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Yeah it's been a quarter century since our last cup but who the heck cares, we have the best fanbase in the league (sorry Hawks fans), and if we're referring to the past, hey 24 cups. And if the future comes up, yah no cups but 3 division titles in 5 years. And finally we've got Carey Price. People always talk about the Pens winning two straight cups twice, and the Hawks winning 3 in 5 years, we won 5 in a row, the all time record of consecutive Stanley cups won, and don't forget the much harder to pull off 70's dynasty. Montreal is the best team, no doubt. The Hawks fans will decrease after a few bad seasons, Habs fans will stay however long it takes to see lord Stanley return to Montreal. Go Habs Go!

How are the Canadiens not number 1? All these stupid bandwagon Blackhawks and Penguins fans take over. But the Montréal Canadiens are easily the best team in NHL history. 24 Stanley Cups doesn't lie people. Blackhawks are an Original Six team amd only have 6 Stanley Cups and only 3 in the Original Six era. What a joke the Hawks are. Then again you can make the same case with the Bruins and the Rangers. But Toronto and Detroit are also much more successful franchises than the Hawks and Pens. But come on people. How can you think the team with 11 more stanley cups than the 2nd place team is not the best team in the NHL. I can see if you think Detroit or Toronto. But if you think it's any other team besides Montréal, Detroit, or Toronto you are lying to yourself and you are a joke. And you don't know hockey.

Montreal Canadiens deserve first... They've made hundreds of NHL records! Lots of retired numbers! Lots of hall of famers! And they are the only team that was there from the beginning! They were also founded before the NHL! They pretty much invented The NHL! Canadiens are original classic and absolutely incredible... Let's get them to #1. GO HABS GO!

The Canadiens should be number one cause they've been here since 1909. And they've pretty much kept the NHL Going. If the Montreal Canadiens never were founded the NHL probably wouldn't have been founded. So be happy the Canadiens were founded.


Agreed! And far as the penguins being the best modern era... that’s debatable... both teams have 3 cups over the last 10 years. It should come down to average of teams points over that course of time... and I believe the Hawks have them beat.

Looks like this article is old- but nothing between then and now has changed- Canadiens played in a different era where luck of landing great players lead to their dominance- kudos to them- but when all is said and done- if they manage 2 or 3 more cups- may be hard to argue as greatest NHL franchise ever... But despite my bias... Not yet

Kane, Toews, Keith Forget It! Their list of Hall of Fame players will stretch the length of the Bible! They are without a doubt the best NHL team. Winning 3 cups in 6 years is Literally unthinkable. And who did It? HAWKS.

I think the Blackhawks are one of the best nhl teams out there. In fact maybe even the best. 3 cups in 6 years that's pretty damn good if you ask me Kaner is one of the best players on the team, an Toews one of the best/youngest captains out there. Let's hope he stays in the Blackhawks for his whole career.GO BLACKHAKWS

Red Wings

Excuse me, but do the eleven cups mean anything to you? Or how about the 6 presidents trophies, or the winningest season ever, or the four cups in 13 years, or the fourth greatest player of all time, or the second greatest defenseman of all time, or the only coach in the triple gold club, not to mention more players in the triple gold club than anybody, and the greatest captain of all time. At the very LEAST they should be ranked number three behind the Canadiens and the Leafs, and not behind a team that hasn't even won a CUP!

Redwings are the best.11 stanley cups. Pavel Datsyuk best player also zetterberg and the wings even hat the best goalie of all time hasek and there are even more great things about then including them never missing the playoffs

How in the world are the blackhawks in the top list? How are the penguins? I understand the Canadians but when you have nearly double and triple these other teams and make record playoffs you're the best. Period.

Everyone said they couldn't beat the Blackhawks but they did. 3 times. And who knows about tonight! They have sold out their stadium over 94 times in a row! 11 Stanley cups! In my opinion the best team ever.


