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61 Mr. Freeze
62 Dittohead

It has the aggression of Reign in Blood, and the overall kick-ass power of Slayer in general. Should be at LEAST top 30, come on

Great high-tempo song, and Circle Of Beliefs should be on this list as well.

This song is just so angry. This is pure aggression.

This song is fcking funny

63 Blood Red

You have GOT to be kidding me this song ranks so low. I guess nobody have ever listened to it actually, lots of people only listen to the most popular ones. Just give it a try, this song is awesome.

Why so low, this whole album is a classic

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64 Screaming from the Sky

I think this should be a lot higher as it's a very listenable great song on a "Bad" album - christangrant

65 Beauty Through Order V 1 Comment
66 Reborn

Good song. It isn't epic, but should be in first 50.

67 Captor of Sin

Most underrated Slayer song ever. The intro solo is epic

I agree with the guy who already wrote that this song is underrated. Yes, the intro is epic and the riff is so headbanging-inviting. - Metal_Treasure

68 War Zone

Why is it not on the list! It's amazing how Kerry and Jeff do the guitar so fast at the start, and brutal drumming from Paul Bostaph. And Tom Araya's vocals are awesome!

God damn! This song just makes me feel unbeatable. One of the most intense Slayer songs ever. Makes you feel invincible.

69 Scarstruck
70 Hate Worldwide

Why isn't this higher? Anyways, one day; I was angry AF. So angry and hateful, I wanted to hate EVERYTHING. So I found this. And this song washed away all my anger. Anyways; frantic riffs, lunatic solos, and brutal lyrics make this song AWESOME.

Should be rated higher, so should Reborn, Jesus Saves, Unit 731...what god awful list.

It starts off in an awesome, catchy way and the guitar riff is also catchy

71 New Faith

How is this not closer to the top? "I KEEP THE BIBLE IN A POOL OF BLOOD SO THAT NONE OF ITS LIES CAN AFFECT ME! " slide into epic rif. And the final breakdown rhythm at the end is intense. One of my favorites, along with Jihad, Warzone, Seven Faces, and a few others.

Solid-ass beginning, CRAZY INTENSE SECOND HALF, as much the riff, the drums, the vocals, the sheer pure intensity...
Should be WAYY higher on the list

My 3rd favorite after Angel of Death and Disciple.
Great Lyrics

72 Take Control
73 Bitter Peace

This should be on top 10, this track made me recognize slayer and push me to listen more of there songs..

What a disappointment that it is currently only 76th on the list. It should be in the first 10 or 15.

This is a classic for me

If someone says D.I.M. sucks, show them this song. This is classic slayer

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74 Hardening of the Arteries
75 Playing with Dolls

This song contains stuff I never heard in any other Slayer song this deserves to be clOser to number 1 than the others. There is something about this song that makes me want to head bang to it all day.

I'm a thrashaholic and I love this song. This is the best song on World Painted Blood and should be in the top ten.

76 Addict
77 Not of This God

After being creeped out from "Playing With Dolls", this track comes in. It attacks at a fast speed, just like a classic Reign track, or Supremist until 1:35. At that point, the song breaks down and the 7-strings kick in. It gets to the heaviest point of the album. However, the song kicks back up, and it goes to the fastest speed of the album! That part also has Dave Lombardo's craziest drumming, with some blast beats. This is a very good song to end an album.

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78 I'm Gonna Be Your God
79 Threshold

Dude the drumming on this bad boy is straight wicked... Listen to this song immediately it's their best song in the modern Slayer era I mean post 80's.

This song is the best.

Great music... pumps up..


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80 God Send Death

One of the best songs. Can't believe its 64th, was expecting at least top 15.

What the?!?! This should be at least top 10! The screaming makes me wanna go shopping!

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