Top 10 Rifles of All Time

Assault, sniper, bolt action, any rifle that made an impact on warfare.

The Top Ten Rifles of All Time

1 Weatherby Vanguard

The only reason I voted was that so I could comment on why the Hell this gun is number one. This gun is not reliable and as a hunter, I know that their are many Guns cheaper than this one that handle and shoot better than this one!

Great rifle, tack driver, awesome action fit and finish at a reasonable price

2 Remington 700

From bolt auto and leaver to Pump. I have fired them all. Just depends If you Want to do with it Hunting or target I grew up With the 700 hundred and it's my still go to Never had an issue

Bought one in 1969 6mm Rem. 2017 fired hand loads Barnes bullets at 300 yds 3 shot group covered with a dime from a bench. It’s always been a straight shooter

Own the same rifle, since moving to Wyoming, 13years ago.. dropped every big game I intended to shoot, with the first shot. Never had an issue, will continue to use this riffle til I die.

No need for anything else

3 AK-47

Whoever says it is not accurate, does not know much about guns. On full auto it is harder to control than 223 but much easier than 308, and while mil surplus ammo is rated around 2200-2500 joules, high quality ammo can approach 308 levels. but above all, never jams, never breaks, and works in all conditions that one can face on this earth

The ultima of weapons. The reliability of The Kalashnikov rifle is amazing. Hardly needs servicing. Unlike the overrated M-16, The American soldiers using the M-16 in Vietnam were butchered while fighting against the AK-47 equipped Vietcong. The M-16 rifles performed poorly in the humid conditions of Vietnam and got stuck plenty of times. Whereas the AK-47 fired continuously and pierced the trees behind which the American soldier stood and died!

Accurate, deadly, efficient, long service history and is hands-down the greatest rifle ever made.

The M-16 may come close, but it cannot match the AK-47......

This gun's accuracy is bad and does quite noise but when it hit a thing it bangs and when it cones to the right hands it's just amazing.

4 Ruger 77

As an owner of the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, I can testify this is the best quality, reliability, cost, and profesionalism gun for any situation of sporting, protection, hunting and safety in any circumstance that you need a firearm.

5 Winchester Model 70

Amazing rifle! Rifleman's rifle is best the rifle. Extremely accurate and strong and reliable.

One of the smoothest production rifles ever made, but only an american legend. There are better rifles out there made by other countries. Jeff Cooper made it a legend in the good ol USA.

This is an all around feature for feature, it is followed closely by Rem 700 and the Ruger 77.

How could the "Rifleman's Rifle" be anything but number 1?

6 Ruger American

If you are a civilian who is looking for a rifle with superb accuracy for use in the field, then this is the rifle for you. Forget the AK-47, this rifle delivers sub MOA accuracy right out of the box at a lower cost.
The Ruger American can hold it's own against all of it's competitors. I have managed 1/2" groups at 100 yards, although an expert could do better. It comes with a bedded stock, free floated barrel, and a decent recoil pad for improved accuracy. The tolerances in the action are noticeably less than it's direct competitors. It also comes with pre-installed scope mounts.
The ergonomics of the rifle are good for my average sized frame. The plastic stock is actually very solid but still lightweight. The rifle is coated in a matte black finish to not reflect as much light.
All of those features, coupled with the standard hunting rifle cartridges that it is chambered in, makes this an outstanding rifle. And at a price from 3-$400, it is also very economical.

7 Savage 99

I have a savage model 99. It is a nice hunting rifle and is dependable. The 250 caliber makes it a nice all around hunting rifle. The only few problems is the stock has a possibility of splitting overtime due to the style of the gun constant shooting and recoil. And the savage may not be as accurate as other bolt action rifles.

Best gun in the world in my opinion

I own a savage 99 f model 243 Cal. Use it on varmints at 300 yd+ accurate as a bolt action with stay on target of a lever action. A tough rifle in 1899 & still tough today.

Made for 99 years. Best hunting rifle I have ever owned. Always fires. Was even used in ww1

8 M-16

Only problem was that people thought it didn't need to be cleaned, but besides that, it would outmatch the ak47 in a fight any day of the week, why do you think it was a staple of the US, we would of picked up the AK if we thought it was more useful, but nothing matches stoner

Extremely underrated. Highly accurate. Light, and soldiers can carry more ammo. Its modular nature has made it evolve to become an even better rifle than when it was originally designed. It gets better every year.

M-16 is the best weapon ever. Great accuracy, three round burst, High power, Military use this weapon the most of there primary. - my111

Popularized the burst fire mode. - aeromaxx777

9 Savage 110

Great gun

Nicholas Brewer's master piece. It's not a rifle - it's a precision ranging machine.
But the best part is he did so everyone could afford one.

10 M1 Garand

It is known for its reliability. The rifle is sure a favorable one at a gun range. - lapra

It's just a very well put together! Awesome weapon, extremely reliable, and highly accurate. I would trust this with my life over any other weapon on here. And since it's American I vote twice on it if I could.

you didn't have to reload after each shot. almost like a machine gun if you pressed the trigger fast enough. awesomeness

a very reliable weapon, the gun that won WWII

The Contenders

11 Marlin 336A

Forged steel for it's truly vital metal components, a solid topped receiver drilled and tapped for scopes, available over the years in a ton of calibers, inherently more accurate than the lever action that begins with "W", it is, with the arguable exception of the Savage 99, the greatest expression of the lever action rifle.

