Top 10 Rifles of All Time

Assault, sniper, bolt action, any rifle that made an impact on warfare.

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21 G36C
22 Ruger Mini-14

Ugly not very accurate but is a all around performer

24 HK416

God of all rifles will beat Kalashnikova Avtomat or M16A2 any day.

25 1860 Henry Repeating Rifle

The first-ever ;ever action rifle.

26 MAS-36
27 M1A1 Carbine

Very light and effective but not as powerful as M1 Garand. - aeromaxx777

28 AK-74u
29 Ruger 10/22

Best small arm rifle that is very convertible to tactical platforms.

30 SA80

Currently used by the British army as a general purpose rifle, with it's production ending in 1994. It is highly accurate, using 5.56mm rounds. Each magazine can house 30 rounds, and it is very simple to use, with variable battle sights (200-400m)

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31 Marlin Model Golden 39A

Since 1891, this.22 rifle has built a reputation as being both the oldest rifle still in production, as well as one of the most accurate.22s on the market.

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32 SKS MC-5D

The SKS is a great weapon in my opinion I've fired it and man what a time!

In my opinion once you have modified it to make it auto mastic it is just as good if not better than an ak47 and it is by far the best gun I have ever shot

Great reliability, more acurrate than the AK but using the same cartridge and gas system.

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33 Brown Bess Musket
34 Pennsylvania Long Rifle

Arguably considered the first "rifled" weapon, this gun established the precedent for all rifles.

35 Mauser M98
36 Winchester Model 1873

Also known as The Gun that Won the West - jezza0

37 L85A2
38 Martini-Henry
39 .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire

Best hunting gun ever

40 Gewher 43
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