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41 Super Mario Sunshine

It is a very hard game but it has a lot of gameplay. Its such a good game they should make a sequel.

It is just so fun but where did all the brown poop come from?

It's fun and challenging and has a great storyline.

My favorite Mario game ever made, with its everlasting story mode and easy to master game controls, this should be at the top of the list. I still haven't got all the unlockables, simply amazing.

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42 Donkey Kong
43 Pokemon Heartgold
44 Pikmin 3

Should be much higher on the list. The visuals are stunning, the gameplay is better than ever, and it's just a fun game all around. What's not to like?

One of the best games ever

45 Super Smash Bros for 3DS V 1 Comment
46 Chrono Trigger

The most emotional and compelling adventure ever, even better than Zelda, oh, and I'm not just copying what I saw on the package, this is the real deal.

This game is better than any non-3D Zelda game. it has memorable characters, and a amazing story. This game deserves to be in at least top 5

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47 New Super Mario Bros. U

Why is new super mario bros you all the way down here? This game is one of the best games on the wii you

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48 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

This game should be number one because it is even better than the original

49 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I love this game! This game is animal crossing, so you know it will be amazing! (This doesn't count for amino festival) the characters are cuter, the graphics are better, and there are more things like wisp the genie, Harvey and his store, and more!

Should be really high up

The best game

Fun game shode be in the top 30 not 60

50 Pokemon Omega Ruby

It features My favourite Pokemon: Groudon!

51 Pokemon Snap
52 Mario Kart 7 V 2 Comments
53 Pokemon Silver

Should be MUCH higher on the list. One of the best games ever

A watered down version of red and blue.

This is my favourite game of all time cause Pokémon is just awesome series and what makes this game better than others are:
Best rival
16 gyms
Epic music
Youngster Joey
Many cool Pokémons
Hardest game on the series
You can battle Red

54 Kirby: Squeak Squad
55 Pokemon X

Some of these games I have never heard and I am a huge fan of Nintendo. Pokemon is amazing and this is my favorite one. Sure it isn't no. 1 but is should be in the top ten.

This should be higher on the list

56 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

I feel that this game should be in the top ten. Do not look over this game simply because it has Pokémon on it. The story is simply, incredible. It may have pokemon in it, but you are drawn to these characters as they develop. Sometimes you laugh at the fantastic writing, and I don't know anybody who didn't find the ending to be extremely sad. All of this is boosted by perhaps the best soundtrack on the DS. The gameplay is deep and complex. Again, don't overlook this game because, "Pokémon is way too easy for me". If the story doesn't hook you, the gameplay will. This game can be incredibly hard, yet fun. The only real problem is that the graphics don't take full advantage of the DS hardware. Simply put, play this game. You won't regret it. - Frouze

57 Tomodachi Life

It is a simulation game with so much stuff to do. You put miis in apartments then help them with stuff.

58 Mario Bros (NES)


59 Metroid Prime

What!? This game is phenomenal, should be top five, great gameplay, great environments, just a great game

60 Pokemon Sapphire

Who can forget the secret base mode? Probably the best thing about the game. - Oreanta

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