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1 BBQ Sauce

yeah its a Southern thang rips and chicken lets all eat! oh its good with fries too - kewl_k

Sweet Baby ray's sluurp!

Its sweet and has a nice spicy bite I love stubbs bbq

Sweet and spicy
Makes my toungue throw a party

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2 Ranch

You know why Ranch should be number 1. Because I see everyone put it on everything. Fries, Onion rings, Burgers, Chicken Strips, Salad, Veggies for dipping. Heck I even seen people put it on Pizza.

I can't eat Subway sandwiches without it.

The best sauce on the planet you know it. Don't hate.

Ranch is disgusting it tastes like vinegar in a sweaty food and it should be banned from the U.S because of its smelly looks.

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3 Garlic Aioli

The best sauce there is. It's tangy, salty, creamy and works prefectly with lots of foods. It's so gutsy but I always end up using my last few French fries cleaning up all the sauce. The commercial version of the sauce is crud, though.

4 Heinz Ketchup

Heinz Ketchup goes with almost anything! Nothing can beat heinz ketchup nope.

I like them on my hot dogs and hamburgers. Sometimes with fries!

the king of all condaments

works with anything - kumo9

Ketchup is the best, I never felt sick or bored of ketchup, it is life. Maccaroni and cheese with ketchuo is the bomb, especially with french fries. - AnimeDrawer

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5 Mushroom Sauce
6 Dijon Mustard
7 Sweet Chilli Sauce

whats the potato wedge without the sweet chilli sauce?

8 Frank's Hot Sauce

I meant buffalo sauce, but franks makes really good buffalo sauce

Yes. Tastes good on everything.

9 Orange Sauce
10 A-1 Steak Sauce

This is the Best! ALls I do is put it on my steak... for peets sake

"Yeah, it's that important. " - ziggy22

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11 Ketchup

Heinz ketchup is already on the list - Ilyas678

How can it be in 11 and Mayonnaise at 12!?!?!

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12 Mayonnaise

It's good for burgers, fries, sandwiches and anything else. And this isn't even in the top ten. People need to start voting for mayo

I could eat this on everything

Mayonnaise is awesome,It should be in top 5! I think it should be In number 3.At least top 5!


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13 Sweet and Sour

This is my go-to dipping sauce for whenever I eat Chicken McNuggets at McDonald's. Yeah, I know they're unhealthy, but it's something called a guilty pleasure. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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14 Hollandaise
15 Bean Dip

I ate a whole thing of it on the super bowl even though I hate foot ball I just wanted snacks lol. - Ilyas678

16 Mustard

Yummy I love it I have it hot dogs awesome

17 Tzatziki

27... Sheer ignorance, Top 10 with BĂ©arnaise and Andalouse... Easy!

18 Spinach Dip
19 Teriyaki Sauce

Basically my life I'll drink it plain if I have no meat to soak it it it also goes good with rice. Oohs am I starving.

20 French's Mustard

Where the heck is salsa?

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