Not just the premier NHL team of today, but one of the best franchises in hockey. Although, the number of championships are fewer than others, no other franchise can boast the number of all-world stars Pittsburgh deployed. The most popular team in hockey, is certainly deserving to be recognized as one of the best. And probably could be better without all of the injuries they sustained. Lemeiux, Jagr, Francis, Barrasso, Pronovost, Crosby, Malkin, and now Fleury, and the list goes on... What a franchise. Hard to root against the Pens, unless you're from Washington or Philadelphia

How are Pens second to Blackhawks? The Pittsburgh Penguins are THE dominant and most successful franchise of the modern era. Counting back from today, for another team to beat them with number of cups won, you have to go back before I was even born! Look at their playoff streak, it's twice the size of everyone else's. A bad season for the Pens is a good season for any other side.

There is no debate right now, Pens are the indisputable leading light of the NHL and will be for a few more years yet.

They definitely are on of the top 3 the most dominant teams of the modern-era, but this list isn't The Top Ten NHL Teams of the Modern Era. So what your saying is kind of irrelevant.

Crosby is actually really though. He is not as weak as you think he is. Crosby is misunderstood but man I still really dislike the guy. He once started a fight for litreally no reason at all. He kicked his ass. He attacked the dude before he was ready started dragging him like a rag doll and it was just way to intense.

The Penguins are the best they have the best players Malkin, Crosby, Fluery, Kunitz, Letang, you name it. Once I went to a Penguins vs Jets game for my 10th birthday and they creamed the Jets 8-5. The Penguins also won 3 stanely cups, when I was 7 I remember watching the Penguins vs Redwings Championship on my coach and that's the year they won the cup.

Maple Leafs

The leafs are my favourite team and they have been since I was small. Last year they had a playoff spot for the first time since what, 2004. And I feel that they're getting better as being one of the top teams in the east. My most disliked team is the bruins, and I think that a lot of leafs fans are the same way.

People the leafs should not be in first, well they are wrong. they have not won in a long time but at least they won 13 times not like most of the teams that have won once or twice and 13 cups and that is the second most. habs have first but even the best teams in the league are not guarantee to win the cup and they do nothave the best players but sure they got price but that isthe only good player in my opinion so ya. LEAFS ROCK!

I say only pay attention to canadian teams. And no I am not talking about how every hockey fan in the world should only pay attention to canadian teams but every canadian hockey fan in the world should only pay attention to the canadian franchises.

Even though the leafs haven't won a cup for 47 years there the second best team of all time they should be second! The leafs won 14 cups a lot more than the Blackhawks by FAR go leafs go


Why at 6 closest Canadian team to end the drought made it to the finals twice since 93 and still in 94 bure krik linden all those other amazing player made an amazing comeback to beat calagary in game 7 2011 sedins burrows kevin kesler horrible 1st round but still made it to the finals and why in the world was that guy suspended for the rest of playoffs (may have injured player) but most important part of the season totally deserves to be #1 LETS GO CANUCKS 2017!

Everyone says that this team has always done the worst, yet the Canucks they made it to the playoffs 4 times and nearly won! And its VERY HARD to make it to the playoffs in NHL. I am an Ontarian, but I like the Canucks for a long time now, and if you compare them to the Coyotes right now, their actually kicking ass

First of all, the Leafs need to be moved out of first (and this is a Leafs fan talking! ). However, they are still the best. They dominated the regular season and playoffs and, despite losing the final, were still the best overall.

The canucks had 117 points this season how could the pathetic maple leaves be ahead. Canucks rock leaves are horrible


Canadiens #1? The bruins are putting up historical numbers as a team this year. Whoever made this list is obviously a Canadiens fan. I'm a Canadiens fan. I hate the Bruins but there is no denying that they are the best team in the NHL. Canadiens are having a terrible year this year, almost worst in the NHL. Bruins are coming off of a Stanley Cup victory (they beat the Canadiens on the way there) and they look as strong as ever. Don't relly understand why people just can't be honest when they vote.

