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121 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Best metroid game hands down. and by far best story in a Nintendo game

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122 Mario Kart 64

Don't even say Mario Kart: Double Dash is better than this! Mario Kart 64 is perfect! The Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64 is 64 times better than the one in Double Dash!

Well basically, you're ignorant and always giving new games low scores.

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123 Mario Party Advance
124 Kirby Super Star
125 F-Zero X
126 Yoshi's Story

I relly love this game it's my favrote nitindo game so a some and cute.yaa yoshi.

127 Body Harvest
128 Mega Man 3
129 Punch-Out!! Wii

Awesome game! And so addicting!

Best punch out game yet

Love it

130 Baseball
131 Another Metroid 2 Remake

Overrated as hell, yes, but trust me; it more than lives up to its praise. Go play it for yourself right now and see exactly how Nintendo SHOULD be treating the Metroid franchise right about now. - xandermartin98

132 Final Fantasy IV
133 Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond
134 Mario Party 3

It is a good mario party game. Seriously, try it, you will get hooked like someone hooked to crack

135 Guitar Hero 3

While perhaps one of the most amazing games ever released on a Nintendo console, it could be in no way considered a "Nintendo game". It kinda "belongs" on the other consoles, really, and just happens to be released on the Wii.

But boy, I am glad that this game is available on the Wii :3 - Maplestrip

With songs like:

Rock you like a Hurricane
Through the Fire and Flames
Knights of Cydonia
Cult of Personality
Raining Blood
Before I Forget
Slow Ride

I can go on and on...
- AymanKabir

This is not a nintendo game!


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136 Kirby's Adventure

Who doesn't love the puffy little pink guy? - Oreanta

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This isn't a Nintendo game! It's a Namco game!

But Nintendo had the rights to the Namco game and released it as a Game Boy Advance game in 2004 (as a part of the Classic NES Series). - playstationfan66

PAC-MAN would be an arcade game, first ported to quite a few Atari and PC systems before eventually coming to the NES. The franchise happens to have had some Nintendo releases, but is in no way affiliated with Nintendo, so why in the world is this in this list? XP - Maplestrip

138 Popeye
139 Ice Climber
140 Kirby Air Ride V 1 Comment
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