Top 10 Opeth Albums

The top 10 Opeth albums, they have 9 albums out so far, but they'll never get old so here's a list for now and the future.

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1 Blackwater Park

Arguably the greatest metal album ever. Listening to it always cause some kind of katharsis. After last sound of the title track resounded I started to feel that my life is going to begin one more time.

Gateway album for myself and many others. When the first riff of The Leper Affinity hits you know you've struck gold. You don't even have to like death metal to get into this album. It's an accessible and dynamic release that blends soft sounds with the brutality of the death metal genre. What Pink Floyd was to progressive rock, Opeth is to progressive death metal.

Absolutely masterful in every way. The death growls are nasty and the clean vox are beautiful and melodious. harvest may be one of the greatest songs of all time. Bleak may have the catchiest chorus ever. I'm blown away every time I listen to the album beginning to end.

Best Opeth Album, best metal album, best of all!

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2 Still Life

The transitions between Benighted, Moonlapse Vertigo, and Face of Melinda are absolutely impeccable; not to mention how beautifully haunting the melodies of each song are alongside the brutally dark, heavier parts of the album. Additionally, and unlike the Blackwater Park album, I find no material on this album being remotely repetitive. Not one song abuses a certain measure of material for too long, nor becomes annoying due to unnecessary harmonics (take the song Bleak off of Blackwater Park for example). Overall, Still Life is an incredibly well written album. The vocals, unclean and clean are phenomenal; while additionally, the instrumentals are wonderfully macabre. Together, they truly give the listener an incredible experience of the medieval conceptual story that Still Life tells.

Whereas Blackwater Park's biggest accomplishments revolve around great production and a more authentic, atmospherical feel, Still Life relies on more riff-driven, traditional death metal, contrast beautifully by the prog rock influences appearing throughout. At the time of its release, Still Life was the biggest accomplishment by Opeth. Their sound was slowly evolving and becoming streamlined (not in the "90s Metallica" kind of way, but more in the "70s Roger Waters-Pink Floyd" kind of way). The term "concept album" gets thrown around loosely, and with a sense of bigotry and pompousness, but Opeth relishes within the realm of concept albums, and succeeds nightly. Still Life is the greatest example of this, prior to anything from the Steve Wilson-produced era.

Of all the opeth albums, I feel Still Life is opeths purest, in that it strikes the perfect balnce between beauty, emotion and brutality. Blackwater park is great, but is more of a dark depressing atmoshere ( which is brilliant) whereas still life has the menacing (godheads lament) the uplifting (face of melinda) the beautiful (moonlapse vertigo, benighted) as well as everything inbetween. All songs fill their own niche, thus there are no filler tracks. Mikael also gives, in my opinion, his best vocal performance.

Still life is Opeth's best album.not that overrated Black water park.even my arms your Hearse and ghost reveries spanks its ass. - Vip3r

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3 Ghost Reveries

"Blackwater Park" is undoubtely the best album to get into opeth's sound. Once there, "Ghost Reveries" will prove to be the top of the mountain of their discography. The characteristic sound duality (harsh/clean) has never been so well balanced as well as the vocals. Akerfeldt's lyrics are sublime. It feels like they are more like gothic poetry than simply lyrics. Finally, the story told throughout the album is so well arranged, that it will take the listener to a forest where he will meet the main character, a tormented man, desperately looking for redemption.

Ghost Reveries is the album where Opeth puts it all together. Everyone adores the winding guitars of the Orchid/Morningrise days, the emotion of Blackwater Park, and the heaviness of Deliverance. But on Ghost Reveries, Mikael ties it all together. There isn't a bad track, and they all weave together beautifully. Ghost of Perdition, Baying of the Hounds, The Grand Conjuration, and Harlequin Forest of definitely Top 10 Opeth songs ever, and they are all from this album.

This is honestly the only Opeth album I can really get into. I like how this album isn't too focused on either progressive death metal or just progressive metal. I tried so hard to get into their other releases, tried and tried again, still fail to. This release is the best one, and rightfully the only one I can really listen to.

My absolute favourite. I love Blackwater Park, but this one is more perfect in my opinion. Every single track is amazing. Still Life is the only Opeth album I'm really not getting into. I think it's boring and the story is edgy

If you think Still Life is boring, its high time now for you to visit the doctor for your ear checkup. - Vip3r

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4 Morningrise

Morningrise was surely a step up from an already awesome debut in Orchid. The overall talent level had gone up a notch, the prog rock acoustics continued to evolve within the structures of the songs, and the songs themselves continued down an even darker, more bleak, more hopeless feeling path. The biggest criticism of this album is how long and drawn out the passages are. Some fat trimming would have done a lot of good, which is exactly what Opeth accomplishes with its subsequent releases "My Arms, Your Hearse" and "Still Life".

Epic. The most inspired acoustic sections of Opeth are here. Mr. Akerfeldt vocal's are crystal clear and the bass line has always a special place in the songs.

Better Bass lines, keyboards and lyric's interpretation, sounds more like a band, innovative personalities that exchange opinions between each other through a collective music creation without filters or expectations, a lot of their vitality was blasted on this album. No formulas, but a lot of work in different paths that should have never been abandoned.

Simply their best work! Every song is awesome.