The bruins are the best team ever! They have had Bobby Orr, they were one of the original six, and who doesn't love them? Don't forget about their comeback it the first round of the 2011 playoffs against the Toronto Maple Leaves? They are a great team, and they will stay the best forever.

You have got to be kidding me?! The bruins should be right at the top at #1! Bruins are the best. Period. You know why everybody hates new england sports, because new england sports are way better than anything else! Don't try to deny it! PATRIOTS, RED SOX, AND BRUINS ALL THE WAY!

One of the original teams. Also the team of Bobby Orr. Also the team with super strong mascot a bruin (black bear). Also the team of the tallest hockey player (Chara). Also the team that has much more legendary stats and a team that is just plain legendary. #4? Hell no. #1? HELL YES!


How are the leafs and bruins ahead of the rangers? The rangers have been to the conference final three times in the past 4 years. Love them, hate them, they're an awesome team. A rangers cup is bound to happen in the next 5 years. I'm willing to bet on it.

The New York Rangers is one of the best hockey teams. Throughout the 90 years in the league, they have become the best and have got in the playoffs almost every time.

The Rangers are a classic team and were the first American team to win the cup. We also have the coolest logo because it is very simple which is good.

The rangers have one of the most sick goal songs they were one of the original 6 and plus the rangers almost ever time make it to the playoffs!


They were voted #1 team in the league and were awarded with this honour, so they should be higher. The Oilers have also has some great players, from Gretzky to Anderson, From Messier to Kurri, from Mcdavid to Nuge, they shouldn't be this low

The Oilers should always be remembered for the amazing decade they had in the '80's. An expansion team that were able to put a stop to the Islanders dynasty and build one of their own. Never again will a team be put together like that.

Oilers shall win against all the teams in the NHL and bring their sixth Stanley Cup to Edmonton, they had the best players- Gretski, Kurri, Mesier and now Connor Mc David joined too. Just wait Flames. We are going to oil your face!

This my top favorite nhl team now matter how good or bad they do their always my favorite, my favorite memory is 2006 playoffs and 2017 playoffs I became an oilers fan during the 2006 playoffs


Love seeing the Kings up this high-Number 8 and moving! It's about time- 226 straight sellouts-that's 5 straight years of sellouts-in a highly competitive market. The reason is clear-this team outworks whomever they play, and their hard work is appreciated by Kings fans throughout southern California and around the country. Closest thing to the Bruins 1970's teams that I can remember.

This is the only OLD SCHOOL NHL team. Easily the hardest hitting, hardest working and most defensive minded. The fact they have sold out every game-225 in a row -since 2012-shows that LA hockey fans, and unlike Laker fans, they're the blue collar variety, love the fact this team gives 100pct night in and night out. I would rather watch a Kings game that is 1-0 then some Penguins or Blackhawks no defense 6-5 game any day.

I think they do good job 2 Stanley cups in a row that is a great for the team. so what if we don't make the play offs for this season we still have a good team with a good coach, Goalie, Captin, and players. They have great team plays this is my opinion and GKG

This is the hottest team in the league right now, and they don't even have Quick. Look out for the Kings. This is the team no one wants to meet in the first round of the playoffs.

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I hate it how in canada are all like this canadian team is better then that team when the other team is from the same country or when they say that they like this U.S team more then the hockey team in canada. I even hate it when U.S fans say it. it's been 23 years. canada already tried five attempts on bringing the cup home again. because we haven't won one since 1993. so here are five attempts we made over the years. 1 in 1994 2 in 1999 3 in 2004 and 4 in 2007 and 5 in 2011. five attempts over the years.

