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21 Automatonophobia: fear of a ventriloquist's dummy

I have this. I am terrified of Slappy from Goosebumps. No puppets for me please.

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22 Taphophobia - the fear of being buried alive

I would rather die if I was buried and wait for rescue.

Bow on life bow I would die under
Bow but would it be in a caascit

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23 Cathisophobia: fear of sitting

Really I don't think anyone is scared of sitting. Who came up with this?

This actually is a real phobia but why would someone be scared of phobia? People are weird. - cosmo

I'm in the toilet, so I don't think I have it

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24 Arachibutyrophobia - getting peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth

That is definitely the scariest thing a human can experience in their life

I can't believe this is a thing because I have it. Wow, there's a name for it! I have this for some reasons, though. - Onion

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25 Glossophobia - fear of public speaking V 4 Comments
26 Lilapsophobia - fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

When there's a watch I cry and panic. When there's a warning I go in a dark corner and cry and scream and have severe panic attacks, scared that the apocalypse is near... I hate tornadoes...

I live in NYC ok, so when sandy hit, me and my friends housed were flooded and damaged, I have hurricans.

27 Demonophobia - fear of demons

Damn it's scared and shiver TO DEATH

28 Pentheraphobia: fear of mother-in-law V 3 Comments
29 Astraphobia - fear of thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightning really scare me to death. Whenever I hear thunder from a loud and close distance, I feel like our house is gonna get hit by lightning and start a fire. - creed99

The only thing I'm scared of is thunder and lighting! I'm fine with everything else. I don't know what it is. I just can't stand it.

I am a meteorologist and I'm deathly afraid of thunderstorms

They freak me out I get so scared

30 Catoptrophobia: fear of mirrors

It's really scary. I sleep beside my dressing table which has a long mirror, enough to reflect me from waist up and over my head, and at night I always have to pass it to go the the bathroom or do anything else, and I try not to peek at the mirror cus sometimes I feel like there is something there, so I normally crawl in front of it to avoid being reflected in the mirror..

Oh god, I know I'm being irrational, but I always feel like I'm going to see someone else in the mirror, or that something's moving in the mirror out of the corner of my eye...

If you hear/read the story of bloody mary you'll NEVER want to go infront of the mirror in the dark. If you know you sleep in a room with mirrors DON'T Google bloody mary story. I heard about it in year 6 so I Googled it and now I am scared of getting up in the night I try and avoid looking at the dark mirror. Its not even funny you WILL REGRET READING IT.

I don't like to enjoy looking at my face in the mirror, especially when I'm smiling or making other strange looks. - creed99

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31 Aquaphobia - fear of water

Especially when you don't know how to swim or when there's a flood in your house. - creed99

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32 Spectrophobia - fear of ghosts and phantoms

I can not sleep without hiding under the covers of my bed. The thought of the undead just creeps me out - FrankP

I have been afraid of ghosts and zombies ever since I was 6. The two are so closely related that they go to get her.

I can't look at anything but my pillow because of I don't I might see somthing I don't want to see... GHOSTS

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33 Sociophobia - people/social situations

Yea when I get in front of the class I literally can't speak and I'm shaking I had to have my friend speak for me

I have some sort of this along with a agropohiba pretty horrible thing to have due to the fact you basically have to avoid life

I think this one is have people more phobia
But he need to success and fight this kind of phobia
And try try until you succeed

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34 Trypophobia - fear of a cluster of holes

If you search it up on google, you will most likely throw up. Holes creep me out so much

I have had this phobia my whole life and never knew it. It makes my skin itch and I get goose bumps

Trypophobia is the ultimate scariest thing! I saw these in the Google images and I SCREAMED like a girl!

If you look it up on Google, then you'll have nightmares for months! - PerfectImpulseX

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35 Pediophobia - fear of dolls

Oh,'s just that glare and gaze. Every time I go to any of my friends' houses, I either make them put the doll out of my sight or walk out of that room and try to avoid the doll

God I hate dolls. I feel like they are going to come alive and kill my entire family

My baby sister doesn't understand that I hate her baby dolls. They are creepy.

I'm sacred of them so much.

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36 Deipnophobia: fear of dinner conversations
37 Testophobia - fear of taking tests

Probably gonna develop this phobia soon thanks to my strict mom... - FireWasp2004

My friend actually has this..

38 Entomophobia - fear of insects

I have this one! I am in panic when I see insects... It is terrible! There are like when you are afraid of bees or butterflies, but I am afraid of all of them

The only decent insects are dragonflies and mantises, everything else is scary

"My god,I am bullied in school because of this.i hate it."

I am scared of all flying insects that aren't bees or butterflies

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39 Aerophobia - flying

One time when I was a child, me and my family took a vacation to Disney World and I got terrible anxiety on the plane nearly almost the whole time. - creed99

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40 Thalassophobia - the fear of the ocean

Drowning and sharks... not cool. - sreddy17

If the water isn't crystal clear with it shimmering because of the sun and my best friend isn't next to me... I get the chills. Water is beautiful but if you search up Real Scary Ocean Pics you will automatically get thalassophobia.

We had this life-saving test back in school when we had to dive around 4 meters in a pool to save the doll. I could only go down like a meter before absolutely out. It'seems a shame, I love the sea, and being on a boat, but this phobia has made it so much worse.

Every time I see the deep end, my stomach literally sinks. Nope..

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