Top 10 Sauces or Dips

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1 BBQ Sauce

It's just the best

Wayy better than the others

its nice

yeah its a Southern thang rips and chicken lets all eat! oh its good with fries too - kewl_k

2 Ranch

The superior sauce by far.

You know why Ranch should be number 1. Because I see everyone put it on everything. Fries, Onion rings, Burgers, Chicken Strips, Salad, Veggies for dipping. Heck I even seen people put it on Pizza.

Best. Sause. Ever

Ranch good. me like.

3 Garlic Aioli

Tastes like my balls

The best sauce there is. It's tangy, salty, creamy and works prefectly with lots of foods. It's so gutsy but I always end up using my last few French fries cleaning up all the sauce. The commercial version of the sauce is crud, though.

4 Heinz Ketchup

number 1

Heinz Ketchup goes with almost anything! Nothing can beat heinz ketchup nope.

I like them on my hot dogs and hamburgers. Sometimes with fries!

the king of all condaments

works with anything - kumo9

5 Dijon Mustard

Dat Jank'l blast you away like majin Buu. It be in da name. Dijon=Majin, boi.

6 Mushroom Sauce

Sounds like it sucks fick?

7 Sweet Chilli Sauce

whats the potato wedge without the sweet chilli sauce?

8 Teriyaki Sauce

The best

Basically my life I'll drink it plain if I have no meat to soak it it it also goes good with rice. Oohs am I starving.

9 Hollandaise
10 Frank's Hot Sauce

I meant buffalo sauce, but franks makes really good buffalo sauce

Yes. Tastes good on everything.

The Contenders

11 Mayonnaise

I would literally eat this straight

Best condiment 2011


It's good for burgers, fries, sandwiches and anything else. And this isn't even in the top ten. People need to start voting for mayo

12 A-1 Steak Sauce

This is the Best! ALls I do is put it on my steak... for peets sake

"Yeah, it's that important. " - ziggy22

13 Tzatziki

27... Sheer ignorance, Top 10 with Béarnaise and Andalouse... Easy!

14 Soy Sauce

Rice and Soy Sauce is destined to be best combination

Soy sauce + Sushi was a match made in heaven.

Harro I am chinese hong kong man

15 Orange Sauce
16 Ketchup

Heinz ketchup is already on the list - Ilyas678

How can it be in 11 and Mayonnaise at 12!?!?!

I thaught ketchup is on top

17 Sweet and Sour

Its just so amazing

This is my go-to dipping sauce for whenever I eat Chicken McNuggets at McDonald's. Yeah, I know they're unhealthy, but it's something called a guilty pleasure. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


18 Bean Dip

I ate a whole thing of it on the super bowl even though I hate foot ball I just wanted snacks lol. - Ilyas678

19 French's Mustard

Where the heck is salsa?

20 Pepper Sauce
21 Mustard

Yummy I love it I have it hot dogs awesome

22 marinara sauce

Amazing there is actually a sauce in this list that doesn't have a corporation name right at the beginning. Marinara sauce is the base for pizza and pasta and can be added to so many other things. Enough said.

23 Spinach Dip

This is one of the most popular restaurant appetizers for a reason. It goes specifically well with garlic bread.

24 Heinz 57
25 Tartar Sauce

This that what we do don't tell your mum sht

26 Frito's Jalepeno Cheese Dip
27 Au jus
28 Kraft Mayonaise
29 Worcestershire Sauce

Pronounced woos-tur-shur with the short oo sound as in book. It makes everything taste so English!

Absolute best with brown stews, lentils stew….with almost anything

30 Honey Mustard

2nd best except for that Rick and Morty fans Szechuan sauce!

Should be number 1

I can't eat fried chicken without it. - leppaberry

31 Hummus

Good with salt and vinegar biscuit snacks

It is best served with raw veggies. Chips are also great with it. You could put this in a sandwitch or wrap. It extremely yummy and the best thing about it's good for you. I also like this with garlic bread.

Best with chicken or beef fondu

32 Mexican Cheese Dip

It's really good try it with chips

This is unacceptable! it is #1 - BigBoss

33 Szechuan Sauce

Rick and Morty fans here

Where are those Rick and Morty fans?

As a Rick and Morty fan with approx 216 IQ, I can declare that this is the number one sauce to put on anything, anywhere, and anyone. Sad that I'm only one of the few intelligent homo sapiens out there to realize this.


34 Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce
35 Apricot Sauce
36 White Wine Sauce
37 Franks Red Xtra Hot Sauce
38 Vinegar
39 Reggae Reggae Sauce

How could you not just love it. It's Jamaican

40 Tabasco Sauce
41 Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce
42 Curry Sauce

Steph Curry?

43 Sriracha Sauce

You can put it on everything

Makes everything 1000 percent better

Everything goes with Sriracha

Surprised at how low this is!

44 Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce
45 White Crow (Tomato Sauce)


46 Chick-fil-A Sauce

Chick fil a to the max over here

The best stuff you'll ever is so tangy and sweet

47 Guacamole

Heck YEAH!

48 Fish Sauce

It smells terrible, but makes your dishes taste wonderful!

49 Zax Sauce

It's the house sauce at Zaxby's, a chicken place in the South.

50 French Sauce

mix of mustard and black peper and lemon juice and salt this sauce use with salads - lolifofo

Sad it isn't higher, great with salad, pizza, and bread sticks. Special props go to Monicals French.

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