They Almost beat the Rangers this year and I Hope Daniel Alfredsson will play one more year. He need's his name on the stanly cup for his 40 years old. Paul Maclean can win the Jack-Adams Trophy, Karlsson-the Norris And Alfredsson-The Masterton

My jaw dropped when I saw this answer. How? HOW? The Sens are below the Leafs?! (Toronto doesn't even use proper grammar! ) This is just plain embarrassing, what is wrong with you people?!

The Sens are the best team ever. Unlike the maple leafs who haven't won a stanley cup in about 20 years. At least Ottawa has been to the cup finals. Maple leafs more like maple losers.


They are one of the best teams. They make it to the playoffs every single year and this year they were so close to winning the Stanley cup.

The name of it is good and the logo of it is fascinating! They almost won the Stanley Cup every year. I love this team.

Amazing team, they work really hard and they have really great players. Love this team! Go Sharks!

Best team in the league I love them so much! My favorite player is Brett burns

Flames The Calgary Flames are a professional ice hockey team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Flames are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

The flames are my favourite team I don't like this list because Calgary is doing better this year their worst spot in the league was 29 (Arizona was worse then them) right now after their 7-3 loss to the oilers their 16 in the league and their best part this year after their 6-2 win over Winnipeg on dec 10 their last win of their 6 game win streak they were 10th place. Also 1 Stanley cup is great so they should be in a better spot.

How are the Edmonton Oilers ahead of the Calgary Flames in this list? The Calgary Flames beat the Edmonton Oilers more times than them beating the Calgary Flames. Plus the Calgary Flames have the best hockey player in the world, Johnny Gaudreau!

They may not be at the top of their game currently, but they do have their passion. They love their fans, the C of Red, and make everything a moment to keep. 1 stanley cup, but infinite potential and hardwork

Honestly how are the Flames 15th they should be in the top ten. The only reason they are not that good is because of the lack of experienced players. This list dissapoints me...


How are the Rangers ahead of the Devils. They haven't won the cup since 1994 and before that 1940. Sure the Devils have struggled as of late but the Devils have been around for only 30 years and the rags have been around for 90 years and only 4 stanley cups. New Jersey won three stanley cups in the thirty years they've been around and they are still going to win stanley cups from years to come!

Count the Cups. That's all that matters. Obviously the Habs are #1, but the Devils should be 10 or 11. There is no other measurement in hockey success.

How are the Ducks, Canucks, Flames, Senators ahead of us. Devils for life.

OH come on at least we won the cup canucks haven't yet!


In one year they have gone from 29-30th in the league to being a force to be reckoned with, like they were in the first bunch of seasons after moving to Colorado. Patrick Roy forever!

At least they get snow in winter unlike the ducks the kings the sharks the panthers the lightning the stars the coyoties and yeah. At least they get snow in winter.

The worst team right now. How are they above the good teams?

I like the Avalanche because they are good


Minnesota is the largest producer of American NHL players. Hockey is to Minnesota what football is to Texas. The 1980 Miracle on Ice, 70% Minnesota born players. Minnesota is long overdue to host a cup. Look at the roster of your favorite team, chances are that more than one of the key players is a Minnesota native. Those who have grown up in the State of Minnesota understand why it IS the State of Hockey. We were robbed of our heritage when the North Stars were moved to Texas and won the cup shortly after. Our time is coming, and we can all shed a tear of joy when we finally get the much deserved banner hosted into the Xcel Enegy Center in St. Paul.

Yo I'm from MN so I was born a Wild fan, but you've gotta admit, there pretty awesome!

The wild are the Minnesota North stars

They are way better than Hawks


I was born in Tampa, so was my brother and other lightning fans I know. We aren't fake fans, and we are in love with the game of hockey. I've been a fan since I was a baby. Hockey is big in Tampa. Unless you live in Tampa you wouldn't know. The lightning are a great team and we have a lot potential to win the cup years to come. We are one of the better teams and this list is bull. Flames are trash so not sure why they are ahead of us. We beat them in 2004 and we make to the playoffs. They don't. How's that for Florida?