12 Kar98k

Very rugged gun. Dirt, rust, cold, hot, show, rain; always functions without a hitch. Best engineered rifle of its time.

A lethal weapon of the Nazis. - aeromaxx777

It's for proud

The mauser is a beautiful thing I use an old yugo for elk hunting. I know it is near impossible to jam and the 8mm (as long as you use surplus and not the new sissyed down stuff) has enough power to handle anything you'll find in north America and most anything anywhere else.

13 M-14

Reliable yet short lived. - aeromaxx777


Trained with one in basic, But used m16 Vietnam

To the guy who posted the comment about using the M-14 during the Vietnam war: You obviously never used it during that war for multiple reasons. 1. Judging by your excessive use of caps lock I'd say that your roughly 10-12 years old and therefore couldn't have served in a war 50 years ago. 2. You would have to be deployed during the beginning of the war. 3. The M-14 isn't a sniper rifle. The M-21 is though. Even though they look alike if you really used the M-21 during Vietnam you would most likely know exactly what weapon you were using. Now about the gun itself. :D I used the M-21 when I was on inactive duty during 1989-1992. During live fire tests me and my squad outperformed 3 out of 7 other squads with sniper rifles like the M-24 and the M-40. Sorry it was long!

14 Lee-Enfield

The first bolt action rifle to have 10 round clips. - aeromaxx777

The magazine held 10 rounds, and was loaded by two 5 round stripper clips.

Fastest cycling bolt action military rifle of all time

Won 2 world wars! Very accurate over 1000yards.

The lee enfield has a long service record acuriet and hits hard and has ten shots my mk 3 stamped 1915 cost me $100 and works smoother then most new guns and shoots better then I. can't get a better gun for that price

15 Browning X Bolt
16 M4

M-16's little brother that is the root of modern rifle modifications. - aeromaxx777

The M-4 is the foundation all modern military assault rifles. It is still used today.

17 M82

The 50 caliber sniper rifle that can kill you over a mile away. - aeromaxx777

Only thing that matters is firepower

18 BAR

Well balanced, smooth, reliable and accurate! Probably the best semi auto ever!

One if not the first automatc rifle by Mr. Browning. - aeromaxx777

Very sweet weapon... at least in CoD 3 and World at war...

Best gun ever made for the civil war

19 Springfield rifle

the springfield is kick ass in power and accuracy

springfield rifle or sniper accurate powerful everthing kick ass

20 Mosin-Nagant

very reliable accurate good stoping power also used in ww2 personaly my favorite sniper rifle

A very accurate piece of equiptment

Used by most of ww2's snipers

22 G36C
23 HK416

God of all rifles will beat Kalashnikova Avtomat or M16A2 any day.

24 Ruger Mini-14

Ugly not very accurate but is a all around performer



The fact this isn’t in the top 10 is an absolute disgrace

26 M1A1 Carbine

Very light and effective but not as powerful as M1 Garand. - aeromaxx777

Still a good all around carbine. Even 70yrs later.

27 Ruger 10/22

Best small arm rifle that is very convertible to tactical platforms.

28 1860 Henry Repeating Rifle

The first-ever ;ever action rifle.

29 AK-74u
30 SA80

Currently used by the British army as a general purpose rifle, with it's production ending in 1994. It is highly accurate, using 5.56mm rounds. Each magazine can house 30 rounds, and it is very simple to use, with variable battle sights (200-400m)

Love this rifle. Used it many a time!

31 Mauser M98
32 Brown Bess Musket
33 MAS-36
34 Marlin Model Golden 39A

Since 1891, this.22 rifle has built a reputation as being both the oldest rifle still in production, as well as one of the most accurate.22s on the market.

Own a 1954 and a 1957. Real steel and walnut, simply the best!

35 L85A2
36 SKS MC-5D

The SKS is a great weapon in my opinion I've fired it and man what a time!

Uses a 7.62x39 round and an AK47 mag.

In my opinion once you have modified it to make it auto mastic it is just as good if not better than an ak47 and it is by far the best gun I have ever shot

Great reliability, more acurrate than the AK but using the same cartridge and gas system.

37 Gewher 43
38 Winchester Model 100
39 Arisaka
40 Carcano

Downright dangerous. Striker/firing pin assembly held in place by a small lug known to fail if primer is pierced, sending the assembly back into the shooters face. Cheap to buy in the 1960s, mine cost me $11.88 in a department store, but it was never accurate. Nearly every other WW2 service rifle would be better. Mostly remembered as the gun Oswald used to kill JFK.

41 Pennsylvania Long Rifle

Arguably considered the first "rifled" weapon, this gun established the precedent for all rifles.

42 Winchester Model 1873

Also known as The Gun that Won the West - jezza0

43 Winchester Model 1894
44 Steyr AUG
45 Martini-Henry
46 .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire

Best hunting gun ever

47 VZ 58

Far superior to the AK-47. Better design, better ergonomics, BHO, light weight, better construction. The Czech definitely knew what they were doing when they built this weapon.

48 INSAS Rifle
49 Winchester Model 1866
50 Winchester Model 1886
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