolves struggle sometimes but they have Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins and both of them are really good

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28 Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks

As a Knicks fan I see them winning it all with Dwight Howard

There getting better

They go in space - ifgy

WHAT! Atl made to the playoffs other than all these sucky teams! How are the CAVs and the Hornets better than Atl! They didn't even make the playoffs

29 Sacramento Kings

This team has Seth Curry! (Stephen's brother) Who has taken his skill close to Stephen Curry. I think the Kings need to be in the top 10, lol.

THey will break the Warriors record

They have Rajon Rondo in his prime!

30 New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans

Anthony Davis is there only sign of hope

Demarcus cousins and ragion rondo remember

31 Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets

An amazing team that should be way higher

Great team no matter what

They will go 76-6 in 2024

Great team

32 New Jersey Nets V 2 Comments
33 Charlotte Bobcats

Lol they don't exist anymore because of a 7-59 record

The bobcats don't exist anymore lol

This team don't exist anymore lol

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34 Vancouver Grizzlies
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