I m a Tampa fan myself my dad is a former NHL player. Tampa fans do not know the game like Canadians but Tampa fans are loyal to there team unlike vegas golden knight fans who don t know what hell there talking about, Also UN loyal. Tampa bay lightning have some of the best players in league such as Nikita Kucherov, Steven Stamkos, Victor Hedman, Brayden Point, Ryan McDonagh and are goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy Tampa is on there way to wining another Stanley cup because the first one that we won in 04 we do not deserve do to the overtime goal that was taken away from the Calgary flames in game 6 in Calgary

I hate this team and the panthers also. The ligtning and panthers can kiss my ass. they both have fake fans. I bet 99.9% of the fans came from canada or the northern states. if your lucky to find maybe 1 or 2 fans were born in florida. Either then that 98 to 99% are from different places. And also how many people in florida have even heard of hockey? you guessed it none. None have heard of the game. They are more into the NFL MLB and NBA. But they don't care if bettman locks out the NHL. And another thing the people in florida caring about ice hockey is so small that it's not even 1%.

You only say that this team is better than the flames because you are jealous that the flames are hockey country. Besides if you think think this team is better than the Flames then screw you. You don't know what you are talking about. Unless you live In Tampa bay then I would understand why you like this team more then the Flames


The only reason Hab's are #2 is that they started earlier than any team, which is the reason that they have cups. Now, the entire California Fanbase and Organization is mostly Dumbass LA fans. Ducks fans are much more loyal, and they're "Smarter" in terms of hockey IQ.

Ducks have the best fanbase of any NHL team that wasn't apart of the original 6. They deserve to move up on this list.

Even though I don't live in California (I used to) I still like the ducks and they are very good

The Ducks are the best team and they play harder than most of the
other teams. They are a great team. GO DUCKS!


The 82-83 New York Islanders teams was one of the greatest NHL teams ever to hit the ice. A team that was at the height of one of hockey's greatest dynasties that included future Hall of Famers Mike Bossy, Denis Potvin, Bryan Trottier, Billy Smith, and Clark Gillies. The team was coached by Hall of Famer Al Arbour (3rd all time winningest coach) and managed by another Hall of Famer in Bill Torrey.
Their cup win was legendary. They swept an Oilers team that included Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Anderson, and Coffey. A team that had scored a record 424 goals during the regular season, and an average of over 6 goals a game in their playoff run up until the finals. In 4 games the Oilers scored a total of 6 goals against Billy Smith, none coming from Gretzky. The series ended with Mike Bossy's second Stanley Cup winning goal at 12:39 in the first period.

Anyway, yeah. LGI!

Islanders are amazing, they should be in the top 5 at least! Rangers suck, they didn't even get in the 2nd round of the playoffs this year, they should be replacing the Islanders in 20th place! islanders on the other hand beat an amazing panthers team in the best of 7 series in the first round of the playoffs so they are going into the second round unlike Rangers!

Last great dynasty and the richest history of any non-original-6 team. All time greats like Bossy, Potvin, Nystrom, Smith, Tonelli, Gillies, Trottier played for this team. Last true dynasty team, deserves more respect than 26th even with the futility over the past decade or so.

They have 4 cup Canuks have -1. This is from a RANGERS fan. And this list is made by a Canuks fan. Oh and yeah Islanders will always be the under dog. Rangers are so much better.


Shea Weber is an amazing CAPTAIN because he hits awesome and scores awesome!

The predators are the best team. They know how to stick up for each other like when landeskog smushed Roman Josi into the wall, Weber took up for him by fighting Landeskog. weber sticks up for his team. cause that's what the predators are all about. Sticking up for your team, and working together. they have grown to be a incredible team and they proved that they are the #1 team alive. and for the people who says other wise. yall must not know what team ship is. they will always be preds in my life

Perks is the best goalie and the Preds are the best team.

