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21 Jets Jets The New York Jets are a professional American football team located in the New York metropolitan area.

After a great regular season for the jets, in the playoffs they would feature a performance that failed to impress. They were swept by the favored Ducks. Still, you can't expect a team with almost an entire playoff inexperienced roster to make much noise. That being said, this is the season that made them good. What they have now is a skilled roster, that now has some experience under their belt. This season, if you're in the west, they're a team to keep your eye on. Expect round two at the very least next season. They may even go to the conference final.

Weak. They're the latest team. Epic fail.

Umm actually they were an existing team before ( Before 2000). They were brought back after the Atlanta Thrashers became defunct. I'm just saying... - MusicalPony

The jets have hands down the most passionate fans in the league. They are the classic story of I will see you again.

This is a football team

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22 Lightning

I was born in Tampa, so was my brother and other lightning fans I know. We aren't fake fans, and we are in love with the game of hockey. I've been a fan since I was a baby. Hockey is big in Tampa. Unless you live in Tampa you wouldn't know. The lightning are a great team and we have a lot potential to win the cup years to come. We are one of the better teams and this list is bull. Flames are trash so not sure why they are ahead of us. We beat them in 2004 and we make to the playoffs. They don't. How's that for Florida?

You only say that this team is better than the flames because you are jealous that the flames are hockey country. Besides if you think think this team is better than the Flames then screw you. You don't know what you are talking about. Unless you live In Tampa bay then I would understand why you like this team more then the Flames

Don't underestimate Tampa, the fans are one of the most passionate fans I've ever seen. Take it from me, I know.

Tampa Bay Lightning is the most amazing team on this list! - Warriorcats

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23 Capitals

Go Caps! They are rising up through the ranks in the NHL very quickly, and are a huge contender for the Stanley Cup. With Ovechkin and Backstrom, they can dominate the NHL, which they already are.

I'm a caps fan but I know that we are not one of the best teams in the league anymore. We had our shot at a cup and blew it. I do think the new coach and defensive core will help us make a playoff push

Your joking caps r # 1 way better than the leafs and I'm from Toronto

its best

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24 Nordiques

Don't tell where to vote. I like the Nordiques, not the Avalanche

Don't vote for them. Colorado is the new Nordiques. That's where you're supposed to vote.

Yeah correct it this is from a pens fan

Nordiques came back

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25 Hurricanes


At least they won the cup (2004). Unlike other teams that are lower here. This from a ranger fan.

Great team. Great players. Eric Staal is a great captain. Jordan Staal a good alternate.

They arnt the best but hey they won a stanley cup once

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26 Predators

Shea Weber is an amazing CAPTAIN because he hits awesome and scores awesome!

This list is off #stupid

Best defense and they have roman yosi

The predators are the best team. They know how to stick up for each other like when landeskog smushed Roman Josi into the wall, Weber took up for him by fighting Landeskog. weber sticks up for his team. cause that's what the predators are all about. Sticking up for your team, and working together. they have grown to be a incredible team and they proved that they are the #1 team alive. and for the people who says other wise. yall must not know what team ship is. they will always be preds in my life

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27 Coyotes

They are the second worst why are they on here

28 Panthers Panthers The Carolina Panthers are a professional American football team based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that competes in the National Football League.

Well they are somewhat rebuilding in 2 more years they may be able to be championship contenders

This team is the best hooligans suckers your just jealous of how good they are suckers thank you

The canadiens are way way better. Also enough with the damn football logos.

That is nfl

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29 Sabres

I think the Sabres are pretty good! But that's probably because. Live in buffalo! That's just my opinion!

The Sabres Are Junk They Have Bad SportsmanShip And Cheap Goals

I love the Sabres!


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30 Blue Jackets

I love the Blue Jackets... but they are not the best team

The hottest team in hockey with a current 16 game win streak, nothing but Ws in Columbus!

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31 North Stars

One of the longest surviving expansion teams to fold.

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32 Stars

You only say that this team is better than the flames because you are jealous that the flames are hockey country. Besides if you think this team is better than the flames than screw you. You don't know what you are talking about. unless you live in texas than I would understand why you like this team more than flames.

Seriously who made this list stars are way better than they Calgary poops

This team had one of the best records of the 2016 reg season

They have a cup unlike the team at number 5.

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33 Barons

Everybody loves the two years Cleveland had a NHL team - newenglander1

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34 Nashville Predators Nashville Predators The Nashville Predators are a professional ice hockey team based in Nashville, Tennessee. They are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

I'm picking them to win this year(2017) I think we should start voting for them a bit! - TheHabsFan

Yeah let's go subban

Decent team, now have Souban. Hope for the best.

35 Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg Jets The Winnipeg Jets are a professional ice hockey team based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

An incredible team, should be in the top 10. Very great players and fans! Surprised they aren't higher!

Canadian team so yeah I guess

I hate predators

36 Atlanta Flames Atlanta Flames

The Calgary poops are worse

They sucked and I'm just bringing irony in this


37 Scouts

The Scouts were an NHL team that played in Kansas City in the 70's for two season until the moved to Colorado to become the Rockies. Later, they moved in the 80's to become the New Jersey Devils.

Who the heck are the scouts? Some junior team. They shouldn't be on the list - TheHabsFan

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38 Thrashers

I can count to potato

I can count to potato's

They should be called the trashers

Heck no

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39 Whalers V 3 Comments
40 Golden Seals

Golden seals are good and everyone says their bad but they just had good opponents and they have a cute name... SEALS

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