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5 Watershed

Epic. I have never heard anything similar to this. I thought "Blackwater park" and "Still life" were the best metal albums ever, but they lacked something: the sensibility that "Watershed" was able to give us in every one of its tracks. Simply awesome. Best Opeth album ever. It has some of their best ballads such as "Burden" (makes me cry every time I losten to it) with heart touching lyrics. Vote for this!

Every second of it just blows your mind. Nothing will ever top Watershed. Coil is an ingenious little start to the whole thing, and when Heir Apparent kicks in, I nearly lose my mind. Then it's just epic riff after epic riff for the rest of the album.

A Real Masterpiece! This must be hard work to create an album such as this! This sounds like a classical album that Bach creates in metal style (; (Hammond) Organ, flutes, violins and cello)!

I love this band.
It's very hard to name just one album as your favorite. But if I had to pick one, it would be this. I love the production. It has some very, very lovely songs on it, especially Burden.

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6 Damnation

The small difference of votes between each album (of course, without blackwater park that is the best) shows how good is opeth, because they are great in every single album.

Soft Opeth done right.

Very good album...

This is almost as good as being trapped in eternal Y A M N A T I O N #coolandgood

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7 Deliverance

Blackwater Park undoubtedly is the best album to introduce people to Opeth, but in my opinion their best work has been deliverance. Not only are the songs instantly memorable and head-bang worthy, but also melodic. Deserves to be far higher. Perhaps in the top 5.

I would say this album is tied with BWP, but since it's a bit lower I'll vote for it. This album is just amazing... I don't see the negatives in it. It has a lot more "Death Metal" feel in it, but even then "A Fair Judgement" and "For Absent Friends" are phenomenal and have no screaming. This album has some of the best guitar work that Opeth has put out, and is just a musical masterpiece!

Best Amalgamation of clean singing and throating..

Not my #1 but its very underrated so I'm voting for it.

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8 My Arms, Your Hearse

When, April Ethereal, The Amen Corner and Demon of the Fall are one of the best Opeth Songs out there.

In my opinion their best work to date, consider the sound quiality and mixing, the story and complexity of every song in the album.The structure is clearly define.From Prologue to Epilogue is just one fantastic and breathtaking musical journey.

April Ethereal is Opeth's best song, and Demon of The Fall/When are catchy as well. This album deserves top 3, alongside Still Life and Blackwater Park/Orchid.

This album makes me feel nostalgic to an unimaginable level. I am blown away every time and I always play to it from A to Z

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9 Orchid

Normally I would say my arms, your hearse is the best album, but orchid is my favorite, for more personal reasons, so my vote is going here. Not only was it my first Opeth album, this was my first death metal album, ever! It really got me into it. It was also my first metal album that was a subgenre of Extreme and black metal, which got me into those. Before I was like a noob who listened to Metallica and the Beatles and kiss, but this helped me find the much better metal bands and genres. opeth is still my favorite band ever to date. Thanks for reading my story if you read it and if you like this kind of stuff follow @ChopstxMaster on twitter!


A beautiful album with an epic atmosphere. Exceeds all of Opeth's later works.

Orchid is not close to be my favorite Opeth album but it needs to be higher.
I don't get how Morningrise is #4 but Orchid #9. They're pretty close in style.
But I'd say that while Morningrise has the best tracks, Orchid has a better flow, a better raw feeling, better melodies.
Morningrise has an awkward pacing.

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10 Pale Communion

Pale Communion deserves a higher place on this list than it's fellow prog rock albums, Damnation and Heritage. Pale Communion may not have the same initial, striking beauty that Damnation possessed upon release, but the diversity, production and overall focus make Pale Communion a more definitively Opeth album. Cusp of Eternity and Moon Above, Sun Below are the two highlights, with Voice of Treason and Faith in Others also being major standouts. Give this album some time to truly grow on you, it gets better with every listen.

It leaked, so you can hear it now. It has to be one of the most emotional albums Opeth has ever done. I love the instrumentation within it, and it is definitely darker and heavier than Heritage. If you listen to the whole thing in order, it is a musical journey that is totally worth it. Check this one out, you will not be dissapointed.

Check the single "Cusp Of Eternity" on YouTube

This band defintley involved listen to orchid then this and youll know their two diffrent albums this also should be higher its peaceful and beautiful

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11 Sorceress

I think it will be awesome! (Wrote on the 27th August 16, will be released on the 30 September)

I am hyped for this. - IronSabbathPriest

This is not their best, but it deserves damnation spot, this is the best newpeth album made

Great stuff

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12 Heritage

Underrated album, one of their best ones. This music cames from the same deep place that all their previous stuff, but only in a different manner, and that makes it unique.

Why this is the lowest studio album on the list is beyond me. This is some of their best work! Just because it is different does not make it bad.

I'm very partial to the song "The Devil's Orchard." Otherwise this album is pretty awesome as well. - IronSabbathPriest

Great prog rock album. The melodies moods scream of disease and sadness

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13 Live at the Royal Albert Hall


14 The Roundhouse Tapes

Amazing live album. This album got me into Opeth. If you don't like Opeth, this album will get you, trust me. It shows everything Opeth has to offer. - fidelcanojr

15 Lamentations: Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire
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