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61 Bathophobia - fear of depth

I hate deep pools, they're so scary! Anything with water that is deep or that you can't see the bottom of freaks me out. - emraldYE

Isn't that the same thing as being scared of heights? - creed99

62 Scriptophobia - fear of writing
63 Cibophobia - fear of food

I don't have this, But it must suck

Agreed, I would commit suicide than have this fear...

Completely agreed

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64 Ferriophobia - fear of Ferris Wheels

I do, especially when there aren't windows and the ferris wheel is big.

They are the scariest ride known to man

Just found out husband has this one...

I have this

65 Coprophobia - feces or defecation
66 Triskaidekaphobia - the fear of the number 13

This is a myth

67 Parthenophobia - fear of young girls
68 Hypnophobia (Somniphobia) - fear of sleep

Like... You can't avoid it, so then... Yeah, it's the worst fear. I almost have this fear, mostly because of the Nightmare On Elm Street thing... Please don't make fun of me

I used to have this. I still do a bit.

I don't have it but it must be very terrible...

I won't, I understand, it's horrible...

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69 Apeirophobia - fear of infinity

I used to have this, and it's AWFUL. It just won't leave your head, and you feel the terror every time you look up because you don't know how big the universe is. It's a fear of being insignificant, or part of something too great to understand.

Infinity and beyond!

I may have this.. - Lucretia

70 Atelophobia - fear of imperfection V 2 Comments
71 Gelotophobia - fear of being laughed at

I'm not really afraid of anything except this, being laughed at. Every time more than two people need to hear me talk, see a picture of me or see me do something I get extremely worried that someone will laugh at me. Thankfully Iv'e learned to not let it show, otherwise someone may notice it... And maybe laugh. Not long a time ago my teacher was showing some pictures of my class to the entire class and every time a picture of me showed up I stiffened up and wished that no one would dare to comment on the picture in any way.

It makes it really hard to get up in front of a crowd and talk. Every time I do I feel like I'm going to get laughed at! I hate having this!

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72 Cartilogenophobia - fear of bones

Just looking at skeletons and bones make me shiver. I can deal with Halloween and that but real bones and detailed diagrams? NO THANKS!

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73 Anatidaephobia - fear of being watched by a duck

The fear that a duck is somehow watching you from somewhere.

I'm pretty sure that IRON MAIDEN wrote a song about it! FEAR OF THE DUCK

FYI Iron Maiden wrote a song about 'Fear Of The Dark'*

Wherever you go.
The duck will be watching.
-Instant flashback to when a duck bit me- - SmolBean

74 Papaphobia - fear of the pope

You guys should really know that expressing that kind of opinion on social media can turn a lot of people off.

I'm not Christian I just think he is a worthless piece of junk

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75 Phobophobia - fear of phobias V 1 Comment
76 Enochlophobia - fear of crowds V 1 Comment
77 Deprecorophobia - fear of profanity
78 Arithmophobia - fear of numbers

People are so stupid, I love math.

AAAa... Number's They are going to kill me

One math?

I hate maths

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79 Swinophobia - fear of pigs

Guys this is a real phobia

They can kill us

Just wach a video pigs eat human end you going to be afraid

Pigs are my favorite animal.🐷

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80 Iatrophobia - fear of doctors
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