This list is off #stupid


This list must be old. Capitals #23?! They currently have one of the best records in the league. And the team is filled with All stars. Ovechkin, Oshie, Backstrom, Kuznetsov, Holtby, Wilson, Orlav. The list goes on. They have the number one power play kill and they're number two in power play goals. Not to mention one of the best shootout lineups/records in the league. Best team in the league.

I'm a caps fan, and they play some of the beat hockey in the league and they are the best team to gollow. All the fans are true to the team and haven't left even though we do not have a cup. By the way: leafs suck so bad, I'm shocked they won more then 3 face offs this year

Go Caps! They are rising up through the ranks in the NHL very quickly, and are a huge contender for the Stanley Cup. With Ovechkin and Backstrom, they can dominate the NHL, which they already are.

I'm a caps fan but I know that we are not one of the best teams in the league anymore. We had our shot at a cup and blew it. I do think the new coach and defensive core will help us make a playoff push


We all Bleed Blue! The Blues may not have the best chance at winning the cups, but they still have some of the best players around, with one of the best chances at getting into the playoffs, and being ranked high in the Stanley cup playoffs. Look at their first three years, I mean, Rookie team making it into the playoffs every single year like that? A feat no severed Indian head wearer will understand.

The Blues goal horn; One of the best in the league. It is easily the most diverse and underappreciated goal horn out there. The organs, which, unlike the rest, are just that; Organs. There is no singing (Could be, but there isn't), while the other teams, Blackhawks, Panthers, Stars, etc, all have singing and the most generic goal horn out there. It is amazing when you get those three blasts and then the Blues supporting organs.

The Players; We have had many people, including Wayne Gretzky, Brett Hull, and Bernie Ferderko. Some of the best players (And one that is the best) ...more

The Blues may not have won the cup yet, but they've lead the league 1 year and this year, too. The Blues actully made it to the Stanley Cup Finals their 1ST THREE YEARS! Blues rock, they also had Wayne Gretzky and Brett Hull once and were this close to beating the Redwings in the playoffs!

We made the Stanley Cup Finals in our first three seasons! Who else has done that! We made the Stanley Cup Playoffs for 25 straight years (1979-2004)! We won a Presidents Trophy (1999)! Ten Hall of Famers! We won are first NHL Winter Classic, a 4-1 blowout against are biggest rivals the Blackhawks! Thank you Tarasenko...

The great one doesn't count as being a blue... The ownership lost him and brett... But I still remain a true bleeder of the blue note. We will taste the cup soon.

Blue Jackets

Columbus blue jackets dirtiest team in NHL Shad be on Number1 in National Hockey League

The hottest team in hockey with a current 16 game win streak, nothing but Ws in Columbus!

I love the Blue Jackets... but they are not the best team

This team is good, at failing


You only say that this team is better than the flames because you are jealous that the flames are hockey country. Besides if you think this team is better than the flames than screw you. You don't know what you are talking about. unless you live in texas than I would understand why you like this team more than flames.

Stars are amazing, they have Jamie Benn, Jason Spezza and Tyler Seguin. They had an amazing 2016 regular season record and started off doing AWESOME in the beggining of the playoffs. This is why the Dallas Stars should be #1!

Are you kiding the dallas star would be at leqse in the top 10 they have tyler seguin and jamie benn there so good. Like if the sbres were better the tean that always finish in the top 5 wrost team of the season. They don't even have one good player and you think that the north star that are not even in the nhl anymore. Jjnjjjnjjnj

Seriously who made this list stars are way better than they Calgary poops

Winnipeg Jets The Winnipeg Jets are a professional ice hockey team based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

How many teams loose their no1 center and in their first 5 games since scheiffle was hurt gain 9 out of a possible 10 points! Depth on this team is the best we have seen yet! A Jets fan and friend of Bobby Hull for 45 yrs.

An incredible team, should be in the top 10. Very great players and fans! Surprised they aren't higher!

Canadian team so yeah I guess

I hate predators

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