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21 Primal Concrete Sledge - Cowboys from Hell

Easily one of the top five songs. Super fast shredding, ripping vocals, and just awesome overall rhythm. Why is this as low rated as it is?

Best drumming from Vinnie Paul ever that double bass just kicks ass

Short but one of the best Pantera songs ever written

Pantera's must underrated song. Deserves a top 5 spot.

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22 The Art of Shredding - Cowboys from Hell

Are you kidding me? I just don't get it why people don't like this song, I know it's not walk or cowboys from hell but this is at least top ten

I could never get tired of this song - walkingstone

2:40 one of the best riffs.

23 Suicide Note Pt 1 - The Great Southern Trendkill

Not their best but deserves some bone-chilling love.

The most saddest and darkest song you'll be ever hear.

This song is awesome... nothing more to say

This song is harshly deep man, I mean its dark, but still awesome
Nothing else like this from Pantera

24 Rise - Vulgar Display of Power

Great rhythms and groovy riffing!

Definitely one of the more underrated tracks they've ever played. Especially once you hear that solo, tell me that it isn't one of the most kickass things ever.

25 Strength Beyond Strength - Far Beyond Driven

That solo is just amazing! I wonder how Dimebag tuned his guitar to make it sound the way it does in this song

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26 The Great Southern Trendkill - The Great Southern Trendkill

My favorite Pantera song, awesome lyrics, loving it... Good screams, nice song

27 Goddamn Electric - Reinventing The Steel

Terrible how someone thinks this song is that bad can just go F themselves!

28 10's - The Great Southern Trendkill

Most underrated song vulgar display of power was there best album but who ever said it was there only good album is on crack the list should look like this 1)10's 2)shedding skin 3)cowboys from hell 4)cemetery gates 5)this love 6)domination 7)walk 8)a new level 9)death rattle 10)i'm broken. But its just my opinion all there songs are badass.

Personally, the sickest Pantera song of all time! The emotion pours from this song! Love it! There's nothing in the WORLD like a Dimebag solo! R.I.P. dime!

The guitar and lyrics are so delicious to the ear - ROYtheBOY

Bang bang baang

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29 Piss - Vulgar Display of Power

Awesome song. I'm surprised it wasn't already on the list. 1 of my favorites

Why is this not top ten?

Damn... Man this one is a bad as* why33...

30 25 Years - Far Beyond Driven

I recently found my love for this song on a nostalgic pantera kick. Not their best song but definitely in top ten.

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31 Shedding Skin - Far Beyond Driven

Best Pantera song along with Regular people!

One of my favorite Pantera songs. Should definitely be higher on the list.

My favourite ever song for pantera, simply awesome. Perfect intro perfect chorous

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32 Death Rattle - Reinventing the Steel

Part of the song was on SpongeBob! Haha.

33 Regular People (Conceit) - Vulgar Display of Power

Of all the Pantera songs, and there's a lot of them. This one has the lyrics, the message and the heavy riffs that go in perfect together. If you are a Pantera fan, then you know, the VERY first note of this song invokes what this band is all about.

34 Message in Blood - Cowboys from Hell
35 Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks - Far Beyond Driven

This is definitely an absolutely brilliant sing. Should be WAY higher. The solo on this song gets me every time.

This song is amazing. It is nice and long, and it is just relaxing to listen to in it's entirety.

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36 By Demons Be Driven - Vulgar Display of Power

Definitely a bad arse metal song favourite of mine and favourite from Pantera. It's a lot more straightforward and maybe a little repetitive compared to most their songs, but so fun and hard-hitting at the same time. Such a cool riff. First riff I would ever want to learn if I picked up an electric.

Yep! A skull-crushing riff, brutal syncopated drums, and a ton of venom. Pantera were the tightest band, period! And this track epitomises everything great about them. Cobain may have killed-off Metallica, but not Pantera. (No tragic puns intended both are sorely missed).

How this song was not even mentioned is beyond me! The riff in this song is absolutely amazing especially Dimes tone... The solo kicks ass and the drumming is solid... All in all 10/10 for me

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37 Medicine Man - Cowboys from Hell

The opening riff alone should make this top least top 20

Come on guys, this song is really incredible! Phil's vocals are very good, these high pitched sreams.

'Understand, just take his hand. He's the medicine man! '

It's the medicine MAN!

38 No Good - Vulgar Display of Power

Such a underrated song... One of the best choruses I have ever heard! Great riff RIP Dime...

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39 Cat Scratch Fever - Detroit Rock City OST
40 War Nerve - The Great Southern Trendkill V 1 Comment
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