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41 Thalassophobia - the fear of the ocean

There are a lot of things to be afraid of once you take a step in the ocean. Sure, you can ride waves with your fancy board, but then beneath you could be a Bullshark, Great White Shark or any predator. You could go out deep sea fishing with your huge boat but then you could hear an unnerving sound in the deep waters. You could go far in the waves but then you could lose your things to help you stay afloat as the waves pull you back and nobody can hear you scream. I have this fear. - Daviddv0601

Drowning and sharks... not cool. - sreddy17

If the water isn't crystal clear with it shimmering because of the sun and my best friend isn't next to me... I get the chills. Water is beautiful but if you search up Real Scary Ocean Pics you will automatically get thalassophobia.

My dad died of drowning and I can't swim so I have a decent reason... - Lucretia

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42 Aikmophobia - hypodermic needles

Needles are terrifying. Imagining getting a shot already scares me. My mom told me that I'm getting a shot to prevent cancer after I finished my final tests, which is less than a month later. I panicked when hearing that. I'm hoping that they will forget about it! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I don't even fear death as mush as this... I never get shots for anything, I'd rather stick it out with ol' medicine than get stuck.

I had a blood test last year. Vomited on the nurse. Get freaked out just looking at a photo of an injection

Imagine watching that one Saw scene.
Ouch. - SmolBean

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43 Ovinaphobia - fear of sheep

... Sheep completely terrify me! I can go near one, they just freak me out. Their eyes make them look like they come from hell!

Sheep are the devils pets. Even the name scares me

Creepy dreams and being chased twice

Absolutely terrifying, can’t be anywhere near them or see creepy photos of them without my heart rate rising!

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44 Emetophobia - fear of vomiting

This is one of the worst phobias EVER! It is especially hard when you have horrible allergies, and you could get sick if you accidentally ate something that had what you are allergic to in it!

This is the WORST phobia I have...I don't want this at all! When someone throws up, or even me myself I just panic and don't know what to do! But I'm glad that there are people that has it, and understand what it's like!

The fear of vomiting (also seeing others vomit).

Once somebody was sick and I couldn't eat walk properly I was very scared! I refused to go back upstairs and was numb all afternoon this makes me scared of bathrooms 😷😷😷😷

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45 Tyrophobia - cheese

Being Deadly allergic to cheese usually makes this a phobia

I hate cheese so much.

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46 Nosocomephobia - fear of hospitals

Yeah.. Definitely... But only because I have a bad experience with hospitals from earlier this year and I'm twelve so its something you could call bad experience in childhood

47 Spheksophobia - Fear of Wasps

I Have A Phobia Of Wasps!

48 Mageirocophobia: fear of cooking

Well someone will be hungry

I'm not scared but I can't cook

49 Homophobia - fear of homosexuals or of homosexual relationships

The only reason I am nervous around homos is because I was sexually assaulted by one but I wouldn't let one bad experience make me judge everyone who wants to be happy with someone they love.

This is not a phobia, this is just being a terrible person with no soul.

These are just bad people. I like Steven Universe

A.k.a. the Westboro Nazi Church - Neonco31

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50 Agoraphobia - open spaces
51 Odontophobia - fear of dentists

I do got odontophobia

Dentists freak me out


When I see them I'd panic for some reasons :(

52 Mottephobia - moths and butterflies

I've had this fear for very long along wth the fear of small confined spaces. moths and butterflies scare the crap outta me. I found out that I was afraid of these things by walkin in to a butterfly museum isn't that weird

I scream every time on gets to close to me! MY BROTHER THROWS THEM AT ME FOR FUN!

I knew this girl who was petriffied of moths


53 Ataxophobia - fear of disorder or untidiness

I have this :/

54 Agyrophobia: fear of crossing the street

If you have this. Talk to the chicken

55 Globophobia - fear of balloons

When I see a balloon, I have a fear that someone would pop it. - LemonComputer

I used to have it.

I don't know why I have it, but I do and it's really bad because parties have balloons and I panic really bad when I see them ;(

I had this when I was little. My dad would literally run into my room, and pop a balloon and run out.
Also, "It" - SmolBean

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56 Cardiophobia - the heart
57 Cacomorphobia - fear of fat people


FEAR ME - SmolBean

58 Cibophobia - fear of food

I don't have this, But it must suck

Agreed, I would commit suicide than have this fear...

If you have Cibophobia and Hydrophobia, you will die - SoloPotato

Completely agreed

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59 Sedatephobia - fear of silence

Whenever its completely silent I freak out because I associate it with death

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60 Sexophobia - opposite sex

Almost all the people of my country develop that fear because of the lack of communications between the two.

Guess what country is that?

Saudi Arabia.

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