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21 Jarryd Hayne

Jarryd Hayne could beat anyone in the game 1 on 1 and made something out of nothing. Nearly every single team he played in was a losing team yet he always excelled. The best to have ever played the game.

Jarryd Hayne should be in the top 20 he's the first ever player to cross codes to the nfl he's the best

Best player that ever lived

Jarryd hayne was the reason they reached the 2009 grandfinal

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22 Sonny Bill Williams

One of the best. Can play any position and still be as good as he already is

The only player that can play every position
On a league field... Enough said..

SBW is so good he should be on top and Richie cater Ben smith Savea the dager come on there not there.

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23 Benji Marshall

Not only having the ability to outpace opponents, he outskills and outplays almost every other contender in the game. He has shown these abilities in the world cup and in the tri nations 2010. He has the utmost potential to unseat the current all time greats of this code. Go Benji!

Arthur Summons said it he's changed the game. Benji has raised standards by giving the game more new plays and skills then anyone before. He's only improving and when he makes complete consistency everyone will agree.

he can side step anyone and out skill anyone

Should be in top 10 and he is 21

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24 Brett Kimmorley

You go you good thing!

25 Steve Morris

Slippery Steve is the best you could never catch him and his two twins are following his footsteps GO THE DRAGONS

Blinding speed and deft kicking. Could score from anywhere and often did. Long, flashy runs up the middle of the field are my memory of "slippery" Morris the man no could catch in the big red 'V'.

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26 Hazem El Masri

Hands down, one of the greatest players and the leader of points in the game. His made history in Nrl and it will be a long time before anyone can top his points and other achievements. Apart from being the best player, he was also a leader, role model, ambassador for the community and organisations. He always excersiced sportsmanship and was a well balanced player, unlike other show ponies and troublemakers in the game. El Magic would make miracles on the field and was a loyal Bulldogs player.

Best player ever

Awesome player - legendary story - great rolemodel for human beings!
Hazem is somebody those outside of Australia need to hear more of.

One of histories right foot kickers and a grate tey saver plus he is an good on attack and those big shoulds can defend veary good l

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27 Martin Offiah

Last english back that was worth watching

The best British league player bar none.

Fast, just lightning! Watched him from his first games at Widnes, nothing ever as quick over more than a century

28 Brian O'Driscoll

Brian O'Driscoll played rugby union not rugby league, he shouldn't be on this list. Stupid Irish who don't know the difference.

The most intelligent player in the world... What a player... Thanks for the memories Brian

Best rugby player of all time, hope gets only medal left to win in rugby to finish his career on high.


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29 Graeme Langlands

Greatest fullback ever, great footwork, read the game brilliantly.

A radiation of spectacular proportion

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30 Andrew Ettingshausen

He was definitely a good player to watch back in the day.

He's got problems because he plays for the Sharks

Love this guy he was the fastest man I ever seen

Greatest center of all time. Legend

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31 Mark Gasnier

Gaz was rated the Best attacking centre in the world during his time in the game. His try scoring abilities, try assists, freakish foot work, speed and strength all combined I'd say are second to none. The best centre of all time if you ask me!

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32 Jamie Soward

Best player in history defiantly should be in top 5

Jamie Soward is the dragons best player he was the one who kicked the tigers out of the semi GO THE DRAGONS

Jamie Soward who's th worst player for the dragons and still is for the panthers

How is he only 30!?

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33 Shane Webcke V 1 Comment
34 John Woods

truly the most entertaining rugby player i have ever seen, i wants spoke to him before a game, when he played at leigh - he told me what he would do and what time he would do it - he did it after he did this he pointed at me in the crowed and winked, another true legend

Absolute class with the ball in hand or with his feet. Could create a try from nothing one of the most underrated players of all time.

The greatest all-round rugby league player of all time. Fantastic try scorer/goal kicker and I've never seen anybody tackle better before or since -sheer class.

Best player I ever saw I loved watching him made it look easy.

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35 Bob Fulton

Simply the best ever at 5/8 or centre. Those who don't rate him never saw him.

Only played a handful of games for Warrington, his home town, but he was simply outstanding. A player ahead of his time.

Could do anything - including goalkicking if he had to. Great defender and had marvellous acceleration.

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36 Sam Burgess V 1 Comment
37 Joe Rokocoko

The man @ league. One of the best players who I have ever seen and with the ability to be devastating on his day. He is of course not to be confused with the Rokocoko who played for the All Blacks.

38 Alex Murphy

he has done more for rugby league than any other player of all time, he was a great player and a better coach, a true rugby legend, he won things at every club he went to. At leigh he won a cup as a player and as a coach

The greatest british player of all time. - markhampson123

Amazing speed off the mark, first class kicking game and hard as nails.

Simply the best! What a player

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39 Corey Parker

Corey is a forward that plays for Broncos and he is tough

Corey Parker is one of the best players I've ever seen

He gets better as he grows and now he's retired

he's crap

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40 Keiron Cunningham

the best player to ever walk on the turf of knowsley road. When ever anyone thinks of st helens RLFC they automaticaly think of KC. Even got a statue:) THE MIGHTY KC! - sophielittler

One of the best players of the game, and not many rugby players have their own statue, he should be a lot higher and people just need to watch him play to realise.

In his prime, one of the best players in the world. Should be a lot higher on the rankings in my opinion

People talk about Cameron Smith, but if you think he is good YouTube this guy. Absolutely brilliant.

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