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101 Drunk Drivers Aginst Mad Mothers
102 Walk
103 Public Display of Dismemberment

Dave Lombardo's double bass is awesome here! Drumming sounds like "Silent Scream" on steroids!

104 Seven Faces
105 Love to Hate V 1 Comment
106 Unit 731

Read about it, then you'll understand it.

Badass, awesome guitar riffs, etc

107 Implode

Toms voice kicks ass why isn't this higher. love the riffs

108 Fictional Reality

Underrated, and a great mid tempo song. However, why is Circle Of Beliefs not on this list?

V 1 Comment
109 Unguarded Instinct

This was only available on a Japanese Import of Diabolus in Musica. From the first second I started listening to this song, I knew it was a song I'd remember for a while. It is nonstop, shred and drum MAYHEM! If you've never listened to this song, type it into YouTube and I can almost guarantee you'll change your vote to this song.

110 Catatonic

I can't believe that this song is so low.
this song is much powerful an hypnotic, so you can't stop to listen it.
the guitars sound like an unstoppable thing that no one can stop, and the vocals of Araya do the rest

111 Supremist

Why is this languishing down here at 106? This is my favorite Slayer song, and every Slayer fan should give this one a try!

Awesome to listen to, and it makes you feel very powerful.

Dave Lombardo's first blast beat song!

112 Atrocity Vendor
113 Born to Be Wild
114 Cryonics
115 Skeleton Christ V 1 Comment
116 SS-3
117 Death's Head
118 Point
119 Cast the First Stone
120 Darkness of Christ
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