Top 10 NCAA Rivalries

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1 Ohio State vs. Michigan

I don't understand how people think that this isn't a big rivalry. You all have clearly never been to either state. The week of The Big Game, OSU crosses out every single M on campus, and Michigan never refers to them as "Ohio State". It's either Ohio or those clowns from Columbus. There's tons of bad blood, and it's seriously heated. Seriously. That being said. OH HOW I HATE OHIO STATE! HAIL! And GO BLUE!

Michigan leads the series, but fortunately, Ohio State beat Michigan seven time in a row.

It is true football!

2 UNC vs. Duke

Not so much in football, but if you've ever been to a UNC - Duke game at either the Smith Center or Cameron Stadium, the chaos and passion in the air is crazy. People will literally kill for their team.


Go heels! I am a unc fan and I hate duke so much. You do not have 2 teams in the world who hate each other so much. And unc is the better of the teams. And duke is bad. Go heels!

This rivalry makes OH St. Mich. look like child's play. Are OH St. or Michigan ALWAYS at the top of the polls, no, are Duke and UNC, yes, at least the last 5 years.

Go duke! How is Ohio state vs Michigan a bigger rivalry. Tar heels and duke is amazing. Go blue devils

3 Alabama vs. Auburn
4 Army vs. Navy
5 Flordia vs. Georgia
6 South Carolina vs. Clemson

Garnet v. Orange. Spurrier v the other Bowden. City v. Country. SEC v. ACC. Both teams are always in contention for conference titles, but really only care about beating one another. The game is far more intriguing now that Spurrier is at USC and has a legitimate shot.

7 Oklahoma vs. Texas
8 Alabama vs. Tennessee
9 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska

Take a Look at these 5 games played by these teams..

-No. 1 Nebraska @ No. 2 Oklahoma
a. k. a The Game of the Century Nov. 25, 1971

-No. 1 Oklahoma @ No. 4 Nebraska
November 11, 1978

-No. 4 Oklahoma vs. No. 6 Nebraska
1979 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1979

-No. 9 Oklahoma @ No. 4 Nebraska
November 22, 1980

-No. 2 Oklahoma @ No. 1 Nebraska
a. k. a Game of the Century II
November 21, 1987

There are a lot more but these are the top 5...
Just Food For your thought..

10 Flordia vs. Flordia State
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11 Harvard vs. Yale
12 Georgia Tech vs. Georgia

Biggest all-sports rivalry for both schools. Country vs city, state bragging rights on the line.

Bulldogs ALL THE WAY Atlanta: Whose house? The BULLDOG's HOUSE!

13 Kentucky vs. Louisville

There are no better fans than Kentucky fans!

14 Penn State vs. Ohio State
15 Indiana vs. Purdue
16 Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma
17 Kansas vs. Missouri
18 Oregon vs. Oregon State
19 Michigan vs. Michigan State

Even know I hate both of them its is a good rival

20 Kansas vs. Kansas State
21 BYU vs. Utah


22 North Carolina vs. Duke

North Carolina VS DUKE HAS been the best ever GO DUKE

23 Oregon vs. Washington
24 Syracuse vs. Boston College
25 Utah State vs. Boise State
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