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41 Alex Murphy

he has done more for rugby league than any other player of all time, he was a great player and a better coach, a true rugby legend, he won things at every club he went to. At leigh he won a cup as a player and as a coach

The greatest british player of all time. - markhampson123

Amazing speed off the mark, first class kicking game and hard as nails.

Simply the best! What a player

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42 Corey Parker

Corey is a forward that plays for Broncos and he is tough

Corey Parker is one of the best players I've ever seen

He gets better as he grows and now he's retired

he's crap

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43 Keiron Cunningham

the best player to ever walk on the turf of knowsley road. When ever anyone thinks of st helens RLFC they automaticaly think of KC. Even got a statue:) THE MIGHTY KC! - sophielittler

One of the best players of the game, and not many rugby players have their own statue, he should be a lot higher and people just need to watch him play to realise.

In his prime, one of the best players in the world. Should be a lot higher on the rankings in my opinion

People talk about Cameron Smith, but if you think he is good YouTube this guy. Absolutely brilliant.

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44 Kevin Sinfield

Sir Kevin.
Superb Kicker and Captain. Controls the Rhino's offense and defense.

Has Leeds going through him like Blackpool is in a, stick of rock

True legend, will be remembered for ever

He is a brilliant player

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45 Paul Gallen

One of the greatest toughest forwards ever

This guy deserves to be a lot higher on this list

This guy should be last because he suck even though he is captain for NSW because he sucks

46 Matt Bowen

One of the best fullbacks in the game, light on his feet, great supporting player and loyal to the cowboys. Go mango!

Go Matt Bowen you are the best - BigBrotherSucks

Matt Bowen is a great player


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47 Israel Folau

The best of the best

Greatest athlete ever in NRL

You're the best ever. You are my insperation

48 Percy Montgomery

Didn't look like a rugby player ( which trait is often the case in all sports ) could turn on a sixpence and flummoxed defences with a devastating sidestep. Long and lanky a formidable player.

He hardly ever mist a kick he should be number 10 he is a better kicker than dan carter he's got than hel ever have

49 Josh Dugan
50 Cooper Cronk

Revolutionized the kicking game of a number 7 and is in the top 3 greatest halfbacks I have ever seen. Controls the game with an iron fist and always makes the match winning play even while under pressure.

Best at try assist, best halfback

Easily the best halfback of the modern era

Top 10

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51 David Peachey

I am related to David Peachey! By far the best fullback to ever play .. better then bowen and slater put together! and he played for the sharks YEWW!

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52 Shaun Johnson

Shaun Johnson should be in the top 5 or even number 1 he has a solid step a mean dummy and is so so so fast he is an inspiration to me and more.

He is a legend with wicked skills and a great step and dummy I agree that he should be in the top 10 if you don't agree I don't know who you are

Most agile and one of the fastest halfbacks to ever play the game he's like benji Marshall times 45000000

He needs to be top ten easy amazing step and wicked speed and pace I don't what they were thinking putting him down he is easy the best

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53 Preston Campbell

Preston Campbell should be higher then 10 former penrith panther and now Gold Coast Titans he is number 2 on my list after Johnathan Thurston

What a player just one of the smallest and quickest players int he world he is like lightning when he moves the ball towards the attacking line and shows great sportsman ship to all other player so never underestimate Mr Preston campell

it is because of him I like rugby league

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54 Paul Sculthorpe

This guy won back to back man of steel. He genuinely scared the Aussies with his skills. He should have played NRL and would have been an absolute superstar.

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55 Steve Mortimer

People seem to forget just how good and inspirational thus guy was as a half back he had it all, heaps of speed, great passing game, great kicking game, terrific defender and an unbelievable cover defender and most of all a fantastic, inspirational and passionate leader!

a champion of the 80s 2nd best next to peter sterling - davo1bulldogsclarke

56 Stanley Gene

One of the best hooker/halves Papua New Guinea has ever had... Still the King of Rugby in PNG..

57 Neil Fox

Record points scorer in both league and union

Ignore this placing, he was the best!

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58 Danny Buderus
59 Brett Morris

He is the best winger in the world

He just keeps getting better and his tries are the best in the NRL. He deserves to be in the top 15


60 Paul Vautin

Fatty vautin is the best on the footy show

Cracks a fat every Thursday.

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